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Millennials Are Obsessed with Mid-Century Modern Interior Design, Here is Why!

The millennial term is frequently seen and heard in a lot of places from blogs to ordinary conversations. Millennials are those persons who born at a time of declining fertility and according to Oxford Living Dictionaries, they are described as “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century”. These people who now have around 24 and 36 years old are the ones obsessed with mid-century style and its pieces such as the Florence Knoll sofa or the iconic Shell chair.

But why are they obsessed with this style? Perhaps due to the influence of the Mad Men Tv series along with the style of their grandparents’ houses. The truth is they are opting for including this style within their homes, offices, and even stores. However, they have created their own variation, mixing minimalist forms, eclectic pairings, and industrial overtones; this is what Alessandra Wood a Design and Ph.D. director said. 

So the reason millennials love this style so much is because of the minimalist principles they have and how versatile this style can be when it comes to accepting other influences and accents from a different style. Also, since most of these people usually live in the city, in apartments or small houses, it is necessary for the simplicity and functionality that the MCM has to offer.

Why Is Reading A Good Habit & How An Egg Chair Can Help In Your Way Of Creating It (I/II)

In the previous post, we talked about the benefits of creating a reading habit and why an Egg chair replica is a great option in your way of creating the habit. We mentioned earlier that it’s great due to its structure and as a matter of fact, this chair was specifically created for it. Arne Jacobsen- The Egg chair designer- created this piece with the objective in mind of grant privacy to users within public areas. 

Now, how you can create your reading nook at home? Is very easy! Once that you selected your ideal chair -the one that fits all your necessities and requirements-, you will then need to place two more elements (at least): a tiny table and a lamp.

Let’s take a look at these ideas from Pinterest for inspiration.

Source: Dovecourt home Stephane chamard architect

This is a very complete way of creat a reading corner, by placing your Egg chair, books on a shelf and a tiny table to hold your laptop -in case you prefer digital books- or snacks.

The following example is the simplest way to create it.

Source: DWR

In this example, there is only an Egg chair and a lot of books stacked. You can also see a lamp which is a great option when you like to read at night. I’m sure you have one similar at home so you can put the chair in front of it.

Which corner did you like the most? Comment below!

Why Is Reading A Good Habit & How An Egg Chair Can Help In Your Way Of Creating It (I/II)

See the benefits of reading and why a chair like the Egg chair is perfect for that habit!

When chaos such as a pandemic attacks us, we usually see only the negative things that this brings, although it is quite an unfortunate event due to the obvious reasons, it is possible to transform or take advantage of this situation. Today we will help you transform -on a personal level- this unfortunate and often hateful situation that we are experiencing globally into something positive for your spirit and mind. Let us begin!

Due to the pandemic, it is now a common factor for everyone -or at least most- to have more free time than usual, this can be an advantage if you are a proactive person since you can start to create a new habit and what better than the reading! Reading is one of the greatest habits you can have due to the many benefits it brought. According to Healthline, it brings benefits such as:

  • Strengthens the brain
  • Increases empathy
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Prevents cognitive decline
  • Reduces stress
  • Aids sleep
  • Takeaway

So how can an Egg chair help you in your way of creating it? It’s simple! It’s all in its particular structure which allows you to have privacy in any area, including public spaces.

Click to know more features about the Egg chair.

A Modern Chair & 2 Elements Is All You Need To Create A Relaxing Spot At Home (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about which chair you can select for a relaxing spot, we mentioned the LC2 chair and explained why it is a good option but we didn’t mention some of the other features this chair has to offer. The following dimensions and data are taken from the Le Corbusier chair from Manhattan Home Design where they are offering an incredible 10% of discount, take a look at them:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Steel Frame
  • 1 year Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions:28″H x 26″W x 28″D
  • Product Weight:28lbs.

Now is time to know the other two elements that you can use to complement your spot. Here they are:

A tiny table to put your book or laptop

The tiny table will function as a support for your books, laptop, drinks or any other element that will keep you company when you sit down and enjoy a relaxing moment.

A Lamp will help you to calm

A lamp can help not only as a source of light, but also can help to add that aesthetic appearance that everyone wants. You can opt for an arco lamp or something similar in order to match the steel details of the Le Corbusier chair. 

A Modern Chair & 2 Elements Is All You Need To Create A Relaxing Spot At Home (I/II)

Get to know the Le Corbusier chair and more elements to add to your relaxing corner.

If we all agree on one thing, it is how chaotic and stressful this 2020 was, it brought as a consequence a high level of anxiety in people of all ages; from young adults to seniors. The good thing about it is that this year is already ending and the best way to say goodbye is by renewing the vibes within your spaces, including your home.

For this we have brought an amazing idea, which will not only help you to renew the environment but can also contribute to the reduction of the levels of stress and anxiety that this pandemic has brought us. The idea that we have brought for you is to create a relaxing space with only 3 elements; a chair, a small table and an accessory of your choice. Below you will find the specifications for each one and an example of relaxing corners. Without further ado, let’s get started!

For the chair, choose one like the LC2 chair

When selecting the chair try this will have thick cushions and an ergonomic structure. The Le Corbusier chair called LC2 is the perfect sophisticated option. Take a look at it!

Click to see the other elements for a relaxing spot.

Egg Chairs Variations You Should Know Exits | Check This Xmas Code To Get One!

In the previous blog we talked about the Swan chair which is also called Egg chair, the most famous model of the whole variations, so in case you haven’t read the previous information we recommend you to invest some minutes in order to understand completely the following descriptions. 

The outdoor Egg chair

This is perhaps one of the most different variations because they are normally made of rattan, which according to THE WICKED BOHEME itis a “plant from Southeast Asia that is closely related to the palm tree and grows like a tree.  It is one of the strongest woods in the world, with close to 600 types in its family.   Ranging from thin to thick, different varieties are used depending on the look of the piece.  It is a natural and sustainable product”. This kind of product considers itself as a Boheme and rustic that’s why it normally seems in outdoor furniture. 

These hanging chairs commonly came with their own base where are hanged from so you can place them wherever you want.

The Ovalia Egg Chair

This variation was released very after the Swan egg chair was created. It has a similar egg shape, but embraces the whole shape of the egg, instead of the open design that the original used.

Egg Chairs Variations You Should Know Exits | Check This Xmas Code To Get One! (I/II)

Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite chairs, yes, the Egg chair! I remember when I first saw this icon in the famous movie called Zoolander, I saw that the villain from the movie was sitting on one of the Swan models. The vibe and power the villain gets when he sits in the Egg chair are unmatched and I’m sure no other chair would have the same effect as this one.

So that was basically this was one of the reasons we decided to talk about the Egg chair. This iconic chair was first introduced in the 60s, where the mid-century modern style was emerging due to many young families. The Egg chair was basically created to offer a bit of privacy in public places, hence its shape. Now, let’s see the different models of this icon:

The swan model

This is by far the most recognized model among the Egg chairs, this couch variation was made for the Radisson Hotel, and a few were also made for a limited edition release.

Click to get to know the other Egg chair variations.

The Shell Chair Creator: Interesting Facts About Hans J. Wegner

One of the fathers of Sacadivian style, Danish furniture influence, the Shell chair creator, all these titles and more is how Hans J. Wegner has been recognized through all years. Today, we are going to show a few interesting facts about this amazing Danish artist. In this way, we hope to pay some tribute to his incredible contributions to furniture design in general. let’s begin!

  1. Since he was a child he showed interest in wood carving

Hans was born in Tonder in 1974, he used to frequently visit museums to get some inspiration from its statues. Years passed and then, thanks to the museum inspiration he intend to combine his love for wood carving and fascination for sculptures.

  1. He is often related to iconic designers

As he is one of the pioneers of Scandinavian style, he is often related to the amazing designer just to mention a few; Arne Jacobsen, Børge Mogensen, Finn Juhl, and Poul Kjaerholm

  1. He created the Shell chair

The Shell chair is by far one of his most famous creations due to the aerodynamic and artistic features the chairs are made of.

What do you think of Hans J. Wegner, comment below!

Christmas Deals: An Egg Chair To Create A Traditional Corner Next To Your Tree

I bet you have seen a kind of corner similar previous picture, is very common to see how people try to enhance its Christmas tree by placing lamps, side tables, and even accent chairs. These details make a decoration stands out because it adds a warm touch and seems like it is inviting you to sit and appreciate the main element of the decoration which is basically the tree.

Knowing the Egg chair

As we know how important this may turn for some families we have decided to show you one of the most striking and beautiful accents chairs you can add to your “Christmas spot”, which is called the Egg chair.

Is very probably that you have heard about this chair before because it comes in multiple presentations always showing a particular structure that is trying to evokes an egg structure. 

This deal replica, in particular, was inspired by an original Egg Chair design by Arne Jacobsen, it is upholstered with aniline leather and also offers the following features:

  • High-density Cushioning
  • Swivels and Tilt Lock
  • Curvature-true fiberglass shell
  • PU-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk
  • 360-degree swivel

Ergonomic Sofas To Acquire This Christmas: Florence Knoll Sofa & More (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about what ergonomics was really about and started the list of ergonomic sofas with the one and only one; Togo sofa. Now is the time to show off different styles in case you didn’t like the previous one, which had a kind of modern/boho vibe.

The Florence Knoll sofa is also considered as an ergonomic one. Florence Knoll -its creator- was one of the most famous designers of office furniture, which means that she was focused on creating comfortable pieces where users, mostly office workers, could being sitting while long hours without producing back pains due to bad positions.

This sofa also includes aniline leather, which is a bonus if you want a soft but warm texture. In addition to this, it offers you very resistant support made up of four stainless steel legs, so you wont have to worry about the weight you will put on it.

It should be noted that we have shown you these two specific sofas; the Florence Knoll and the Togo sofa, because both have incredible discounts at Manhattan Home Design, you just have to use the code: XMAS to activate the discount!

More ergonomic sofas:

  • Eastwood Sofa
  • Flat Lc5 Sofa Bed
  • Le Corbusier Lc2 Sofa