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Get Inspired To Decorate Your LC2 Sofa With These Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a platform where you can see images related to any topic you like, including fashion, hairstyles, music, and most importantly; interior design. When it comes to interior design you can find more images than you can imagine, from color palettes to furniture to choose from.

Whenever you acquire a new furniture piece it is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed because you don’t know which steps to follow or how to arrange all components, that’s why it is so helpful to get inspiration from other designs. Today I have placed 3 designs from the Pinterest platform you can recreate at your place with your LC2 Sofa and other elements.

Scroll down and tell us your favorite!

Photo taken from Florida Designs

The Le Corbusier furniture piece brings to this entertained room a sophisticated air together with a modern and unique vibe. The steel materials from the LC2 sofa and the Barcelona chair are ones responsible for the elegant look. This design is very easy to obtain, just remember to choose a neutral palette for walls.

Photo taken from

The glass is the best partner for modern design. Mix steel and glass materials and create the luxurious design you want!

How To Clean A Fabric Sofa Like A Togo Sofa: Removing Stains

Person Holding Spray Bottle
Note: as we are in pandemic times we recommend the previous article about how to disinfect a fabric sofa.

Now that we have shown you how to keep your Togo sofa disinfected, it’s now time to share with you my solution for one of the big nightmares of fabric sofas owners, yes! Stains. 

In case you have not read the previous article, a Togo sofa is made of fabric material and it also features multi-density and padded covers, so the tips below works only for this kind of sofa.

Now, let’s list the steps you should follow:

  • First, you must prepare your sofa by taking it off all the dust particles. You can do this by vacuum it.
  • Get a bottle or bowl and mix the following ingredients: 2 cups of distilled water, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and a bit of vinegar.
  • Get a microfiber cloth and submerge it in the solution. After it, drain it so it’s only wet.
  • Using the damp cloth, gently wipe the stained area and then blot it with another clean, dry item.

And that’s it! Comment below if you have any other way for cleaning a fabric sofa.

How To Clean A Fabric Sofa Like A Togo Sofa: Disinfection

If something has taught us COVID-19 is that we must pay attention to maintaining not only hands disinfected but also the things we daily use too. So the other day when I was cleaning the house and I thought that one of the objects we daily use when we get home is our Togo sofa and get a bit scared because I thought that I wasn’t being as cautious as I could. That’s why today I decided to share the tips I’m using at home to disinfect my sofa.

A Togo sofa is an extravagant sofa made of fabric material. It is made of multi-density and padded covers therefore it is important to have precaution in the moment of cleaning it.

orange Togo sofa
Togo sofa from Manhattan Home Design.

I decided to show you a picture and a brief description of my Togo sofa in order to see if you have similar features on your own sofa. Now, how you can disinfect it? Easier than you imagine!

  • Take an empty spray bottle.
  • Combine a diluted essential oil with antibacterial properties -The one I use is a tea tree, but you can use the one that fits you better- with rubbing alcohol.
  • Spray the solution all over the sofa and wait 5 min.
  • Dry it with a vacuum.

And that’s it! On the other, if you want to remove stains from fabric sofas, check the article linked.

Colorful Modern Chairs II: 4 Chairs You Can Use To Enhance The Room

Note: we recommend you to read the previous article where you’ll learn about modern furniture features.

Now that we have defined the general characteristics of modern furniture it’s time to show the incredible findings I got when I did a brief searching. Let’s dive into it!

LC2 Chair

As its creator is the one and only Le Corbusier, in case you don’t know him he was one of the modernist pioneers, the LC2 chair is the representation of the features we have mentioned before. It is sophisticated, comfy, and shows an excentric frame made of steel.

Barcelona Chair

This is a very authentic chair made by Mies Van der Rohe where he based in this personal motto: less is more. A luxurious and chic piece.

Egg Chair

Designed by Arne Jacobsen for the interior design of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Germany, this striking chair is the definition of originality, if you want to attract the attention of the guest, you must add this chair to your design.

 Womb Chair & Ottoman

This particular chair came with an ottoman for additional comfort.

Colorful Modern Chairs I: Get To Know The Modernist Features

A chair is perhaps the most common piece of furniture you will see in any space, have you ever noticed it? I mean, I’m thinking of any space right now like living rooms, bedrooms, offices, backyards, kitchen, and in every area, I’m sure I’ll find a chair.

This has inspired me to create a list of some chairs in a specific category. I have chosen the modernist style because its use has increased in these years, why? Because nowadays people prefer simplicity and the attractive appearance of simplicity.

So before sharing with you the list I would like to introduce you to the modernist features you’ll see in the chairs like the LC2 chair and others listed.

Characteristics of modernist furniture

Modern furniture is created based on the idea that form follows function but it is necessary to add an artistic touch. They do this by experimenting with new or conflicting materials and testing how they work.

General features include:

  • Clear lines and geometric figures
  • Material exposure like metals
  • Natural materials
  • Size and functionality
  • Open Space

These and more you’ll see in the common modern chairs. Click to see the next chapter where we have listed 4 modern chairs.

Togo Sofa: The All-foam Cushion Seating

Learn about the characteristics of the Togo sofa and fall in love with its modern structure!

The Togo sofa is also known as Ducaroy Sofa in honor of its creator Michel Ducaroy, Michel was a French designer who studied at the Lyon School of Fine Arts and later joined the family business specializing in the production of contemporary furniture.

Ducaroy created this modern sofa wanting it to fit both styles of decoration; the contemporary and the traditional.

This modern fabric sofa is the recreation of a revolutionary model focused on providing comfort and a different look than the usual sofas. If you take a look at the sofa itself you will realize how comfortable its cushions look thanks to its ergonomic structure.

The Togo sofa cushions are filled with multi-density and padded covers that provide the user with a soft but resistant experience. Its design is made as a welcoming way to feel cuddled while sitting or doing your favorite activity like watching Netflix series or taking a nap. I mean, who doesn’t want to take a nap in that comfortable seat?

Comment below what you think of the Toga Sofa!

Knowing The Mario Bellini Modular Sofa | Authentic & Original Design

Mario Bellini was is an Italian architect and designer recognized for his authentic and original couches, sofas, and dining chairs. His designs are influenced by minimalistic fundamentals; simplicity and functionality, including the attempt to solve daily problems presented at the home.

A design career is a process of learning better and better what you know instinctively.

Mario Bellini – Architect & Designer.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most iconic pieces made by this Italian designer, the Camaleonda sofa, a modular sofa that includes a set of square seats, which can be separated and configured according to your needs; this is normally called a “reconfigurable sofa”.

One of the greatest features of this modern sofa is that it’s very flexible and versatile, why? Because it lets the user create the landscape he wants making it fittable to any living room or any decorating project you have in mind.

Mario bellini sofa ivory

And what about Mario Bellini sofa materials?

Its Merbau wood structure makes it resistant to natural rot.

Regarding the cushions… Yes! They are as comfy as they look because they are filled with polyurethane foam, creating three dense layers of different thicknesses, offering the perfect spot to lay down, reading a book, or take a nap.

Also, its legs are made of solid wood, which makes it resistant and long-lasting.

Comment below what do you think about the Mario Bellini Camaleonda!

Set Up Your Study Spot With A Barcelona Ottoman

Get to know the characteristics of the well-known Barcelona Ottoman replica!

Half the year has been crazy, don’t you think? There has been a protest, a pandemic, an isolation and, last but not least, testing from home. Those days when we take the bus to go to university and take our exams have passed or rather; postponed.

2020 has taught us that everything is globalized and can change in a matter of seconds! A great example of this is how normal it is to take school tests from the screen of our laptop placed in our bedroom.

That said, you should be aware of the influence that a study location has. By having a study focus area, your productivity can increase, help you avoid distractions, and you can even work to get your ideas flowing.

For a study place, you only need a couple of elements, which are; a chair or any support to sit on, a table, and a lamp.

The Barcelona ottoman is the perfect support to sit on while you do all the tasks of the day, it provides you with the best quality cushions and will force you to keep your back well-positioned.

You will fall in love with its soft full-grain Italian leather!

The ’90s are still loved for some people, even if they were not the most loveable style trend.

Back in the days, these elements were about plenty of accessories, printed multi-colored cotton fabric printed with an enamel finish throughout, Tuscan style inspiration and the cherry on top; the inflatable furniture where the teenagers sat while having long talks with their platonic love.

You imagine all the above when reading 90’s right? But wait! That’s not the only thing that represents this cool style, actually, it has some hidden treasures hidden.

If you are part of that group of people who still loves retro vibes, don’t worry, we got you -insert blinks eye- because today we have found those hidden treasures for you to take advantage of it and enhance any area of your house by implementing this amazing recompilation. 

So, how the black eyes peas used to say: let’s get started!

  1. Decorate your Barcelona table – Fake last more…

In those days the dried and plastic flower were a must-have in any coffee table or any other furnishing they want. Try to add these accents to your Barcelona table and see how it will help you to travel through time. 

Get Inspired To Decorate With Your Barcelona Chair With These Designs From Pinterest (II/III)

Note: we recommend you to read the first article of inspiring ideas from Pinterest to decorate your room, before reading the second part.

Bid for mixing styles designs

You can play and enjoy the process of designing a room because you can mix with the current variety of items and elements. For example, you can try to match rough and soft textures because they will blend perfectly or you can try to add boho detail such a table or basket. It’s up to your taste.

Plus! Remember to add different contrasts and play with the textures.

Add frameless mirrors 

A frameless mirror is a perfect accessory or complement to create a focal point and create the illusion of having a larger space. If you like this idea you should try adding frameless mirrors because they are modern and currently a trend that would help you create the complete concept you want.

Source: Offset 

Use modern materials such as steel and glass

The great thing about the Barcelona chair replica is that it includes the specific appearance of modern furnishing, so guiding you through this iconic piece would help you choose the metallic detail you need. 

Click here to check the third part of inspiring ideas!