The Barcelona Loveseat: an Ideal Piece For Your Modernist Spaces

You have probably heard or read that interior design is a discipline directly linked to architecture. However, it’s not as strict or demanding, although that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require a long preparation in various topics to meet the challenges that anyone can find in this professional field.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the creator of the legendary Barcelona loveseat was, in fact, an architect, and he knew very well that to create furniture pieces at the height of the new modernist trends, it was necessary to apply the same aesthetic guidelines and get the same ergonomic characteristics.

barcelona loveseat black italian
Barcelona Loveseat

Knowing how to use and adapt space and shape can become a challenge when the possibilities are very wide. For some, the interior designer’s job is to finish what the architect started. In that sense, there are many things that the architect may have overlooked when he designed his work since he paid attention to more general aspects. Two houses or buildings may be exactly the same in an architectural sense when viewed from the outside, but they can have radically different interior designs. Everything will depend on how the users who will inhabit them wish to adapt them to their tastes and needs.

barcelona sofa
Barcelona Sofa

It’s always possible to achieve that both the architectural design of your house or apartment and the aesthetic style of your furniture go hand in hand, especially when it comes to minimalist styles, based mostly on practicality, just like the Barcelona collection. Let your style express itself in all its splendor, in every corner of your spaces!