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The Togo Chair: A Design That Is Like You

Experts say that when the Togo chair (1973) by Frenchman Michel Ducaroy made its appearance on the market, many people weren’t sure they were ready to have such a model in their homes. It was irreverent, novel, curious, and definitely unlike anything they had seen before. However, time, circumstances, and the evolution of consumer tastes steadily gave it the place of honor it deserved. The piece is currently one of the most sold and sought-after products in any modern furniture catalog. There are even people who are dedicated to making handcrafted replicas of it.

The Togo Chair

If you take a closer look and try it even once, it probably won’t take you long to realize why the Ducaroy chair really was a sure winner from the start: it’s a design focused on maximum user comfort, it looks amazing from any angle, and its aesthetic style oscillates between casual and versatile. If you add it to an average modern floor plan, it will look just as amazing as if you place it in a luxury setting, it won’t clash, and in both cases it will represent a great aesthetic contribution to the area, especially considering the wide range of colors and finishes in which it’s available.

The Ducaroy Chair

This timeless modern chair deserves a place in your interior decor project. Make the most of its potential and you will easily discover why it’s another legendary element of the Mid-Century Modern style!

The Barcelona Chair: Much More Than an Iconic Piece of Furniture

The passage of time has shown that users of modern furniture have been able to give the countless models available all kinds of uses. They have adapted them to their daily lives so that they work as efficiently as possible and are useful in more ways than one. The Barcelona chair is, in more than one sense, a worthy example of this, taking into account that it isn’t only a piece that lovers of Mid-Century Modern style appreciate for its technical and aesthetic attributes, but also a piece that has become the protagonist of all kinds of scenarios in all kinds of media, including Hollywood blockbusters.

The Barcelona Chair

Stars all the time need to demonstrate their style through all kinds of resources: what better than to do it through elements of such prestige as the Barcelona chair? This design became a timeless product, and since its appearance on the market, it has been a favorite of all kinds of celebrities and show business workers. In addition, it’s a piece that’s widely used in staging to prepare new houses and apartments that need to find new owners. The reason is that this chair brings style, comfort, ergonomics, and an added value that represents decades of transcendence.

The Barcelona Modern chair

Having a Barcelona modern chair in your home means having one of the most legendary designs ever seen on the market. Never underestimate what a design of this caliber can do for your interior decor project.

The LC3 Chair: A Modern Prodigy That Will Suit You

Have you ever wondered why Le Corbusier’s designs are so popular? The answer probably has to do with its most outstanding features. To mention an example, we can bring to the center of the stage the LC3 Chair, one of the most commented, acclaimed, and longest-standing best-selling products within mid-century modern trends. That’s saying a lot, and it is not for less: from the moment you first admire it and have the opportunity to use it, you realize that you are in the presence of an extraordinary design.

The LC3 Chair

The wonders of modernism are reflected in many ways, on many levels, within a specific design: comfort, ergonomics, materials, originality, sense of style, innovation, aesthetic value, functionality, and any other attribute that the user can identify, that makes the piece worthy of a spot in your floor plan. In fact, one would think that the LC3 Chair is a newly created design, when in fact it’s an almost century-old product, still inspiring many decades after its original launch. Many find its external tubular stainless steel structure and its dense cushions with high-density foam with polyester filling upholstered in leather something tremendously ahead of its time, and they are not mistaken: Le Corbusier really was a creator ahead of his time.

Le Corbusier 3 Style Chair

For these and other reasons, the LC3 Chair could be the perfect chair for your layout. Discover its charms and let yourself fall in love with its greatness.

Mario Bellini Sofa: Just What You Were Hoping To Find?

Why is it easy to say that the Bellini sofa is a perfect model for creative minds? One of the main reasons for this is that its technical characteristics make it one of the most sophisticated, flexible, and amazing modular sofas on the market. Just think about it for a moment to imagine a wide variety of shapes that you, as a user, can give it: linear sofa, corner sofa, sectional, or even configure a seating hub or use each module as an individual seat. Everything will depend on what you want to achieve with it and how you want to achieve it, but the most important thing is that this piece will be much easier for you.

Bellini Sofa

If you are the type of user who doesn’t like their living room to look the same for too long, and you are also a lover of modernism, this piece is perfect for you and fits your preferences incredibly well. Additionally, it’s a highly recognized design for being exceptionally comfortable. You just need to look at its materials and how they are implemented to provide ergonomics, body support, and undeniable comfort. No matter how you decide to set it up, it’s likely to become your favorite nap spot, your official “reading station,” your favorite meditation spot, and even the place you choose to sleep all night when you get bored of your bed.

Mario Bellini Sofa

Allow the Bellini sofa to become part of your environment and your life and you’ll discover the fantastic properties of a model that in many ways was ahead of its time and is still one of the most famous pieces of its creator and one of the most significant landmarks in the world of modern design.