The LC3 Sofa: A Minimalist Showcase That Will Dazzle Looks In Your Living Room

Minimalist trends began to gain ground from a certain point in history, conquering a preponderance and greater relevance, especially after the rise of the Mid-Century Modern style and thanks to the work of some of its leading representatives. Certain pieces such as the LC3 sofa are one of the clearest examples of how this trend reached its peak during those years and it is not difficult to imagine why it was so widely accepted.

Minimalism has certain characteristic features that are readily identifiable not only in Le Corbusier’s pieces but also in many other similar pieces such as those of Florence Knoll, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Lilly Reich, and other vital names within this movement. Clean, straight lines, geometrically shaped silhouettes, surfaces devoid of ornaments, details, or features that served no special function, and a high sense of practicality and functionality made this trend very compatible with the times during the social transformations of the last century.

Already in the years prior to World War II, people, in general, were beginning to be more inclined to design furniture with these characteristics. The pace of life was different, people’s interests had changed, and the public had no choice but to surrender to the feet of an aesthetic style that, as is evident in the Le Corbusier LC3 Modern Sofa, would become something timeless that even today continues to conquer the tastes of new generations.