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What Is The Secret Of A Perfect Living Room?

Focusing on the details is the key. When it comes to generating the perfect atmosphere, the choice we make of the most appropriate pieces for our layout is what will define how well or how poorly the space we have available will look. For example, betting on an Eames Lounge Chair may be the most direct and valid method to give a Mid-Century Modern style touch.

Eames Lounge Chair

The Eames Chair replica is an iconic piece, unique in its style, designed for use in both exterior and interior spaces. It’s a chair that despite having been launched for more than fifty years, has remained in the taste and popularity of people for a long time. Add an Eames Lounge Chair replica to your space and enjoy the benefits of an exclusive design.

Do you know that Barcelona Chair made it big in Hollywood?

Have you seen American Psycho? Or Superman Vs Batman?, just to name a few. In both movies, the Barcelona Chair made a big impression as a symbol of status and vanguardism in design.

This is a huge compliment for a collection of furniture designed in 1929.

The elegant, clean-cut silhouette of the Barcelona Sofa and Barcelona Chair, besides this characteristic “X” shape is without a doubt one of the most iconic images in interior design.

You can enjoy the experience of a high-quality design, with an affordable price, in Barcelona Designs. Don’t miss the opportunity and treat yourself like a star.

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
Barcelona Chairs in the set of “American Psycho”

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
Barcelona Chairs in the set of “Batman Vs Superman”

How to choose your ideal sofa

Barcelona Table Replica

Before buying your beautiful Barcelona Sofa, take a look.

First of all, think about it first in what style do you feel more comfortable: Scandinavian? Shabby Chic?, or just eclectic?. For many people, the answer to this question is Mid Century Modern.

Second: measure your room. Length, width, and height of your space.

Once you are clear about your space and style, we can talk about the sofa itself.

Do you have any pets? children? If you have children or pets, this is going to affect the decision of the model or the material: Fabrics tend to be inconvenient with children and pets because of the risks of spills and animal hair. This makes leather, or fiber plastic a better alternative. You have to consider how many people will seat or sleep in the couch daily.

With these questions, you can decide if one single sofa is enough for you, or if you need a sectional or a modular solution. One solution, very common too, is to buy two sofas if this is the case.

And finally, take a look at your budget, to see which sofa is more adapted to your needs and means.

Always remember that you don’t have to pay a lot when it comes to a sofa. There are plenty of alternatives, like the replicas market. Barcelona Designs offers you the best alternative in prices in spectacular and gorgeous sofas, like the Barcelona Collection: Barcelona Sofa, Barcelona Loveseat and the Barcelona Chair.

What’s the Barcelona Collection about?

You can get in Barcelona Designs the Barcelona Collection, one of the most celebrated Design collections in the world. It features the Barcelona Chair; the Barcelona Sofa; the Barcelona Loveseat, and the Barcelona Ottoman.

Designed in 1928 by Mies van der Rohe to be presented in the International Barcelona Expo, the Barcelona Chair was designed by van der Rohe as a compliment to the Kings of Spain, who were supposed to attend the meeting (though they didn’t).

The Barcelona Series is a hallmark in the world of design due to its simplicity and beauty, and the revolutionary use of industrial materials to obtain a delicate but endurable piece of furniture.

Barcelona chair
Barcelona Chair, Black

The Barcelona Chair in the movies
Barcelona Chair, Black