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The Eames Lounge Chair: A Design of Great Prowess

Charles and Ray Eames were known for their feats and unmatched talent for design and architecture. However, their tireless search for a balance between cost and benefit was another reason that made them world-famous. It’s believed that they invested many years between the 1940s and the 1950s, trying to create the perfect low-cost furniture, high-quality, affordable pieces that people could buy to furnish their homes during the post-war era. It can be said that these two decades were the most popular for these two designers. It was in this context that the Eames Lounge Chair was born, introduced to the market for the first time in 1946, but it was a chair from another kind.

Many of the Eameses’ chairs reflected the austere mood of the time but the Eames Lounge Chair, in particular, was a model aimed at a high-demand audience, taking into account that the chair wanted to stand out for its high quality and design innovative in every way. One of the items that increased the price the most was undoubtedly its luxurious leather upholstery. American consumers had slowly regained their appetite for luxury. The Eames Lounge Chair moved away from low-cost chairs to present a model that, to this day, remains highly coveted. That huge popularity gave way to very faithful imitations like the Manhattan Home Design’s, a replica that’s virtually identical to the original.

The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is one of the most iconic modern designs ever created, and its influence was so great and remarkable that it’s not known for sure whether it was a product intended to cover an existing demand or it was a design that, due to its immense success, it generated an entirely new market share within the world of furniture.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is The Perfect Accent Chair For Your Bedroom

Are you one of those who has a favorite accent chair in your living room but would like to be able to use it in your bedroom as well? That’s a very common situation, and you probably need to know the Flag Halyard Chair since it’s a very versatile design that adapts to different types of environments, both indoors and outdoors. This well-known design by the famous Danish Hans Wegner is not simply a decorative chair, but a piece designed for rest and comfort, with an unrivaled elegant touch provided by its finishes and materials. It’s a design that combines very well with different color schemes, patterns, textures, and decorating styles.

One of the most wonderful aspects of a chair like this is its functionality since you can use it to read or even sunbathe on the balcony. All this, without leaving aside the inestimable aesthetic value it has. The Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design is such a faithful design that it’s able to unite a design scheme and give it coherence or even become its focal point. A chair as lush as this can echo the modern style of its surroundings, adding unique textures, visual interest, and much more comfort.

If you want your Flag Halyard Chair reproduction to be a key element not only in your living room but also in your bedroom, you can explore all its features and discover everything it can do for you.

The Napa Sofa Is The Key Element Of Your Modern Layout

Modern-style living rooms have earned a special place in people’s taste for being the ideal and comforting spaces to build memorable moments with family and friends. Among all the elements that make up your layout, your Napa sofa is one of those that can best express your tastes and preferences. Such tastes can be as diverse as you can imagine, and they can range from natural wood to metallic finishes, but in any case, leather will always have a special place within your modern sofa options. The Napa sofa is, in this sense, a unique piece due to its tan color and its soft and comforting texture.

There are designs in the Mid-Century Modern catalog that are sturdy and comfortable, like the Luca sofa, but leather upholstery is much more compelling than fabric upholstery for many users. Additionally, elements such as a recliner, a shelf, a coffee table, lamps, and fixtures can constitute a highly enjoyable modern environment. It’s important to keep in mind that modern furniture pieces will always look better in minimalist environments. A midcentury sofa, by itself, has enough presence to define a decorating style and, if it’s a model as outstanding and interesting as the Napa sofa, you’ll already have most of the work done.

The Arco Lamp Can Give The Master Touch To Your Color Scheme

The paint you choose for the walls of your compartments can make a very significant difference that can even influence how comfortable you feel in the place and how much or little you can enjoy it. When you discover that colors affect even the perception of space and the way we see shapes, you discover a world of exciting possibilities that you can experiment with. If you have an extraordinary floor lamp like the Arco lamp at home, the possibilities reach their next level, taking into account that this lamp emits an abundant beam of light through its reflector head.

There are different values for each paint color that can have diverse effects. If you build your color scheme with several of these values, you’ll give coherence to your style and a sense of continuity. Warm colors create a feeling of closeness, while cool colors tend to make things seem more distant. A light color scheme and neutral colors are usually good companions for the Carrara marble base of the Manhattan Home Design’s Arco lamp replica and its impressive stainless steel arch, which can measure up to 95 inches in height.

Reinforcing and highlighting the properties of the colors you have chosen is easier with a design like Arco lamp reproduction. Discover the wonderful features of this iconic Mid-Century Modern style.

The Flag Halyard Chair: One Piece With Amazing Sheepskin

Have you heard about the wonderful properties of sheepskin, and why did some designers like the famous Hans Wegner choose it as a notable component of works like the Flag Halyard Chair? You should know that, first of all, this material can be enjoyed at any time of the year, both the peak of winter and summer. That is thanks to the hollow fibers of the wool that transform it into a fresh fabric with good breathing. Also, it’s a very comfortable material thanks to its softness and to the fact that it’s a temperature insulator.

Imagine enjoying all these sensations when using a Manhattan Home Design’s Flag Halyard Chair replica. Contact with this surface will activate your blood circulation, favoring your immune system, producing a feeling of general relaxation. Sheepskin also contains lanolin, a substance very similar to that found in human skin. This is especially helpful in the recovery of tissues that have been affected by inflammation or rashes. Besides, it has been proven to be more resistant to dirt and bacteria, so it will be much easier to keep it clean.

If the above was not enough to understand why the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction contains this material, just like the original piece, you should know that sheepskin doesn’t emit an electric charge. It’s a partial insulator that doesn’t charge with electrical energy with the natural friction of the body and the environment. Discover the wonderful advantages of this modern piece and make it part of your layout!

A Modern Sofa Is the Main MCM-Style Expression In Your Layout

Modern sofas are one of the categories in which the MCM style has stood out mainly for showing a very wide variety of diverse proposals, each one emphasizing attributes, colors, and very different characteristics, using diverse types of materials. A midcentury sofa normally has prestige and recognition that has been endorsed by several generations of costumers, critics, and professionals in the world of furniture design and architecture. It’s enough to observe the characteristics and advantages that a modern sectional is capable of adding to a modern-style living room to understand why these types of sofas have enjoyed such preference and popularity throughout the decades. 

Remember that the best sofas are distinguished by offering not only high functionality but also the ability to reinforce the style and turn an ordinary space into a much more attractive original area with personality. The leather sofas, like many other Mid-Century Modern designs, are a proposal that has largely stood the test of time, filling hundreds of homes, workspaces, and common areas with elegance and style for decades. If you didn’t know this kind of sofas or didn’t have enough information about their amazing wonders, this is a good opportunity to consider adding a remarkable, functional, and attractive MCM-style piece to your home.

The Eames Lounge Chair Will Take Your Modern Style To The Next Level

One of the aspects that most amazed the experts about the design of the Eames Lounge Chair is that this piece is made up of several individual elements that were created with great care in detail. Together, they make up a premium quality team in which their elements interact to provide an unmatched user experience. Besides, it’s a chair that has evolved in size and color over the years, without losing the essence of its original proposal. It’s not uncommon to see an Eames Lounge Chair upholstered in white leather today.

The changes that the chair has experienced since its launch are slight and have mostly been applied to adapt to the general public’s demands. The seat is now longer, the armrests are molded to the seat, and the backrest is higher. In general, only the components have been lengthened to readjust them to the average height of people, but the structure and quality of the materials have remained over time.

The Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design has also been very respectful of the original measurements. At first glance, this Eames Lounge Chair reproduction and the original version of the product hardly differ. Also, the Eames Chair replica tried to recreate a user experience as close as possible to the original. The version that Charles and Ray Eames released the first time had a dark veneer and black leather, although a short time later, they introduced the version that has white leather cushions.

Whichever version of the Eames Lounge Chair you choose will give your surroundings a touch of modernity and unmatched sophistication, taking your decorating style to the next level.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is Your Perfect Ally For The Imminent Winter

We all want our home to be our most welcoming refuge, especially with the onset of winter. The accessories of all kinds that we can add to an environment can be of invaluable help, especially if you’re one of those who love Christmas decorations. A piece like the Flag Halyard Chair can go a long way toward achieving this goal, thanks to its sheepskin covering that makes it endearingly cozy and a seat that you won’t want to get up from too often on cold days. It’ll probably become your favorite seat to spend hours of comfort by the fireplace.

The advantage of choosing pieces with leather is that these are surfaces that can help you significantly improve protection against the cold, allow you to enjoy new textures and sensations of great softness while using it. At the same time, it can especially reinforce the style and highlight it. Remember that you can get a Manhattan Home Design’s Flag Halyard Chair replica and complement it with pillows, tablecloths, blankets, covers, and synthetic materials whose appearance preserves coherence with the rest of the decor.

The Flag Halyard Chair reproduction is probably more than you can imagine and may benefit you more than you suspect. Allow it to become your perfect ally to spend the winter and enjoy hours of rest, watching TV, with your favorite books, or in pleasant family gatherings.

The Eames Office Chair: a Perfect Piece For Open Concept Offices

Open office designs are a recent rage in fashion in new workspace configurations. Many companies have almost completely displaced ways of organizing their employees in cubicles or closed offices to make way for rows of workstations where people are interconnected, without separators or anything that hinders fluid interaction. Imagine an office with a floor plan based on an open concept and each workstation with an Eames Office Chair for greater user comfort and a more distinctive decorating style.

The models designed by Charles and Ray Eames, which belong to the Aluminum Group collection, are recognized not only for being comfortable and ergonomic but also for being iconic models of the Mid-Century Modern style. Additionally, there are very faithful imitations such as those of Manhattan Home Design: the Eames Management Chair replica, the Eames Ribbed Chair replica, the Eames Soft Pad replica, among others. If you have more traditional tastes and you prefer that your employees continue to function in the cubicle environments that were very common in the nineties, these chairs are still a reliable and very convenient option also for those types of configurations.

Whether you want to build offices made by cubicles or open concepts, an Eames Office Chair replica can be the great protagonist of your space.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is a Combination of Art, Ingenuity, and Style

Charles and Ray Eames wanted to capture everything they felt for the modernist aesthetic in their well-known Eames Lounge Chair and make it a clear example of how this designing style could offer first-class functional solutions. They picked a simple and minimalist aesthetic. In addition to appearing on the Arlene Francis show, the celebrated couple also appeared on NBC’s Home in 1956, in which they were interviewed about the chair. By that time, they were already quite famous thanks to their Eames House, a wonderful construction in Pacific Palisades in which the couple lived for decades.

The chair was presented to the world public as if it were just another celebrity. Its rosewood and black leather finishes appeared before a stunned audience that was soon fascinated by its molded plywood veneers, sectioned backs, symmetrical and interchangeable cushions, curved armrests, and a modern and impressive overall aesthetic that led the vision from the classic lounge chair to a much more updated and sophisticated level. It was certainly a premium piece aimed at high-end buyers.

The most respectable replicas of this product, such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, take into account the strict design essentials that this pair of geniuses bequeathed to the world. Get an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction and discover why the combination of ingenuity, knowledge, artistry, and style of these two creators was truly unrepeatable.