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The Arco Lamp: Everything Your Lighting Design Needs

Lighting: one of the obviously important factors in any interior design. Lighting effects can incredibly improve the aspect of a living room or a bedroom, as well as completely ruin it. When it comes to lighting, professional designers have a wide range of options and alternatives to achieve the perfect layout, ranging from choosing the right lamp to even the type of bulbs destined to give life to the colors and shapes of the place. Whether you choose a floor lamp like the Arco lamp or another type of fixture, the mission of every designer is to get the perfect lighting design for every single compartment.

Of all the house’s compartments, the living room is usually the one that takes the most attention when implementing a design; this is because it’s usually the first place that people who visit the house meet, where they monopolize the attention and expectations, and it’s also the place where more time is spent and shared with the family. Most homeowners will try to make their living room look extraordinary so that their guests get the best impression of the house and themselves. If you are right now trying to find the perfect lighting for your living room, check out the next recommendations to get the best out of its lighting potential:

The Arco Lamp

Getting The Perfect Lighting With Your Floor Lamp

  • Choose the right lamp for your layout. Have you already defined a decorating style for your living room? There are several reasons why there are so many different types of lamps from which you can choose to make it one of the stars of your area, and some of these reasons have nothing to do with light management. The modern Arco floor lamp, for example, created by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962, considered a piece of art from the Mid-Century Modern style, is a perfect example of practicality and ornamentation. This is due to its design; this arco lamp is capable of surprisingly improving the appearance of a place and, at the same time, fulfilling the main function for which it was designed: to provide light where necessary.

    However, some prefer to install one or more table lamps instead of a floor lamp. While floor lamps are recommended for providing main ambient lighting in communal living areas, adding height to a room, and lighting smaller spaces and hallways, table lamps are suggested for providing accent lighting, shedding light on dark corners, rich reading light, and light layering throughout the house.
  • Light and functionality. Ask yourself this question: How exactly am I going to use the light in my living room? This will help you determine if you’ll need a lot or little lighting, if you can take advantage of natural light during the day and what are the specific points of the whole place where you might need it most. Remember that getting adequate lighting is not only a matter of aesthetics but also of functionality. If your living room is also your reading station, or where you sometimes do tasks related to your work and need a sufficient amount of light, be sure to have this covered when installing your lamps.
The Arco Floor Lamp

Lighting is capable of adding or subtracting personality to an enclosed space. Your guests will leave with the fabulous impression that your living room is a place with spirit, and they will remember it more easily if they have a pleasant memory. Follow these simple key tips and you’ll see how the results will be more than satisfactory.

The Flag Halyard Chair: a Tribute to Genius

It’s interesting and, at the same time, curious to think that the Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair was created under trivial, spontaneous, and very informal conditions. In fact, the design was the product of the musings of rest since, at that time, the Dane was on vacation with his family on the beach when the idea of ​​creating a chair with a woven flag line on a structure of iron came to his head. According to the popular testimony, Wegner used a stick to dig into the sand and begin to shape the idea of ​​it.

It’s like this: creative minds never rest. There will always be a wonderful idea, a great thought that will emerge at the least expected moment, and each designer must be prepared to capture it most practically and immediately so that nothing escapes.

The Flag Halyard Chair was one of those extraordinary cases. Admirers of the Dane’s work continue to thank him for the gesture since more than sixty years after its launch, remains a very popular piece. Also, it continues to be among the best sellers. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece, shining with its originality and flair of authenticity.

You can think of a Flag Halyard Chair replica as a fundamental element in your modernist setting. More than a seat, it’s an aesthetic and functional resource that will add iconic value to your setting. Can you imagine how many uses you can give to a chair like this one? It’s the type of piece that can easily become the focal point within your floor plan.

Wegner’s legacy is made up of a collection of more than five hundred different chairs, many of which became undisputed Modernist icons. A Flag Halyard Chair reproduction is a worthy sample of the genius of this author.

The Flag Halyard Chair

The Bellini Sofa: A Piece You Definitely Need

The ottoman is a widely used accessory in all kinds of minimalist and modern decorating styles. Its origin is attributed to oriental culture, and it’s used to add a touch of elegance and symmetry that in many cases can be impressive, regardless of the space in question: a living room, a bedroom, an office, etc. If you like modernist designs, you love modular sofas and you think the Bellini sofa is great, you need to know about the Bellini ottoman as soon as possible, another of the modern wonders coming from the ingenuity of this Italian creator that cannot be missing from your layout.

The Bellini ottoman is specially designed to be used as a complement to the Bellini sofa, and from the first moment you place your legs on it you’ll notice that the user experience it’s capable of providing is far superior to that of other similar products. This design is high-end, made to complement the ergonomic experience completely.

The Bellini Ottoman

The shape of the ottoman is very simple, but without neglecting the features that made the design of the sofa with which it teams so famous. It’s a seat without side parts and without a back. Some also call it “footrest”. An ottoman like this one is not only an aesthetic accessory but also a functional one: it represents the perfect way to make your Bellini sofa a much more complete piece that can offer you a heightened experience.

Any interior space that you want to decorate can look amazing and work much better with an element like this, especially if you lean towards the minimalist, elegant and modern. Most modern catalogs like the one from Manhattan Home Design include this model in both leather and fabric, and also a remarkable variety of colors so you can choose the ideal one, depending on what you need. A Bellini ottoman can add a fuller, more pleasing and impressive character to your living room or any other area you wish to use it in. Give this design the opportunity to be a key part of your environment.

Bellini Camaleonda Sofa Ottoman

The Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Fabric: a Revolutionary Sense of Innovation

Achieving coherence in a modern setting doesn’t have to be a complicated matter, especially if the pieces of furniture you’ve chosen all have very similar characteristics or are part of the same collection. Almost always, the most legendary designs are accompanied by some other complementary pieces that work very well to fill a space in a functionally acceptable and aesthetically pleasing way. For example, if you’re a lover of Michel Ducaroy’s designs, you should know that a Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Fabric can be the perfect companion and complement for the rest of the other elements that belong to this collection.

The Ducaroy Sofa

Using pieces of the same collection provides coherence, solidity, cohesion, and the feeling that the entire design is much better integrated as if each added detail was put orienting the ideas in the same direction. In addition, the pieces in the Ducaroy collection are famous for the high quality of their materials and their general technical characteristics. The Ducaroy sofa fabric is made with soft and durable chenille fabric – stain-resistant and easy to clean, superior craftsmanship – same manufacturing process and materials as per the original, and three densities of high-quality polyether foam combined to make the frame.

Undoubtedly, this Ducaroy Togo sofa is one of the best choices you can make to configure your modern environment in a stunning and appealing way, without leaving aside for a second your revolutionary sense of innovation.

The Togo Sofa

The Togo Sofa: a Seal of Originality In Your Spaces

When we talk about originality in modern design, many begin to imagine all kinds of extravagances, especially when it comes to aesthetic trends such as biomorphism, which tries to emulate the shapes and figures of the natural world. However, one thing doesn’t imply the other, since originality in this area is not always synonymous with extravagant pieces of furniture. The Togo sofa, by Michel Ducaroy, is one of the clearest examples of this.

The Togo Sofa

Considered by many to be a one-of-a-kind creation, this design revolutionized the vision that until then had been preconceived as the archetype of the modern sofa. Practically everything in it: its structure, materials, silhouette, folds, its curious twisted cushion shape, and, especially, the very particular sensations that it’s capable of transmitting, confer a very particular idea of ​​originality. It’s enough to take a look at the typical styles of furniture that abound in the market to realize that, in reality, there’s not a single model that resembles it.

…After all, the technical characteristics of the design also speak of the particular vision of this creator, always focused on being able to offer much more than the typical, traditional, or obvious: soft and durable chenille fabric, stain-resistant and easy to clean, superior craftsmanship -same manufacturing process and materials as per the original, three densities of high-quality polyether foam combined to make the frame, ergonomic design for true enveloping comfort, and a modern vibe that conveys the piece in a visual sense that cannot be explained with words.

Keep in mind that the Ducaroy sofa is that type of piece with which you can easily pleasantly surprise your friends and family and fill your living room with the true MCM spirit!

The Ducaroy Sofa

The Living Wall: An Excellent Option To Accompany Your LC3 Sofa

If you are an interior design and decor enthusiast, you have most likely already realized that a modern sofa is not everything within a layout. However, although there are many other elements that, together, are capable of defining the spirit of that style that you want to implement, the sofa will always have a place of prominent importance due to its aesthetic value and functionality. For example, to configure a minimalist living room, a highly ergonomic, appealing, and timeless model, such as the LC3 Sofa by Le Corbusier, can be the automatic and extraordinary focal point you need.

To accompany a model in this category, you can apply various resources that help you in your task of creating an environment with an unforgettable hook. A living wall is a very valid example of a valuable resource; more than that, it’s a safe bet to add more freshness, dynamism, and visual interest. Also, if you buy your LC3 Sofa in a traditional black version, you have the advantage that this neutral color can be successfully combined with practically any other tone. A living wall is a wall covered in plants, and this can be done in individual pots or assembled. The result will be a very artistic design with natural components that will come to life in front of your eyes.

Why Have a Living Wall?

The advantages of having a living wall dazzling the eye in your living room are not only aesthetic: they’re also related to functional aspects, such as the purification of the atmosphere. By itself, the presence of plants in any area of ​​your home is favorable: they look good, add an incomparable natural touch, and constantly renew the atmosphere, making it cleaner and more oxygenated. It’s a beautiful and eye-catching resource that your visitors will fondly remember. It’s proven that plants even help reduce people’s stress levels and help regulate temperature.

As you can see, your living wall can be the perfect backdrop for your LC3 Sofa, a model that definitely deserves to be in an environment that lives up to its aesthetic value. It’s time to let your imagination fly and think about everything you can achieve thanks to a wall like this. Although plants are like pets that you need to care for and feed properly, they can give you amazing results that will probably exceed your expectations.

The Arco Lamp: a Wonder to Discover In 2021

In the world of interior design, especially in the mid-century modern style, some pieces have stood out since their appearance for being considered pieces of art, and at the same time highly functional furniture or fixtures with valuable technical and aesthetic characteristics. A clear example of this type of piece is the Arco lamp reproduction. This lamp was first presented in 1962 by the Castiglioni brothers and quickly became an iconic classic modernist floor lamp due to its bold and imposing design. One of its most striking components is the sturdy marble base that supports the large aluminum arch.

Source: Barcelona Designs

The Arco lamp is a great example of the available options for any interior designer to give personality, style, and shape to an interior space. The mid-century modern style catalog has several resources that can be key to forming a layout and can even become the focal point of any space. As it’s a style that already has several decades of validity and continues to captivate the eyes and stimulate the taste of many homeowners around the world, over the years the options have expanded and models inspired by this and other iconic designs have emerged.

Source: Manhattan Home Design

Choosing the mid-century modern style as the decorative style for your space can be a very smart choice since, in general, it’s a style that’s usually liked by most people, it’s simple, highly aesthetic, based on functionality, practical and traditional. To choose it is to open up to the opportunity to transform the appearance of any interior space of the house and give it an outstanding aspect, be it the kitchen, the bathroom or any other. Placing an Arco lamp in one space is putting an unmistakable stamp of what this style represents and what it has to offer.

3 Areas Where An Arco Lamp Can Be Your Perfect Tool

The Arco lamp is an extraordinary design for several reasons. The Castiglioni brothers strove to provide the world with a design that was aesthetically and functionally astonishing, that users could successfully integrate into all types of spaces. Here are three areas of your home where this floor lamp can save your day:

  1. In your workshop. If you work in a workshop, especially if you do some kind of manual activity for which you need a focused, powerful, and stable light source that you can redirect to your liking and convenience, the Arco lamp can be a source of solutions for you, not only because it’s capable of doing all that but also because it’s one of the most beautiful artifacts you’ll ever meet.
  2. In your kitchen. The kitchen is another very special type of workshop that requires great lighting to be able to work comfortably, to achieve the most amazing results with your dishes and desserts. The Arco lamp can be your perfect assistant so that you can visualize everything correctly and nothing fails.
  3. In your reading nook. Reading is one of the most interesting and productive pleasures that anyone can have, but it’s very important to be able to do it in an area with the appropriate technical characteristics so as not to affect your eyesight and that includes optimal lighting, which can only be provided by a model like the Arco lamp.

Remember that currently some stores specialized in modern pieces such as Manhattan Home Design offer the Arco lamp replica as a faithful, affordable, and convenient alternative for all types of environments, especially modern décors in which this iconic design can shine in all its splendor.

The Arco Lamp Is Perfect For Lighting Your Living Room

The lighting of the living room is one of the key points of the decorating style in general and one of the secrets by which many environments are really efficient in a functional sense. The living room is usually one of the most intense areas of use in the whole house and, in that sense, it deserves to have balanced lighting.

The Arco lamp can play a huge role in this regard, especially in task-based lighting. With the rise of home offices, many people have installed their modest workstation in a patch of the living room, and we all know that to work you need to have decent lighting, whether it’s to work on a computer or do some manual work.

The reflector head of the Arco lamp allows you to direct the beam of light to the point where you need it most, which makes it an amazing device, taking into account that it is overhead lighting and is of immense use in most cases. A good-quality Arco lamp replica closely emulates the characteristics of the authentic piece.

The Arco lamp reproduction, with its astonishing marble base and imposing stainless steel arch up to 95 inches in height, is also an iconic Mid-Century Modern style product that will make an unforgettable difference in your living room and take it to the next level of elegance and practicality.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: The Design You Have Dreamed Of

Everyone is wondering what’s the best way to define a decorating style. Many times, the answer is simple. Other times, it’s necessary to use the imagination to apply the perfect methods, knowledge, ideas, and strategies to generate a floor plan that adequately adapts to the lifestyle and taste of the users.

However, sometimes the secret is simply in one piece: the sofa, and delving into the endless world of possibilities that modern catalogs offer can be exhausting. Therefore, choosing a Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is a satisfactory answer in many cases.

The most important difference that exists between a midcentury sofa and a classic model sometimes lies in its materials, size, but especially in the details that define its design. The well-known Mid-Century Modern style rethought in the middle of the last century the aesthetic rules of what until then was known as Modernism.

Therefore, a modern sofa is usually the vivid reflection of this trend: designs with geometric shapes, elegance based on simplicity, durable and ergonomic materials, carefully chosen to offer a user experience that’s as pleasant and functional as possible.

Both modular and sectional sofas, corner sofas, and sofa beds each represent a different option for different environments. However, the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa has such great versatility that it’s probably the design you’ve been dreaming of.