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Avoiding cliches is the best way to enjoy your Barcelona Chair (II/II)

In our past article, we made reference to the copycat Cliches in interior design trends. Now let’s talk about the practical cliches, and address the terrifying question: Is the Barcelona chair a cliche?. Let’s see.

What are Practical cliches?

We talk of practical cliches, when something that is common advice in decor is followed too tightly, at the cost of losing originality. Examples of these practical cliches are: Matching furniture sets. Sometimes we get obsessed with the search for a perfect match. Just now the trend goes a little bit on the contrary: A dining table can have a couple of chairs (mainly in the tops) with a different design. These chairs don’t have to match wit the dining room, but with some element of the living room, with color for example.

Light paint in small rooms.

Due to the high popularity of Scandinavian and Coastal Living, white tones and closer alike, are frequently abused, and you find houses of a monochromatic white stubbornness that ends being just tedious. Balance is the keyword.

Overly coordinated decor.

Don’t be afraid to break some rules. A person’s belongings have to be around from time to time. It’s the normal thing since you live your life inside your house. Don’t be afraid to leave some magazines. books, musical instruments, or work in progress in your spaces. They mark your personality.

Identical nightstands.

Two people in the same bed have two personalities, and don’t have to necessarily share the same taste for nightstands, right? Well, you can dare to try two different models of nightstands, and see how it looks.

Bedroom furniture is for the bedroom only.

Interior Design is not about rigid rules, is about balance. You can go on “safari” in your own place, and make some experimental changes, like exchange your side-tables in the living room with your nightstand. Have you ever think about it? Maybe it is worth to try.

It’s the Barcelona Chair a cliche?

As we just stated, something turns in a cliche when is used an abused in a repetitive way. The Barcelona Chair, a very popular piece of design furniture is settled in a lot of homes around the world. Some people maybe tend to use it in a repetitive way: Just aside of an Eames Lounge Chair and in front of a Noguchi center table), but, the truth is that a Barcelona Chair has a very classic and flexible style. A Barcelona Chair fits easily in a Coastal Living space, or in a Scandinavian living room.  Creativity and balance are the key factors behind decor.

Don’t be afraid to break some rules, and stay away from cliches. Go to  Manhattan Home Design and discover the Barcelona Chair, one of the trademarks of Interior Design.

The Eames Lounge Chair: The Pride of the Legendary Designer Couple

Perhaps only Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts knew about this anecdote, but the fact that famous film director Billy Wilder was the one who received the second Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman to roll off the production line is popular. This wasn’t spontaneity but was part of the way that Charles and Ray Eames wanted to reciprocate a gift that the director had given the couple years before, and that, in fact, was one of the main incentives they had for the creation of their star chair. The piece has armchairs that are not only symmetrical but also interchangeable.

The Eameses wanted to make sure that the armchair they were creating could last for a virtually indefinite time, so they incorporated enough oils into the tanning of the leather to make it surprisingly strong. This is a waterproof finish that shouldn’t be exposed to other types of solvents. Charles was so proud of the work that he called it “a voluptuous luxury few mortals have known since Nero.” On one occasion, producer Julian Blaustein inadvertently fell asleep on a test Eames Lounge Chair that Charles had at his home while reading scripts, which made the designer very pleased. The two celebrity designers wanted their chair to have “the warm and responsive look of a well-worn first base glove”, and anyone would confirm they succeeded optimally.

Enjoy this surprising design in the comfort of your home with the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. This Eames Lounge Chair reproduction has all the necessary features to offer you an outstandingly pleasant user experience.

Don’t forget to bring your personal taste with your Barcelona Bench

When you decore your room, is important to follow some rules and principles of decor. Declutter is important, and keep the functionality of your decor as originally is made, is important, too; but remember that Interior Design is made for you, and you are the one that sets the rules.

A Barcelona Bench is, exactly a bench. Used to sit and to store some light stuff, its versatility is one of its main features. One of its main recent adaptations is using it as a center table or coffee table.

On the other hand, don’t be so tough on your own declutter. With a Barcelona Bench in the middle of a living room, or at the end of your bed, is not bad to see some magazines or books on it. That is part of your everyday life and bring some identity to your space, something that you won’t see at the cover of a magazine, or a blog.  In the end, you are using your Barcelona Bench to relax and read for a while.

This is something that came from the own users of benches, and the Barcelona Bench users find it useful too. People appreciate seeing some strengths in the features of the benches, like wide surface, the quality and endurance of its leather upholstery, and its portability.  This use is becoming popular.

Using a bench as a coffee table? Maybe. Why don’t you give it a try in your Barcelona Bench?

Avoiding cliches is the best way to enjoy your Barcelona Chair (I/II)

When it comes to decor and Interior Design,  decor enthusiasts are willing to make with its furniture a really good impression.  In this will, people tend to look for safe bets.  A safe bet, in decor, is a furniture arrangement and selection that has proven to be quite popular.

But when something is too popular, and it appears everywhere, it could turn into a cliche. And we don’t want a cliche.  And a terrifying question: Is the Barcelona Chair a cliche? Let’s take a look.

It sounds bad, but: What exactly is a cliche?

A cliche is not a mistake. It’s an overused practice that is considered boring and ultimately bad taste.

A cliche is like an old wasted song. We hear it so many times that we don’t want to listen again for a while because it played so many times on the radio, TV, and all over.  Think about “I Will always love you”, the ethereal song by Whitney Houston. Though, while it is a cliche, and we don’t want to listen to it for a while, one day we’ll want to listen to it again because in the end is a good song. Just not now. Same as music happens with Interior Design. Some trends and some particular room arrangements became so hot and profusely used in the past, that they will not be coming back any time soon. Think about the lava lamps of the 1970s.

Cliches in interior design trends

Cliches have many ways to express. They are not only about a copycat style, but they have to do with decor practices and rules that we tend to take too seriously some times. Let’s take a look.

Copycat Style clichés

We call copycat cliches to the habit of doing furniture arrangements or decor renovations strictly with the classic elements of one style, without any improvement or addition of our own personality or style. 

Scandinavian cliches

For example, in Scandinavian style, the preference for all-white, clear, profusely lightened, pristine bedrooms is a little bit overused. If you decorate your room only with whites, white sheets, and a bed of a pale wood head top, your room will be maybe peaceful, but it maybe will lack some personal touch, too. An all-clear white bedroom was something immensely popular at the beginnings of the 2000s, but 20 years later, don’t you think there should be some improvements or additions that make us think that time just doesn’t only pass away?.

Mid Century Modern clichés

The same may happen with Mid Century Modern. That executive living room,  full of leather and wood textures,  with the arch famous Eames Lounge Chair at the end of the room,  and the dark wood panels in the wall, plus the Arco Lamp in that corner, is something a little bit overused, too.  How many magazines display an image like that?

Remember you should try to give your space a touch of authenticity, and not lo look as a magazine, or even a set of the TV series Mad Men or Frasier. Your house is not a TV set, and while we certainly use its rich reservoir to find inspiration, it’s true that an authentic successful space has personalty a sense of your own.

Find your personal story, and make it counts in your space with your details: A photograph, a paint made by yourself, a musical instrument, there are so many possibilities to make your Barcelona Chair shines as personal journeys are in your own house.

In our next article, we’ll talk about practical cliches. Don’t be afraid to break some rules, and stay away from cliches. Go to  Manhattan Home Design and discover the Barcelona Chair, one of the trademarks of Interior Design.

Going on Safari, with your Barcelona Bench

Sometimes, people tend to be too tight about decor rules and lose sense of fun and adventure.

Decor is not about tight rules, is about balance, and that means that you can break some rules from time to time.

Usually, when you buy furniture, it is labeled according to the room where you plan to keep it. A  bedroom nightstand set is supposed to be in your bedroom and nothing else. But does it really has to be that way?

Go on safari

Go “out there” of your room, and get some pray to take home. Maybe your living room sofa will look nice with that nightstand that happens to be quietly in your bedroom.  Why don’t you give a try?

Versatility in your place

Or you can do otherwise, and find that your Barcelona Bench, elegant and useful in your living room, will fit perfectly in your bedroom at the end of your bed.
This is something that you usually expect from your Barcelona Bench: Versatility. It fits perfect in your living room and your bedroom, not to mention in your lounge space or even outdoors. 

Not many solutions of this type have that versatility while keeping beauty and elegance.

If you want to know more about the Barcelona Bench, go to Manhattan Home Designs, the best place for replicas in Mid Century  Modern style.

Sofas 2020 Trends | The Barcelona Sofa & More Modern Options!

Sofas are known as the most relevant and functional furniture in the living room.

This is where you spend a lot of time watching your favorite TV show or talking to family and guests. So acquiring this important component of your interior design requires a lot of dedication and research.

What I mean is that you are not only looking for a regular sofa, but you are looking for something functional, comfortable to sit on, and last but not least, something that will suit your current space.

Today we are going to share with you a couple of 2020 trends in sofas starting with our favorite mid-century modern model: the Barcelona sofa.

Barcelona sofa – Modern style

SOurce: Barcelona Designs
Barcelona Sofa and Barcelona Chairs

The Barcelona sofa features individual panels of hand-cut, hemmed and tufted Italian leather, all on a reliable base of polished stainless steel. If you like modern looks and materials like steel, choose this sofa and you won’t regret it!

Plus! The leather colors of the Barcelona sofa combine with any decoration you have.

Next, we have the Burrow Sofa

It offers you a classic style and more space to sit. So if you have a big family and you like to get a lot of guesses, this may be the perfect model for you. Plus! It is resistant and customizable.

Our final model: the Floyd sofa

This is definitely one of the top sofas in the 2020s, it has beautiful wood accents and provides a really comfortable cushion.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is a Legendary Piece For Many Reasons

When Charles and Ray Eames presented their revolutionary Eames Lounge Chair to the public in 1956, the piece began to chart a path that would lead it to become one of the classic mid-century designs. It became the favorite of interior design and decoration experts, furniture designers, and lounge chair specialists. It was the old English club chair that inspired this pair of geniuses to create the design that’s now known worldwide. That’s why they decided to add the ottoman to complete the functionality of the piece. The amazing work is also present in museums in various parts of the world, such as the MoMA in New York.

The public of that time didn’t remember seeing a chair more elegant, light, and modern than the Eames Lounge Chair, in which several years were invested to develop the final design. As a result of such high fame, there are currently replicas like the Manhattan Home Design’s at a price three or four times lower than the original. An Eames Lounge Chair replica like this is, at first glance, identical to the one featured on Arlene Francis’s television show in the middle of the last century that was highly acclaimed by the public.

The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is a very faithful copy of the original product, employing top-notch resources from the plywood veneers to the smooth textured black leather upholstery and memory foam cushions. Add an Eames Chair replica to your home or office spaces, and you’ll be choosing a legendary design.

A Barcelona Table & More Elements You Can Add to Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms that a house can have, they are created to receive guests; such as family and friends, having reunions, watching movies, and more activities that require a couple of persons.

Before adding anything to it you should be aware of the design and color palette you have. Today we’re going to show you what kind of elements besides the Barcelona table you can add to make your living room a relaxing and harmonious place.

Barcelona Table

What’s a living room without a table? A coffee table like the Barcelona table will serve you to hold your guest’s drinks, remote controllers, magazines, snacks, and having any classic accessorize.


A plant brings an organic look to any room, it can be used as a focal point in any empty or visually unattractive space.


A way to add art and personality to a room, paintings are a designer’s favorite choice for decorating walls. They can contain landscapes, abstract shapes and even fruits, what you should take into account when choosing it is that the colors of the painting include those of the palettes that you have chosen

Color, Size, and Style in trend, by the Barcelona Loveseat

Trends in color

Blue, purple, orange, are some of the notes that bold consumers are taking home to make joyful, creative places to share with friends. We are living the colorful era of Loveseats, though the classic leather presentation has its niche.

Trends in Sizes

Due to the progressive trend of buying smaller homes for individuals or small families, is natural to observe a demand for smaller sofas, or for loveseats instead of sofas. Certainly, in a reduced space, is better to observe the golden rule of enough space to walk around the furniture with ease (As many designers set between 3.5′ and 10′). So, the trend is to observe loveseats or sofas of medium size, like the Barcelona Loveseat .

Trends in Style

Combined with Coastal Living or Scandinavian,  its a trend for more than two decades, Mid Century Modern continues to be the favorite style when it comes to furniture. Its clean-cut designs and elegant lines combined with a wood frame are still very popular, only with variations of color and experimental materials. 

Is the Barcelona Loveseat fashionable?

The Barcelona Loveseat meet many of the expectations of the current demand: Elegant, sleek, with its classic furniture upholstery. The Barcelona Loveseat, part of the Barcelona Collection, is your choice for timeless pieces adapted at the modern constraints of these dynamic times.

Easy to play with it in the layout and with the charm of the classics, is more than a safe bet, a winner option.   

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Barcelona Ottoman: 5 Doubts You Normally Have Before Buying It

First of all, what is an ottoman? – “An ottoman is a form of couch that usually has a head but no back, although sometimes it has neither”. They usually came in square or semicircular forms, and always follow an only rule: the wood it’s covered by a fabric lining.

BArcelona Designs
The Barcelona Ottoman is part of the Barcelona Collection

Now that we’ve defined what an ottoman is, let’s delve into the iconic model featured in this article: the Barcelona ottoman. We list some of the common doubts that everyone could have when purchasing one of these pieces. Take a look at some of them:

Is Barcelona Ottoman Comfortable?

The answer is yes! This is due to its high-quality construction; Its cushion has 18 Individual panels which are cut, welted, and tufted by hand with leather buttons from a single cowhide. If you want to know more about its construction take a look at more features of Barcelona Ottoman!

Is the Barcelona Ottoman replica worth it?

If you’re out of budget a replica is the solution for you, websites like Manhattan Home Design has pretty reliable replicas of different famous brands. If you decide to buy a replica take a look at factors like materials and finishes.

Which dimension does the Barcelona Ottoman have?

They’re small but enough to decorate any living room, office, or room. These are its dimensions:

Weight: 37lbs

Height: 17″

Width: 23″

Depth: 25″

Seat Width: 24″

Seat Height: 15.75″

Which colors of the Barcelona Ottoman exists?

It can come in different colors such as black, white, brown, and tan.

Comment below which color is your favorite!