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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What happened to Marble?

Adored by many, hated by others, marble is a design material that come and go from time to time, being trendy a while, and dated others. In the always competitive world of decor, people preferences change all of sudden and is worthy to ask: Why marble, a supposed winner in Interior Design, is out of favor?

Marble is used basically in kitchen tops, and bathroom walls and floors.

Beautiful without any doubt, it has one flaw: It’s very absorbent, and stains may take hard work to let it out. People tend to tolerate this inconvenience with dedicated maintenance, due to their love for the material. But nowadays, the faux marble is doing so great that people are considering to use the imitation, instead of the original. With faux marble, you can get the same appearance as real marble, with fewer inconveniences. 

Another popular use of marble is at the top of tables, like the Tulip Table, which is a plastic fiber body table, of one base, that ends in a rounded top. The marble option top turns to be one of the most popular. 

Will real marble take its place again? At the moment is not likely, but the mood swings of home decoration are wild…And who knows?

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Why the Barcelona Collection is so Popular?

Time flies. There are a lot of things that come up and down, but some others remain the same. It’s what happens with the Barcelona Collection, an achievement of Interior Design that was created in 1929 by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, and that it has lasted to this day. 

What is the Barcelona Collection

The Barcelona Collection is a line of furniture representative of Mid Century Modern Style. It was created in 1929 for the International Exposition of Barcelona, and it was manufactured first in Germany, and after a brief interruption, in America to this day, conquering new markets and users from all over the world. The rise of the Barcelona Collection made it so popular, that now there is a vibrant market of replicas all around America and Europe. 

What items are in the Barcelona Collection?

The Barcelona Collection is formed by: 

  • The Barcelona Chair
  • The Barcelona Sofa
  • The Barcelona Loveseat
  • The Barcelona Ottoman
  • The Barcelona Table
  • The Barcelona Bench
  • The Barcelona Daybed

The sober lines and notes of wood and leather in the Barcelona Collection and Mid Century Modern, are a timeless sample of quality and sophistication.   

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Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: What happened in 2020 in Interior Design? (II/II)

Let’s keep reviewing the trends that were announced in the beginning of 2020, and how it resulted through this very singular year.

More artistic than ever

In 2020 people expected to see a return to more abstract forms of art on our walls. Statement art, abstract art, saving for a while those favorite film posters or that photograph of our favorite musician. Will this trend survive our over politicized times? or will look to clean the air a little?

The Revolution WFH, Working From Home

After the Covid19 madness, one of the more striking consequences for Interior Design is the rise of the home office as one of the main spaces in our house. Something that was growing before, though at a slower rate.

Now, is a must to locate the best place in your house to locate a good spot for your chair, desk, equipment, and devices, if they are needed.

A whole growing phenomenon, the quest for the right furniture to make us comfortable at home, but productive and focused just began, and it requires some balance between the formality of our traditional office and the comfort of our place.

WFH implies the definitive arrival of ergonomic chairs to our houses, just like some gadgets previously regarded as office. A symbiosis between this moods will be something to see in the ends of 2020 and 2021.

The rise of Coastal Living

The hunger for a better lifestyle doesn’t end with a natural love for plants. A fresh and healthy lifestyle is gaining the preferences of the American west coast: Coastal Living. Heavily inspired by the sea and marine views of the west coast, the presence of blue, wood, sand, and white are a constant, and of course, there are the occasional sailor, yachting motifs. Coastal Living is minimalist, and due to its love for wood too, it tends to be associated with Mid Century Modern, and according to several sources, it is mistaken by people as MCM many times. 2020 was a good year for Coastal Living, and that is expected to continue.

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Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: What happened in 2020 in Interior Design? (I/II)

2020 was a singular year from any perspective. Our lives were affected in unprecedented ways we couldn’t imagine just weeks before the beginning of February.

There were many changes in the daily life of most of the world’s population, and one of the new realities we face is to spend much more time in our homes, in the company of our beloved ones. 

Does this new reality affected our preferences and needs in furniture and Interior Design?. It’s very probably to observe some changes. But let’s see what design trends were mentioned early in 2020.

More nature, more greener. 

Without entering in these pandemic times, already green and bigger plants were considered as a growing trend for 2020, and it was. This singular time has made us appreciate mother Nature each time more and more. Plants are welcome in all spaces. Green plants, not only flowers, are each time in more demand. Especially big ones. But there are classics that never fade: Snake plant, Figus, Aloe Vera. Big plants are welcomed not only in the living room and entry room but in all the spaces, even in spaces more reserved before, like your bedroom. 

Wood, natural materials.

The same happened with wood. Always at the peak of the trends. With maybe the only exception of the heavy wood panels, which are too much exploited, wood stayed as star member decor. Mid Century Modern, Coastal Living, and Scandinavian have it always as preferred material of furniture.

Lightwoods were expected to rise big, and it was.  Cane, wicker, rattan, are now all over the place, though the Peacock chair is still in the middle of its announced comeback.

Rounded furniture

The trend for rounded sofas and chairs is still popular. This trend is used mostly with microfiber or cotton upholstered furniture, and it has some freedom of color. Rounded furniture is soft to the touch and more friendly when you came across between them. On the other hand, rounded shapes are more difficult to manufacture, and this increases their costs. In spite of its novelty and fresh look, it’s good to be aware that exotic, flamboyant designs, tend to fade sooner than classic options; so there is a risk that you end keeping an exotic piece for more time than you really want. Will this trend survive in 2021, with a more classical approach?

Mid Century Modern still alive

Many times given for dead, Mid Century Modern survived comfortably this year, according to the most recent polls.  Suitable for small spaces, with it’s beautiful, clean-cut lines, Mid Century Modern and its archifamous furniture pieces, like the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, or the Barcelona Chair, it looks like Mid Century Modern will stay a while a little more with us.

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The center table, or coffee table, is one of the most popular items in décor.

There are almost endless designs and models of coffee tables, with different sizes, shapes, materials, and with several functionalities.

One classic coffee table or center table is the Barcelona Table, though labeled just as a Table when it was released in 1929. The Barcelona table is rectangular, with a glass top and a characteristic “X” metal frame. But you will find rounded, oval, and non-geometrical, irregular tables that combine the most dissimilar elements, to provide you with good support when you are seated along with your friends.

Its a coffee table relevant? 

Yes. In every living room, your coffee table will bring you facilities that you can get from another item or device around. Is a matter of convenience.

Chat and share with your relatives or guests in your living room implies drinks, being coffee one of the most popular options, to place your smartphones, magazines, or the TV/audio console remote. So, definitely, you will need a coffee table from one way to another.

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The Barcelona Table: A crystal top for a great view

The center table in a living room tends to be the focal point of the space when the table has an outstanding design. On other occasions, the center table plays as part of a team, bringing a special feature that adds a layer to the rest of the group. This is the case with the Barcelona Table.

In-home decor, smaller pieces create bigger differences. One detail or one particularity can add a final touch in a thoughtful set up.

The Barcelona Table is made with a solid, but elegant frame in chromed stainless steel, crowned by a fine glass top. The glass top is a solid piece of tempered glass 3/4″ thick with a polished 1/8″ beveled edge that is easy to clean, wipe only. The glass is held in place on the frame by 4 clear rubber bumpers that support it. The Barcelona Table has a sober, stylish figure to fit in every space. From formal to relaxed. Its measures are ideal to medium or large spaces and are suitable to place a coffee set or a group of magazines. 

Another special attribute of the Barcelona Table is its versatility. Due to its sober design, it suits equally in a stylish living room or even in a corporate space, or an office hall.  

In a world of rounded tables, squared tables, oval tables, free-shape tables, and so on…The Barcelona Table is your classic choice of an elegant, and timeless piece. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Barcelona Table and the Barcelona Collection in Barcelona Designs. 

Design Principles from the Barcelona Chair: Scale and Proportion

One of the main principles for a Designer is to watch carefully the scale of the space and the proportion of each element. The management of space is basic to make sure the tour place is comfortable and functional. 
To achieve this in a good way is important to be clear in the concepts of Scale and Proportion.


Scale has to do with the relative size of one element with respect to the other: The size of one Barcelona Sofa with respect to the whole living room; or the size of the same Barcelona Sofa with respect to the rug. The scale of elements in furniture must harmonize. One fine, beautiful rug may work just fine in a large country house living room, but in a small apartment, it can be an inconvenience and is still the same fine, beautiful rug. 


Proportion has to do with the relative amount, the presence of one part in the whole element, for example, in a large living room, the presence of the color beige against the blue color in the accent wall is about 60%. That’s a proportion. But proportion is not only about color, but about  texture, size, and shape. 

Management of scale and proportion

These helpful tips must be taken into account when we make the management of scale and proportion:

Keep in mind your ceiling height

The ceiling height is a key factor in the scale of your place. High ceilings and low ceilings require different elements and create different effects. With a high ceiling sleek, tall furnishing fits better. Walls can be more used, and there is more freedom to play with color. With low ceilings, is better to choose clear wall colors and choose subsequently smaller, flat furniture. 

Build your entire design around your focal point.

As we all know all spaces whirls around a focal point. It can be your fireplace in your living room or a giant hanged TV  in a family room. If the scales of the focal elements are correct (about a max. of 60% of the whole space of the room), then is the duty of the designer to be sure that the 40% works to enhance that focal point and make it functional. 

Remember the golden ratio

A rule inherited from ancient times, the golden ratio comes from the Greeks, and it’s used today. Though its real value is 1,61, you can assume 60/40 in Interior Design. With this ratio, we assign and reassign several elements in the space taking care of locating the main element in the 60%. This way, you must assign 60% of positive space (physical space), and 40% of negative space (free space); or 60 % of focal point space and 40% of adjacent, secondary space; and so on. The golden rule is a very useful guide to solve many doubts in interior design. 

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The Barcelona Sofa and the Charm of Leather

When it comes to sofas and chairs, the market now has a lot of choices, where the different models offer not only different shapes, but in materials and upholstery.

Microfiber, velvet, and cotton are some of the most popular upholstery, but leather is still wide popular, too. Many people, when thinking on a sofa, describe a giant leather sofa, like the Chesterfield, or the Barcelona Sofa. And still is like that, maybe with a demand for more variety in colors.
But what is that perennial charm of leather that keeps it always in trend ?.

Leather has always been preferred by users by four basic and evident reasons: 

  • Elegance. Nothing has a more beautiful view in furniture upholstery than leather. Its shine, texture and clean cut look has no serious competitor
  • Texture. Leather is comfortable and flexible. Leather tends to be a little rigid when is newly acquired, but it relaxes and adapt to the shape of the body with time.
  • Maintenance. Leather is a very simple surface to clean and maintain. When it comes to spills, is enough with a simple moisturized cloth. That is a clear disadvantage of microfiber.
  • Hygiene. Leather doesn’t suffer from dust mites or allergens, because of its solid structure.  

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of using  leather. First, its temperature can be variable. In cold days can be a little cold, too. Second, is available in fewer color options than microfiber. Leather tends to be less flexible than microfiber and it is available in fewer shape designs.  

But, as we can see, the advantages of leather are strong enough to sustain its prolonged presence in the world of furniture. And when it’s combined with beautiful designs, it can’t be matched. The best image of this is the Barcelona Sofa. A unique blend of elegance, utility, and endurance that has survived generation after generation of fashion enthusiasts and lovers of design. This Black Friday, you can get your Barcelona Sofa, in Barcelona Design.