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Decor Trends that left us in 2022

We are way deep into 2022, and it’s supposed that some décor trends that stayed with us in the last years, will leave us, in this never-ending come-and-go in the streets of fashion.

So, it seems that some movements are strong. Let’s take a look. Some influential sources have something to say about it, will they be accurate?

Say goodbye to…


Wood is king today, and metal is considered now as uncomfortable.  Metal is cold, metal frames in beds, sofas, and chairs, maybe should give space to more warm, luxury alternatives. The hunger for nature-friendly materials leaves metal frames for classic pieces like a Barcelona Chair, but with little adoption in new pieces.

Subway Tiles

It’s impossible not to have run with this material in some café or restaurant.  Subway tile, supposedly used for the first time in the NYC sub, became highly popular in the 1990s, and it still is.  The new trends are all about color and life, so there is no space for that boring (now) white walls.

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture had a brief revival by grandmilenials, but it fell in disgrace quickly. Too many mirrors are always inconvenient in decor. Lucite is now considered an alternative.


In open spaces, institutional buildings, and finally our own homes, concrete is an overused material that must rest a little to give some space to various other materials.

Neutral color walls

It looks like the neutral color trend has gone too far for so long. Bold monochromatic choices are welcomed. Maybe is fatigue from so many years of the Scandinavian kingdom. Clear grey, Clear beige, and clear sand must take a break.


Faux marble imitations are doing great (porcelain, plastic fiber), and they are less expensive than the original while reaching almost the same heights of beauty. Staining or etching is a permanent risk with marble, something undesirable in kitchens.

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Sofas In Style in 2022

Color and round shapes are still top of the furniture trends this 2022, so let’s take a look deeper into it. Barcelona Designs will help you along the way to get you into the best of styish interior décor this year.

Where is the market of sofas going?

Color 2020.

Back in the beginning of 2022 Pantone announced that Veri Peri 17-3938 was the color of the year. This way, Pantone keeps the trend purple-blue trend started in 2021 with classic blue. When it comes to sofas, is growing the offer of colorful choices, to complement the traditional grey or black leather versions. Blue, purple, orange, are some of the notes favored to make joyful, creative places to share with friends. 

Sizes 2022

The demand for for smaller sofas or for loveseats instead of sofas makes nothing but stoping. Certainly, in a reduced space, is better to observe the golden rule of enough space for walk around the furniture with ease (As many designers set between 3.5′ and 10′). So, the trend is to observe loveseats or sofas of medium size, like the Barcelona Loveseat or the Sven Sofa. 

Shapes in 2022

Rounded frames, rounded pillows, rounded designs. This kind of sofas tend to be more expensive, due to the manufacture costs required to produce different frames, beyond the classic forms. Definitely, rounded sofas and loveseats are great to create a refreshing impression in your room, and to show a different focal point, through color and shape, but its good to keep in mind that this kind of shapes are very fancy, but they fade quickly. If this happens, you will stay with a flamboyant pink sofa for more years that you wish. When it comes to classic choices, nothing beat the iconic Barcelona Sofa with its leather upholstery and its distinctive “X” silhouette, or the classic sobriety of Sven Sofa.

Materials 2022

When it comes to sofas, classic options, like leather are always welcomed, especially in warm weather, where leather show its freshness. Microfiber, velvet and pecan are quite popular choices, too. They provide warm and comfort, hence, they are more requested in cool, cold weathers.

Style 2022

Mid Century Modern continues to be the favorite style when it comes to furniture. Its clean cut designs and elegant lines combined with a wood frame, are still very popular, only with variations of color and experimental materials.   

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Get in the trend of Modern Elegance with a Wishbone Chair

You can get a trendy, elegant space with few tips that always keep your living room beautiful and stylish. And a savvy piece like a Wishbone Chair, by Barcelona Designs will help you to make a difference.

What about color?

As a base of a palette of color, neutral is still on range. In spite of year after year with several designers announce the end of the use of the eternal clear grey, beige or white, reality is that these sempiternal hues continue to be a favorite for many people.

If you want to go full trendy, take a step forward and forget about neutral hues, but keeping in mind that full color choices will ask for a refreshment more sooner than later.

Nevertheless color is taking over of furniture. What is considered trendy in furniture, must have rounded shapes and colorful hues. Two seats solutions (Loveseats), are gaining ground over three seats traditional sofas or couches. Trendy rugs have geometric patterns, and are Moroccan (Beni Ouarian): Thick, high pile.

Matter of attitude

To create an accent, you can go flawless with classic design pieces: Mid Century Modern, or Scandinavian pieces, like a Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair. They bring prestige, beauty and a timeless element, in a dynamic contrast between the new and old stuff.

Don’t forget your Greens

Beyond furniture and colors, what else are we supposed to find in a trendy living room? The answer is out there: Nature. Think about plants. Especially green plants, and in medium size. Whether in a corner, hanging or graciously placed on shelves, your place and your health will benefit of feeling the presence of Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and so many others.

But the presence of Nature has to do with some other features, like light wood pieces. Wicker, Rattan, Cane, all will make it big in our living rooms, whether as center tables, side tables, pots, and of course as furniture. In a more harmoniously set up, brown and green are gaining a ground on their own.

If you want to stay   on the top of the trends, you can be part of the marvel and feel inspired by Mid Century Modern furniture, with master pieces like the Barcelona Chair and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, with Barcelona Designs.

The Barcelona Sofa tells you: Common mistakes when you buy a Sofa.

It’s your main focal point in the living room. It’s a considerable investment. It’s the place where you will seat and sleep for longs periods of time, but still, common mistakes are made when you buy a sofa. Don’t make these mistakes.

First mistake: Don’t  Measure. 

Is your priority. You should take care not only of having enough space for the couch inside your loving, but to make sure that people is will walk around comfortably around the furniture. And remember to measure, not only your room but your entrance and stairs/ access doors. That will save you a lot of bad moments.

Second mistake: Don’t choose a style. 

Are you buying just a couch and leaving all your living the same? or will you start a progressive or total renovation?. In the first case, you should buy a couch that aligns with your current style. For example, if you have green microfiber chairs, buying a black leather sofa is not a good idea. But if you are going to a reno, read some magazines, explore on the web and find the style that catches your eye the most. Your style is your decision and comes from the hearth. Look if you need specialized people to make it real.  

Third mistake: Don’t forget who’s living with you.

Do you have children or pets?. Fabric couches like microfiber or cotton can be very damaged by spills or scratches, so, the endurance of your furniture is an important factor when you have children and pets. Leather is a very good option when it comes to cleaning and endurance, and the Barcelona Sofa  is a very good witness of that.  

With the information of measures, type of coach and style, make a balance of what do you have in your balance, and buy the sofa you need. 

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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Paisley Pattern

It was the summer of 1967 when in the neighborhood of Haight Ashbury near to 100 thousand people gather around if what they call it summer of love. A social phenomenon where young people, wearing hippie clothes converged in some kind of a fairy tale summit. Music, drugs, and psychedelia were all over the place, and the phenomena were replicated in many parts of the world. Most of them wore hippie clothes and most of the hippie clothes had Paisley patterns.

Paisley is an ornamental textile design using the buta, a teardrop-shaped motif with a curved upper end. It became popular in the west several times in history, especially during the XIX Century in Europe. In the XX Century became extremely popular in the end of the 1960s and in the 1980s, when they started to call it bacteria pattern.

The Grateful Dead and the Paisley Pattern, in 1967

Paisley has managed to survive it. It is very rich and complex, so it can be overused. Don’t use it on walls or floors, because it is too dense.   Keep it with soft tones, and restricted to small furniture and upholstery. Pair it with solid color furniture and other elements of design and you will enjoy a beautiful and vigorous pattern. Paisley is an all-time favorite of shirts and men’s ties. A Barcelona Chair with a couple of cushions upholstered in Paisley may be a bold try.

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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Argyle Pattern

Let’s get serious: Who has never used a sweater with an Argyle Pattern? The Argyle Pattern is a favorite champion of all time. It consists of a series of diagonal squares or checkers, generally connected to each other with white bands.

But beyond our beloved 1980’s sweater, the Argyle Pattern is still beautiful and it is useful when it has a discreet role whether in a rug or a wallpaper.

An Argyle pattern is in the end a geometric pattern. It must be treated with the same rules: Is better on the floor (rug) or a low section of any wall.  The smaller the space, the colorful that it can be, and vice versa. Monochromatic, soft tone versions, are great for walls or rugs. As any geometric pattern, its abuse and excessive size may make you feel visually tired, so discretion is always convenient.

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Architecture and Mid Century Modern

We’ve seen many times how the revolutionary changes impulsed by the great names of the Mid Century Modern movement, bring deep changes to the world of interior design and leave us a great number of design masterpieces that are part of our daily life. Many of these figures were both Architects, and Designers: Eero Saarinen, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, or Le Corbusier.

So, it’s good to review, on the other hand, what were the contributions of these great figures of Mid Century Modern style made to the world of architecture, and to see how connected are the macro and the micro spaces.

Openness and transparency.

Open spaces and transparent facades are a classical characteristic of Mid Century Modern architecture. Both in giant skyscrapers or residential houses (like the creator of the Barcelona Chair, van der Rohe, did), the openness and clear views are a basic requirement of this architecture. Integration with nature and a game between void and fill spaces is the main purpose of this concept.

Flat roof

The lack of ornamentation so typical of Mid Century Modern interiors is visible in architecture too, with the absence of ornamented roofs. The vision of a house just like void-shifted horizontal boxes explains why the roof is considered like a flat plane that closes an interior volume.

Natural colors and materials

Bring nature indoors is a constant in Mid Century Modern interior design, particularly with the influence of Scandinavian design. When it comes to Architecture, it is visible in the use of natural colors and leaving nature and surroundings as your main visible landscape.

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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Tips to use Geometric Patterns

Triangles, squares, pentagons, circles…Geometric forms are in the basics of décor. As patterns, they always being here, and they will always be, though, with time, we’ve learned some tips to get the most of them.

Patterns have the charm of being manipulated and get special results. Clean cut, neat geometric shapes bring us a sense of abstract order and modernism, while distorted figures made with clay, earthy tones, take us to ancient times and tribal craftsmanship.

A slight gradient, shaded, or abstract overlapping geometric will always be on-trend. Whether in your house, or your office, hardly they will fail you. As with any pattern, keep in mind that abusing one geometric pattern may result in a tedious or overwhelming space. 

Tips  to use geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a strong vision. That’s why are so suitable in rugs, or on the floor. Use the strongest patterns in the base of your wall or your floor, using the rest of the elements of the room to counterbalance it.

Don’t use geometric patterns in your wall unless they’re really subtle, your risking to be overwhelming.

Use your patterns preferably in clear spaces

Don’t use geometric patterns in small places, because they tend to reduce the perception of size in your room

Use a single geometric pattern. For example, just your rug, or your floor. Don’t use in both elements at the same time

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Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Patterns are one of the most useful resources for decorators and designers. We use it all the time and we are surrounded by them. Many are so known to us that we are capable of drawing them, just by memory, even although we don’t really know how are they called and where are used.

A pattern is a single visual element that repeats in different elements of your decor to create a desired effect.

Where to use patterns?

There are many elements where patterns are successfully applied…Wallpaper, rugs, cushions, floor, tiles…

Lets name a few:


The classic diagonal checks seen on sweaters. No one know its called Argyle until they see it.

Animal Print:

Tiger stripes, leopard stains. They can be great, but use them carefully, because they are a bold option.


The classic squared black and white pattern of the immortal table game.


A classic “V” pattern that fits perfect in walls and floors. Did you know it was called this way?


Beautiful herald shape, is great in soft tones or refined or feminine spaces. Don’t over use it.

Fleur de lis:

A very classic pattern, today more associated with vintage style. It remember us of table cards games.


The shape or pattern of flowers. Use it carefully, it can be excessive or boring very quickly.

Geometric/ Abstract:

Squares, Circles, Triangles and so on. They are very trendy right now.


Another classic pattern of little squares used exhaustively in blankets and napkins.


Little inclined squares, used in walls and floors. Its nowadays very popular.


An oriental motif, with a vintage or modern view, depending of the finish or presentation of the panel.


Known as bacteria too, this pattern was hugely used and abused in the 1980s. Used with moderation.

Polka Dot:

A fun, dynamic sequence of black points very popular

It’s a matter of taste, of course and balance. Patterns can’t be repeated in excess, because that can be easily overwhelming.

There are a lot of patterns to use in our homes. Is just a matter of judgment and balance.

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The Shell Chair in…Venezuela

Did Hans Wegner ever think that its famed chairs would be worldwide icons? Maybe today he would show some surprise on how global certain models of its collection turned to be.

That is the case of the Shell Chair, now selling in so improbable places like Venezuela. On the web of the only nationwide department store, you can see Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair (replica) at the sofas and chairs section. And you can see that most of the furniture catalog of the department store is Mid Century Modern stylish.

This is a sample of how standardized and popular Mid Century Modern furniture is right now, and how design pieces like the Shell Chair can penetrate any market. Nothing bad for a chair designed almost 60 years ago. Either in original or replicas, the always growing trend of Mid Century Modern keeps gaining fans, through its staple design classics like the Shell Chair or the Barcelona Chair.

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