Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Argyle Pattern

Let’s get serious: Who has never used a sweater with an Argyle Pattern? The Argyle Pattern is a favorite champion of all time. It consists of a series of diagonal squares or checkers, generally connected to each other with white bands.

But beyond our beloved 1980’s sweater, the Argyle Pattern is still beautiful and it is useful when it has a discreet role whether in a rug or a wallpaper.

An Argyle pattern is in the end a geometric pattern. It must be treated with the same rules: Is better on the floor (rug) or a low section of any wall.  The smaller the space, the colorful that it can be, and vice versa. Monochromatic, soft tone versions, are great for walls or rugs. As any geometric pattern, its abuse and excessive size may make you feel visually tired, so discretion is always convenient.

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