Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Tips to use Geometric Patterns

Triangles, squares, pentagons, circles…Geometric forms are in the basics of décor. As patterns, they always being here, and they will always be, though, with time, we’ve learned some tips to get the most of them.

Patterns have the charm of being manipulated and get special results. Clean cut, neat geometric shapes bring us a sense of abstract order and modernism, while distorted figures made with clay, earthy tones, take us to ancient times and tribal craftsmanship.

A slight gradient, shaded, or abstract overlapping geometric will always be on-trend. Whether in your house, or your office, hardly they will fail you. As with any pattern, keep in mind that abusing one geometric pattern may result in a tedious or overwhelming space. 

Tips  to use geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a strong vision. That’s why are so suitable in rugs, or on the floor. Use the strongest patterns in the base of your wall or your floor, using the rest of the elements of the room to counterbalance it.

Don’t use geometric patterns in your wall unless they’re really subtle, your risking to be overwhelming.

Use your patterns preferably in clear spaces

Don’t use geometric patterns in small places, because they tend to reduce the perception of size in your room

Use a single geometric pattern. For example, just your rug, or your floor. Don’t use in both elements at the same time

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