Famous Movies Where The Womb Chair Has Appeared

The Womb chair is world-renowned for being an iconic mid-century style. This chair was created by Finnish / American designer Eero Saarinen. It was designed with a special order from none other than Florence Knoll. She requested a comfortable chair that was “like a big basket of pillows, that I can snuggle into.” So Eero came up with this timeless creation.

Like other of his iconic pieces of furniture, Saarinen’s wraparound chair has become a constant fixture in multiple interior designs. In addition, due to its beautiful and comfortable structure it has become so recognizable that it has made appearances on the big screen.

‘Legally Blonde’ 2001

We all know this movie from the great and extremely delicate lawyer Elle Woods. Elle Woods surely had a lot of trendy pink outfits, but the one that stands out the most about her over her bedroom of hers or hers, the replica of the hot pink chair and ottoman that appears in her apartment.

‘Down with Love’ 2003

Barbara Novak has a pair of beautiful blush pink uterus chairs in her posh 1960s Manhattan apartment. In fact, each and every “Down with Love” set is packed with interesting details that come from inspiration and admas are very elegant.