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The Arco Lamp: a Wonder to Discover In 2021

In the world of interior design, especially in the mid-century modern style, some pieces have stood out since their appearance for being considered pieces of art, and at the same time highly functional furniture or fixtures with valuable technical and aesthetic characteristics. A clear example of this type of piece is the Arco lamp reproduction. This lamp was first presented in 1962 by the Castiglioni brothers and quickly became an iconic classic modernist floor lamp due to its bold and imposing design. One of its most striking components is the sturdy marble base that supports the large aluminum arch.

Source: Barcelona Designs

The Arco lamp is a great example of the available options for any interior designer to give personality, style, and shape to an interior space. The mid-century modern style catalog has several resources that can be key to forming a layout and can even become the focal point of any space. As it’s a style that already has several decades of validity and continues to captivate the eyes and stimulate the taste of many homeowners around the world, over the years the options have expanded and models inspired by this and other iconic designs have emerged.

Source: Manhattan Home Design

Choosing the mid-century modern style as the decorative style for your space can be a very smart choice since, in general, it’s a style that’s usually liked by most people, it’s simple, highly aesthetic, based on functionality, practical and traditional. To choose it is to open up to the opportunity to transform the appearance of any interior space of the house and give it an outstanding aspect, be it the kitchen, the bathroom or any other. Placing an Arco lamp in one space is putting an unmistakable stamp of what this style represents and what it has to offer.