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The Barcelona Daybed: Where and when to use it

Elegant, of a clean-cut and a stylish silhouette, the Barcelona Daybed is a privilege reserved to those who appreciate comfort and class. Maybe you are interested in this marvelous piece of design while having some doubts about the best way to get the most of it.

Great in great spaces, great decor

The Barcelona Daybed, rendering its name is a beautiful piece of furniture to relax and to enjoy. It has a clean-cut line, ending in a characteristic rounded bolster. Its design invites us to feel free and look on the horizon while we rest. 

Large halls, great living rooms, wide bathrooms are ideal spaces for the Barcelona Daybed. Below a wide window, it creates a very nice effect of freedom and relaxation, without; offering extra seats without overcrowding the room. 

Crafted in fine Aniline leather, the Barcelona Daybed looks its royal charm mostly in classic white or black. Its solid and elegant presence can be complemented with throws or cushions of color to complement your space. Its discrete but noticeable presence is excellent too as a tool to bring clarity in a dark space (using your white Barcelona Daybed), or making a solid statement in clear, white space (using your black Barcelona Daybed).

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The Popularity of the Barcelona Chair

Why the Barcelona Chair is still popular? 

We see it on TV, we see it in the great designer houses, and we see it in several places. We know the Barcelona Chair is always trendy. But why?
The Barcelona Chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1928 for the International Exposition of Barcelona.

This beautiful creation had a widely spread success around the world, and it has been a selling success without interruption to this day. Part of the Barcelona Collection, the Barcelona Chair, is an object of desire for enthusiasts and collectors. Many movies and TV series reflect this enthusiasm by using its iconic figure in its sets, like the Barcelona Chair, or the Barcelona Daybed; that is the case for the acclaimed TV series Mad Men or the 007 franchise hit Casino Royale.

According to the most recent surveys, such as this published by Apartment Therapy, Mid Century Modern is, together with Coastal Living and Scandinavian, the most popular major forces in decor in America. The Barcelona Chair is one of the most demanded popular Items of Mid Century Modern.        

When was the Barcelona Chair more Popular?

We can speak of two golden eras for the Barcelona Chair. The first one is what we consider the heyday of Mid Century Modern, in the decade of the 1960s. Once established in America, many designers like Le Corbusier or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe displayed a brilliant career in different fields, like architecture, Interior Designs, and fine arts, by that time, Mid Century Modern was widely adopted as something revolutionary and tasteful at the same time, due to its innovative use of materials and minimalism.   

Then, all Mid Century Modern furniture items have very widespread popularity not only in America but in Europe, too. Since its creation in 1928, the items of the Barcelona Collection were produced almost without interruption. After being produced by several German houses since 1928, The Barcelona Chair has been produced without interruption since 1953.
After that, we can assure you that the Barcelona Chair, is now. Since the decade of the 1990s, Mid Century Modern, with the Barcelona Collection and the Barcelona Chair, started a sustained interest, in the beginnings by the scholars and enthusiasts of decor, but then but the mainstream media and public, almost without interruption, until now. 

Right now in America, the Barcelona Chair, and many of the items of the Barcelona Collection are the preferred furniture for homes and offices. According to recent surveys, states like New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and so many others consider it their favorite choice. 
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The unique sensation of the Barcelona Chair

When you pose your eyes on a Barcelona Chair, you will be sure amazed by its sleek line and its clean-cut design. You know immediately that one Barcelona Chair makes an impression in any room. But what happens when you touch it? 

There are few pleasant sensations like real leather. Its softness, texture, color, shinning, it gives you a unique sense that can’t be reached easily. 
But what makes the difference between Barcelona Designs among other manufacturers is the high quality of its main material: Leather. Just Italian Aniline leather is used in all the products of the Barcelona Collection.

Aniline leather is made of several layers of animal leather and dyed in a drum with aniline dyes. This process allows keeping all the scars and wrinkles characteristic of the texture of a good leather. 

This way, only the Barcelona Chair, part of the Barcelona collection has that distinctive clean-cut look, with that particular shinning and soft texture that makes you confirm that you just made the best decision. 

Don’t waste your time looking for other alternatives. Barcelona Designs has the best rendition of the great creation by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the Barcelona Chair.

Comfort and elegance: The Barcelona Daybed

A piece of furniture made to make an impression of comfort, beauty and elegance. This is the Barcelona Daybed

Inspired by the old ancient Roman and Egyptian tents, and released in the Barcelona International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928, the Barcelona Daybed is part of the Barcelona Collection, and one of the most influential collections of furniture in the XX Century. Though, the Barcelona Daybed has found a way to become popular, just by itself. But this popularity is not free. And is not about only beauty. It has to do with comfort. Lay down in a Barcelona Daybed and you will experience a pleasure not for relaxed, less sophisticated. 

What’s the secret of the comfort behind the Barcelona Daybed?

We can say that its luxury, shiny and soft leather is a great part of the great experience of the Barcelona Daybed. There is a big difference between a conventional leather surface, and the special leather by a Barcelona Daybed.

Its all about the Aniline Leather, exclusive of the Barcelona Collection. the Aniline Leather is a fine selection of several layers of leather, dyed with a special treatment that provides that special texture, color and feeling characteristic of real leather. 

But maybe is not its beauty, and is not the leather. Maybe the secret of the comfort of the Barcelona Daybed lay down in its ash wood platform, where there are 72 individuals cushions full of comfort. Each one of them is filled with high-end, fire retardant, urethane foam. And 17 straps are used to stretch them over a rubber webbing.  

But maybe again, this is not enough, and the secret of the comfort of the Barcelona Daybed is its iconic rounded leather bolster, secured to the cushioning platform with a pretty set of straps. This feature gives the final characteristic in a masterpiece of design, of clean cuts and classic beauty. 
But whatever is the secret of the comfort of the Barcelona Daybed, one thing is for sure: Nothing gets close in distinction and relax. 

And what’s the best way to get the most of the Barcelona Daybed in your living room?

Do you have large halls or big corners without a defined use? The Barcelona Daybed is a wonderful way to fill spaces with elegance. Along a corridor, it works as an extra seat or a surface to store some personal effects, like your purse or some college books. Do you have a big window with a pretty view? A Barcelona Daybed gets perfectly below the window. It creates a sensation of relaxation, comfort, and elegance facing your view.
The items that form the Barcelona Collection, like the

Barcelona Daybed, are in the market of classic design houses, but you don’t have to pay the high prices of a design house to experience its beauty and convenience. Barcelona Designs is one of the best alternatives in quality and fidelity to the original idea while providing thoughtful customer service.

The Noguchi Table: Much More Than a Coffee Table

The Noguchi Table represents a whole new world to discover. Most of the people who buy this table place it in the center of the living room to add more functionality and reinforce the aesthetics. It has also become a very present model in common areas, office spaces, and places of a great influx of people such as building lobbies and rest areas. Many others, more knowledgeable about the trend and its implications, when they see a Noguchi table they know that they’re facing one of the most iconic models of the twentieth century and one of the most representative pieces of its style.

The best-known piece by Isamu Noguchi was first introduced in 1947 by the Herman Miller brand, and from the first moment it stood out for its attributes and for the innovative proposal it represented. The piece has been in continuous production since then and, as expected, it has given rise to all kinds of replicas manufactured and sold by different stores and companies around the world, some of them made with very good quality materials, surprisingly faithful to the original model, and priced to represent a fraction of the original product.

Mid-Century Modern: The Permanence of an Immortal Style

Many years have passed since, around the middle of the twentieth century, the world became fascinated with the appearance of various pieces of furniture and fixtures that revolutionized the market and the vision that had been held until then of modern styles and their main characteristics. Some names in the world of architecture and design began to gain worldwide fame due to the revolutionary works of great impact that they were presenting. Many of these figures are currently a reference within this style due to the importance that their works had, such as Charles and Ray Eames with their famous Eames Lounge Chair and other famous pieces, the Castiglioni brothers with their Arco lamp, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Hans Wegner, Isamu Noguchi, among others.

However, although so many years have passed since this trend, which was later known as “Mid-Century Modern”, reached its most significant peak, it’s still one of the decorative styles in greatest demand and preference in the world of decoration. That’s probably because many of these designs were created with special attention to detail, after numerous trial and error tests. Many specialists worked in these designs to deliver really durable and high-end pieces, both for homes and office environments.

Bring the MCM style to your home with one of these sensational pieces!

Eames Lounge Chair
Source: Herman Miller

A Barcelona Chair Replica, a real chair.

Maybe you are wondering what’s the chair you need. An original or a Barcelona chair replica?

Black Barcelona Chair and Ottoman
A Black Barcelona Chair and a Barcelona Ottoman

A question for the ages, but also one that we can properly solve without so many words. If you have enough money to buy yourself an original Barcelona chair, do it. In fact, if you did have money you’d have probably bought one already. But yet, here you are, reading about Barcelona replicas.

Why do you think that is?. The real problem lies on which replica to purchase since there are so many of them. Here we will focus on the benefits of getting yourself a good reproduction of the Barcelona chair, and how to do it properly.

Aside from saving yourself some money so you can keep buying furniture, a Barcelona Chair Replica will provide elegance and comfort to your space. It’s squared and firm, and even looks a little bulky, but it still fits anywhere without much hassle.

The Barcelona Chair is also an item of nobility, and your living space will surely benefit from this notion. For the price range, you can think about purchasing a couple of them to start experimenting with new ideas and designs from your home. They are easy to arrange, clean, and maintain.

How do I choose the appropriate Barcelona chair?

Google “Barcelona chair replica.” Be sure to include that last word or else you might just a get a handful of results from the original retailers, which sell these chairs at very high prices. Dig a little deeper and you’ll start seeing the lesser dealers, the ones that work with reproductions of the Barcelona chair.

Some of them will look great, some of them not so much. Pay attention to the way they describe their product, the more detail the better, but the details have to make sense. Average price range for a good replica is between $800 and $1200, try and stick to that range and you’ll avoid a lot of scams.

Read the site reviews, a good site will have a lot of good reviews and some bad reviews (which is completely normal). If the bad reviews point out to things like shipping delays or damages, but not the quality of the product itself, you’re good to go.

I already purchased my Barcelona Chair. How to take care of it?

The Barcelona chair started as a pigskin leather object and was later changed to regular cow. Now the technology in upholstery with Aniline Leather means a great improvement in quality, beauty and endurance, something that is not present in many versions of this item.

Suggesting a cleaning product might not be ideal, as your chair could be different from others. Ask the manufacturer about the upholstery and then think about buying cleaning products. Try to keep it away from direct sunlight. You can cover it with a blanket when you’re not home.

If you’re going to use plain water and a cloth try to dampen the cloth with a spray of water, instead of soaking it. You want the cloth to be humid so it can help you absorb the dust, but if it’s too wet, it will only damage the leather progressively.

Choose a good leather conditioner, think of it as after shave: sometimes it seems like you don’t need it, but in the long run, you start seeing the effects of constantly having used it. Try to steer away from chemical formulas that contain mineral oil or petroleum.

If you have an accidental spill, don’t use a lot of water, and keep your cleaning products at hand. Work on the stain before it dries out, but don’t expose the chair to a lot of heat. Clean it with care and you’ll see the results.

Interesting facts about the Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair is actually not “Bauhaus” style.

Even though Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich were Bauhaus contributors, the Barcelona chair deviates a little from the vision behind the collective.

Bauhaus was about innovation and function, which would ultimately lead to mass production, but the Barcelona chair was royal, expensive, and luxurious from the moment of conception.

Actually is a collaborative effort

The Barcelona Chair is actually the brainchild of Mies and influential interior designer and architect Lilly Reich. In fact, most of Mies’ designs during the 1930s were made in conjunction with Reich, as equals. It’s been said that if history was a little bit fairer, they would be known by Bauhaus fans as a couple (like the Eameses) rather than Mies and his “assistant.”

Home or Office?

Barcelona table replica
The Barcelona Chair fits perfect in Home or Professional spaces

Though many consider the Barcelona chair to be an item for luxury homes, in part thanks to recent marketing efforts and sales statistics, the lounger has been pretty popular in professional spaces since its inception.

Many people argue it truly belongs in public spaces, and that it is a waste to leave it alone on a small living room.

There’s only one original seller

Most original designs of mid-century furniture can only be purchased at certain sellers. For example, Herman Miller is the sole original manufacturer of the Eames Lounge chair. The Barcelona chair is Knoll’s property to this day, and everything else is considered a replica by the regular standards.

The rendering of the Barcelona Chair, by Barcelona Designs is made being faithful to the original indications of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. A great quality choice to make the difference in your space as an accent chair. 

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Get to know your Barcelona Daybed Replica

The Barcelona Daybed is one of the beautiful reproductions of Barcelona collection designed by Mies Van der Rohe. Mies is well known for his flawless sense of proportion, minimum forms, and refined details in his designs. His creations are called architecture in miniature.

A Barcelona Daybed and the Barcelona Collection

In the year 1929, when the modernist movement was gaining momentum, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe was hired to design the German Pavilion for the International Exposition in Barcelona. With his masterful planning and intelligent proportioning, Mies created an unparalleled space that was rhythmic.

Through his creation, Mies elevated the grace of industrial-age material to new heights. He created a resting place for the King and the Queen of Spain by including chairs and stools in the pavilion. The chairs for the Royals were designed with their signature crisscross frames. Though the pavilion stood for a mere seven months, the pavilion and the chairs are gained popularity as an achievement of modern architecture.

A daybed worthy of royalty

Where does the inspiration for the Barcelona Day Bed come from? The Barcelona Day Bed, as well as all the pieces in the Barcelona Collection, were originally designed with the idea of a resting place for the royalty of Spain in mind.

With that idea, Mies van der Rohe based his Barcelona Day Bed, with its characteristically “X” frame, on the day beds and chairs of the Ancient Roman Empire. The result? A day bed worthy of royalty that makes possible synchronicity between the ancient and the modern comfort.

Get to know your Barcelona Daybed, and enjoy it.

Enjoying our Barcelona Day Bed is about more than owning the piece. The real difference between a real mid-century modern furniture connoisseur and another pretentious snob lies is knowing the history behind the Barcelona Day Bed.

You’ll get better compliments when you impress your guests with your knowledge of one of the best-known daybeds from the 20th century, the Barcelona Day Bed. That’s how you can set yourself apart from the rest- or at least demonstrate that you know what you bought.

But as anyone who’s ever tried to discover the history behind a furniture piece can tell you, it isn’t easy. Here are 3 interesting facts about the Barcelona Day Bed that can make you sound like a true mid-century modern expert collector.

First things first, know its designer.

You can hardly sound like an expert if you don’t even know who designed the Barcelona Day Bed, can’t you?

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was one of the leaders of the German modernist movement and one of the most influential mid-century and modern furniture designers.

Mies van der Rohe served as director of Mies served as Vice President of the Deutscher Werkbund and then as Director of the Bauhaus from 1930 until it closed in 1933, Mies van der Rohe also built the Illinois Institute of Technology in which he served as Director in 1938 and the Seagram Building in New York.

The Barcelona Daybed Replica

White Barcelona Daybed
A White Barcelona Daybed Replica

The Barcelona Daybed Replica by Barcelona Designs is designed as per the original specifications laid out by the designer Mies. 

This day bed has distinctive design and the tiniest details of the bed add up to its true beauty. This piece has the structural simplicity that we look for in any modern furniture. Made with robust wood and metal frame and genuine leather mattress, this day bed is a luxurious addition to any modern living space. 

The day bed can be perfect to take a small afternoon nap or to get full night sleep. The cylindrical cushion and the overall padding of the day bed ensure complete relaxation. If maintained well this chair can last for lifetime.

Barcelona chairs are custom made and you can choose the color and type of leather that blends with your interiors. And when choosing leather, you need to consider how often you intend to use the bed. Durable type of leather will be a good option if you are planning to use it extensively.

If you want to experience all the comfort and beauty of the exceptional Barcelona Daybed, don’t miss the chance in Barcelona Designs, the authorized and trusted store for high-quality replicas of Mid Century Modern Style. In Barcelona Designs there is a true commitment to the original standard of design and excellent support service.

7 questions about the Barcelona Daybed

Say hello to the Barcelona Daybed: Is elegant, sleeker, trendy and quite versatile. What else would you expect?.
Inspired by the old ancient Roman and Egyptian tents, and released in the Barcelona International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928, the Barcelona Daybed is part of the Barcelona Collection, and one of the most influential collections of furniture in the XX Century.

Though, the Barcelona Daybed has found a way to become popular, just by itself. Let’s check some popular questions about the Barcelona Daybed.

What is the Barcelona Daybed?

Barcelona Daybed Replica 1
A Barcelona Daybed

Elicited from the original design of the Barcelona Bench, the Barcelona Daybed is a relaxing spot, discreet enough to no overcharge your place, while provides extra comfort for your guests.

Sitting upon on a polished tubular stainless steel base has a strong ash wood platform, delicately finished with a protective clear lacquer.  

Over this ash wood platform there are 72 individuals cushions full of comfort. Each one of them are filled with high-end, fire retardant, urethane foam. And 17 straps are used to stretch them over a rubber webbing.  But the trademark of the Barcelona Daybed is its rounded leather bolster, secured to the cushion platform with a pretty set of straps.

Is the Barcelona Daybed a bed, a sofa or a bench?

You can say that the Barcelona Daybed has a little bit of each one, though it originally was a development of the Barcelona Bench, but the addition of the rounded leather bolster enhanced this piece aesthetically and functionality, to make consider it more like a bed or a divan.

Is the Barcelona Daybed part of the Barcelona Collection?

Yes and no. In the original expo in 1929, there wasn’t a Barcelona Daybed, but only the Barcelona Bench. The Barcelona Daybed was released in 1930, but always as part of the Barcelona Collection.

Was that a Barcelona Daybed in the Doctor’s Office of the TV series “Mad Men”?

SOurce: Mad Men

Yes. It is a Barcelona Daybed. In the chapter when Betty, the wife of Don Drapper, goes to the psychoanalyst, many interesting things have been said but is quite remarkable to see all the furniture that a wealthy psychoanalyst in the 60’s set in its consulting room.

Betty is reclined in a Barcelona Daybed to express her inner thoughts. while her psychiatrist relaxes in an Eames Chair, and a Tulip Table picks the cigarettes. A whole homage to Mid Century Modern design and furniture.

By the way how curious is to see someone over a Barcelona Daybed without a smile. 

The charm of the Barcelona Daybed gets clear when we think about how influential has become, even in movies and TV. Series like “Mad Men” used the elegance and attitude of this Mid Century Modern classic to enhance scenes.

Just like when Betty, the wife of Don Drapper, goes to the psychoanalyst, and many interesting things have been said, but is interesting too, to see all the furniture that a wealthy psychoanalyst in the 60’s set in its consulting room. Betty reclines in a Barcelona Daybed to express her inner thoughts.

Was the Barcelona Daybed inspired by the Egyptian Empire?

It was. For all the items of the Barcelona Collection, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe searched for inspiration in the ancient empires, looking for all that royal charm. Watching the Barcelona Daybed in black leather, you can notice how the Egyptian Empire is behind the elegance and timeless beauty of this piece.

What are the colors of the Barcelona Daybed?

The classic options are black and white, though some special editions use different colors.

What is the Style of the Barcelona Daybed?

Nowadays the Barcelona daybed is considered one classic item of Mid Century Modern, though it was released originally in 1930, and in consequence it can be considered as Modernist too. Say hello to the Barcelona Daybed: Is elegant, sleeker, trendy and quite versatile. What else would you expect?.

Inspired by the old ancient Roman and Egyptian tents, and released in the Barcelona International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928, the Barcelona Daybed is part of the Barcelona Collection, and one of the most influential collections of furniture in the XX Century. Though, the Barcelona Daybed has found a way to become popular, just by itself. Let’s check some popular questions about the Barcelona Daybed. 

Are Barcelona Daybeds of microfiber ?

Absolutely not. A real Barcelona Daybed will always have leather upholstery. Look for a manufacturer with a proper dye leather procedure, to be considered as a faithful rendering of the original piece.

Regarded as a major achievement of mid-century modern furniture design, the Barcelona Day Bed is a piece worthy of royalty. Don’t lose the opportunity to experience the comfort and elegance in Barcelona Designs. 

If you want to experience of the Barcelona Collection, don’t miss the chance in Barcelona Designs, the authorized and trusted store for high-quality replicas of Mid Century Modern Style. 


The Noguchi Table Can Be a Key Part Of Your Eclectic Decor

Some styles are more popular than others and even more flexible, with greater adaptability to different environments. The mission of finding original conceptual ideas will never lose validity or importance. Eclectic trends always seek to combine elements of different styles accurately to generate highly contrasting original layouts. Counter traditional geometric shapes and common lines (rectangles, squares, typical horizontal and vertical straight lines) with other more daring ideas, such as mirrors with irregular shapes, sharp angles and asymmetrical objects, furniture with a biomorphic tendency such as the Noguchi table, combining natural elements like exotic plants, wood, stones, and minerals with other more recognizable ones like metals and fine textiles it’s a good way to generate a fascinating and innovative visual impact.

Breaking with harmony, finding new functional decorative schemes, merging trends, and always showing personality can be the most valuable aspects of a layout. Imagine a snail-shaped bookshelf gleaming on your wall, holding up your most treasured collection of books. Shelves randomly arranged on a wall with different decorations can clearly have their very own aesthetic value. A carpet with asymmetric patterns, especially if it has very vivid colors, can be very attractive and stand out for its visual effect.

Noguchi Table
Source: Homedit