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The Barcelona Table and the Market of Center Tables

With any shape, color, material, size, the Coffee Table or Center Table is always there in our living rooms, and there is hardly any design without this useful and versatile element, and the  Barcelona Table stays always with the relevance of classics. Let’s share some lines about the Coffee table and its trends in 2021.

In 2020, coffee tables keep with their endless models and designs, with some common factors:


Most of the coffee tables keep a squared or a rounded shape. They both have advantages and disadvantages. A squared table allows you to get most of the surface for serve drinks and keep your stuff. A rounded table makes it easier for people in the living to move around, in and out of the sofa. Of course, there are nongeometric tables with irregular patterns, like the Noguchi table, that are very popular; but as it happens with furniture, classic options have a longer expectancy of life and relevance.


The top of your table becomes relevant when you have to choose which model you want. The classic choices are tables entirely made of wood, or with a crystal top, as in the case of the   Barcelona Table. Do you have kids? glass tops are more recommended for a grown-up’s home. On the other hand, glass tops are very elegant and they fill your place with light giving you a sense of light through their transparencies. There are more options, like marble or even mirror tops, to create optical effects. One classic Mid Century Modern style table, like the Tulip Table, has a stainless steel body with a marble top that is very appreciated for its endurance and beauty.


Though the main use of coffee tables is very obvious, lots of designs are made to add some extra functionality. While the classic option has generally one surface, their table sets, too, designed to provide more storage spaces for everyday stuff: your phone, throws, magazines, and so on. Table sets, as most of the coffee tables are portable and detachable, so you can separate the element that you want to use. There are direct storage tables designed with several drawers or inserts. They can be useful, but you should take care not to overcharge your space and not occlude or obstruct your view. 

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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Japanese Style

Firmly rooted in the philosophic base of traditional Zen, the Japanese Style of Interior Design has very particular features, that make it “love it or hate it”. Very trendy nowadays, Japanese is very requested in its more traditional way, but now is a heavy influence among other designers, even in the creating of new Interior Design trends, like Japandi. Let’s share some of its main principles.


Japanese Style is the essence of minimalism. Decluttering, clean-cut lines, and a great appreciation for negative space, are very important features to take into consideration.   

Soul and Spirit

Japanese Style promotes peaceful, calm spaces, with just a simple use of materials: Wood in the first place, with the help of glass and metal

Flow of energy

Negative space is a very appreciated feature. When a room has enough negative space, energy flows.

Open Concept

Getting the most of the space is a basic characteristic of Japanese Design. It’s about getting to the bones of your home and keeping the essentials. Sliding doors are essential to the Japanese traditional homes,  they allow us to organically meld our space with nature in a harmonic way.

Wabi – Sabi

Wabi-Sabi means finding beauty in imperfection. Each word has a complementary meaning. While Wabi means Being one with nature with humility, Sabi means Accept the imperfections of nature just like they are. This can be seen as make yourself one with nature, with humility, giving to your place a natural environment, with a thoughtful decluttering and the love for a conscious minimalist surrounding. Instead of looking for the latest furniture novelty, it means to accept your current elements and use them wisely. This is call authenticity.

Organic and Natural

Plants. Wood, and all kind of organic materials are welcomed with all its imperfections, that brings character to the room


One of the most distinctive characteristics of Japanese Interior Design is furniture. With their exotic names (for us), and their wise ancestral traditions, Japanese furniture has a lot to explore. That’s the case of the large windows (“Shoji”) to get the most of the natural light; the handwoven straw mats to sit on the floor and relax (“Tatami”); the large bathtubs in the bathroom (“Ofuro”), all of them are show us a different way for westerns to live in harmony within ourselves and with our environment.

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A Modern Sofa Can Break Up The Monotony of Your Environment

Monotony is like an evil that all interior designers want to escape. Choosing a modern sofa has been a trend for many years for people who are not willing to resign themselves to always living in environments with predictable and boring décors.

It’s always good to listen to the advice of professionals or even people who have more experience in interior décor to be able to achieve more satisfactory results or make interesting changes when you feel that you’re tired of always seeing the same thing in your space.

A midcentury sofa, if it has an appropriate design, colors, and materials, can be a perfect element that gives meaning and coherence to the entire environment. Leather sofas, for example, since are almost always forged with resources extracted directly from nature, represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, and are usually very resistant and durable.

A modern sectional can be a piece with a lot of presence, which provides a sufficient load of visual interest and originality, even in open-concept floor plans in which there are many elements and the space is very wide.

The best sofas have the spirit of their own that their designers gave them, and they can easily become the focal point of your décor, the life of the party, or the transforming element that you’ve been wanting to find.

The Shell Chair… Scandi or Mid Century Modern?

“The perfect accent chair”; “The chair with a smile”; “The chair with wings”. These are some of the names that the Shell Chair has received since its release, and re-released, in the 1960s and the 1990s. 

A solid, magnetic chair, the Shell Chair is one of the most recognizable chairs in the world. It’s so popular, that is considered both Scandinavian and Mid Century Modern Style. How is that?

Is the Shell Chair Scandinavian Style ?

Definitely, it is. The Shell Chair was designed by Hans Wegner, a prolific Danish creator responsible for several of the more popular chairs in the world. Always working from his native Denmark, Hans is considered one of the finest figures of Scandinavian style. The love and respect for wood, the simplified structure, and its minimalism, are the basic principles upon which the Shell Chair is based.

Is the Shell Chair Mid Century Modern Style?

Definitely, it is, too. Hans Wegner is often cited among the main figures of Mid Century Modern style, as his work, including the Shell Chair, shares completely the main principles of this style, as they are: Minimalism, clean-cut shapes, experimental approach to materials and minimal ornament.

But the really right answer for this question is “It doesn’t matter”. Is just a great chair.

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Simple Ways To Turn Your Living Room Into A Mid-Century Paradise (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about the characteristics of mid-century style and we mentioned one of the options for a mid-century sofa. Now, we will continue with our simple ways of converting your living room into a mid-century paradise. 

Create a reading nook with a mid-century accent chair 

This is a very way to show mcm accents. The part that ehaps will take you more time is the process of the chair selection. A very nice option for this is the fabolous Shell chair. This chair can offer you comfort and style, all one piece! Check how this chair looks next to a stylish coffee table and lamp.


Add wooden details 

If any material is distinctive of the mid-century style, it is undoubtedly wood. Let the wood stand out and serve as a focal point in your living room. You can also implement cabinets or tables made of this material and thus add a bit of character to the room.

This is a very stylish example of how to implement wooden details:


Simple Ways To Turn Your Living Room Into A Mid-Century Paradise (I/II)

Check out how a Florence Knoll sofa and more ways can help you to create your mid-century design.

Although it is true that styles and trends change every year, it is no secret to anyone that what these changes really are are a recycling of old movements or styles. A precise example of this is how popular the mid-century style is today. This was a style that dates back to the mid-50’s and that even though we are in 2021, nostalgia for architectural designs, the details and colors make us want to implement the influences of this golden age. If you are one of those who still love this design, scroll down and see how you can turn your ordinary space into a mid-century paradise!

Place the appropriate mid-century furniture

Implement furniture that follows the lines of mid-century style. These are normally based on the following features:

  • Functionality.
  • The juxtaposition of sleek lines with organic shapes.
  • Materials like plywood, stainless steel, chromo glass, etc.

An example of an iconic piece from this style is the one and only Florence Knoll sofa. 

Click to know more about the ways to decorate.

A Barcelona Bench to balance Your Living Room

A Barcelona Bench is a quite a versatile tool. Beautiful, endurable and functional, a Barcelona Bench has many alternative uses, and is becoming increasingly popular.

As a center table in a living room; as a storage surface in an entry room or even in a backyard, the Barcelona Bench provides extra seats, storage alternatives and a comfortable view that please every eye. But the Barcelona Bench useful resources are not limited to functionality, but décor.

What to do with Rooms with excess of light / Rooms with no light ?

Let’s take a look to the issues derived by poor lighting, and how a Barcelona Bench may be useful.

Sometimes we have to deal with rooms with almost no light. Even without windows. In scenarios like that, with have to take all our elements of décor to provide some sense of lighting in our room.

In that case, décor has a double purpose: Beauty and function. Décor should help us to bring light, even directly, with the use of lamps, or bringing a sense or a perception of lighting, through color, texture and volume.

Artificial lighting

First of all, we should obviously think in artificial lighting. An adequate set of lights is tour first tool. Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps. There are many combinations in lighting that help us to attend any corner in our space. One outstanding way to achieve décor and a focused lighting is through an Arco Lamp. It gives a clear spot of light, while its golden arc enforces our perception of light.


With color you can take two strategies. One is using directly white, very clear colors. The other is using some neutral colors and find support with your furniture to create a perception of light.


Elements of decore. White, beige furniture brings light. A white Barcelona Bench brings a lot of lighting in a dark room, because it comes from the floor. Mirrors are balance element too, creating the sense of light and space.

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Tulip Table: The Aesthetics Revolution

Some designs become legendary for the masterful way in which they manage to combine the characteristics of a natural object with the minimal technical aspects that a piece of furniture should have.

In the case of the Tulip table, its biomorphic features, the soft curved lines that define its silhouette, and its striking appearance that conveys a delicate elegance was a revolution in 1956.

Tulip tables are actually a series of pieces known by that name. They have, as a common feature, the fact that, instead of having four legs, they all have a conical column that supports the tables’ surface.

Laminated wood and plastic are some of the resources that Finn Eero Saarinen used to turn this project into a tangible reality. Over time, variations appeared such as the black Tulip table, and other models with square, rectangular, oval surfaces and different sizes to be used as a coffee table, accent table, etc.

One of the most functional aspects of this design is due to the structural solution it provides since it’s a light table that successfully eliminates the uncomfortable four legs to give more freedom and dynamism to the user. That is an advantage that even the Tulip table replica has, and it’s the reason why many users select this piece as the focal point of their spaces.

Superior Comfort with the Barcelona Daybed

With the upcoming of lockdowns, spending so much time at home, like you never thought you were about to do, implies long periods of work, that come along with some spaces of relaxation to get focus again. A hole market of options for your occasional snap, or just to recline with your laptop to check again your emails is available. Daybed, sofa bed, divan, chaise, they are all alternatives for a moment of relaxation, whether in your living room, home office space, or your very bedroom.

Why a Barcelona Daybed is a superior level of comfort?

A   daybed has a twin mattress and generally has a sofa-like frame with arms around it. A sofa bed must unfold its bed from below its main seat. A divan is a one-piece bed, with one only cushion to recline, with no arms.  By “chaise” manufacturers refer to a long, unique piece to recline that usually goes against the wall.

But the Barcelona Daybed resumes the virtues of all the alternatives available. Made to use reclined or lied down, the Barcelona Daybed has a comfortable, leather body that ends in its characteristic rounded bolster; that makes it make it  “cozy” enough; but with a beautiful overall design to be exposed in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors, bringing elegance and comfort to your place.

The Barcelona Daybed exceeds your expectations with comfort, elegance and timeless beauty.

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Common Things You Should Know Before Acquiring A Leather Sofa (II/III)

In the previous blog, we talked about the basics about leather like what exactly it is and its types. We mentioned that in the furniture industry it is common to see pigmented leather, semi-aniline leather, aniline leather. Now we will see the characteristics of each type of leather so that when choosing your modern leather sofa you can know their features.

Aniline leather

Aniline leather is the one used in our beloved Togo sofa. This type of leather is one of the most special since it is recognized for having a unique surface that shows a natural appearance. This appearance is the result of coloring only with dye, and not with any polymer and pigment surface coating.

What you should know is that this leather is that it does not undergo so many procedures and is practically in its original form, it requires a lot of care since it usually absorbs liquids quickly and is vulnerable to sun exposure.

What do you think about the Togo Sofa and the aniline leather? Comment below!

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