The Shell Chair… Scandi or Mid Century Modern?

“The perfect accent chair”; “The chair with a smile”; “The chair with wings”. These are some of the names that the Shell Chair has received since its release, and re-released, in the 1960s and the 1990s. 

A solid, magnetic chair, the Shell Chair is one of the most recognizable chairs in the world. It’s so popular, that is considered both Scandinavian and Mid Century Modern Style. How is that?

Is the Shell Chair Scandinavian Style ?

Definitely, it is. The Shell Chair was designed by Hans Wegner, a prolific Danish creator responsible for several of the more popular chairs in the world. Always working from his native Denmark, Hans is considered one of the finest figures of Scandinavian style. The love and respect for wood, the simplified structure, and its minimalism, are the basic principles upon which the Shell Chair is based.

Is the Shell Chair Mid Century Modern Style?

Definitely, it is, too. Hans Wegner is often cited among the main figures of Mid Century Modern style, as his work, including the Shell Chair, shares completely the main principles of this style, as they are: Minimalism, clean-cut shapes, experimental approach to materials and minimal ornament.

But the really right answer for this question is “It doesn’t matter”. Is just a great chair.

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