The Flag Halyard Chair: When Rustic and Fineness Combine

Some very popular pieces of furniture from the Mid-Century Modern style are quite a departure from the industrial piece archetype due to their unique characteristics, their delicate details, and the selection of materials with which they were forged. The Flag Halyard Chair is an example of this and, in that sense, it’s a fascinating sample.

If you strip it of its finer details, like its sheepskin cover, its leather-upholstered pillow, and swap its flag-line fabric for something more common and ordinary, you probably have a much more industrial-looking chair. This image would be greatly enhanced by its stainless steel structure, which without the rest of its components would have a very rustic flair.

Danish Hans Wegner had the brilliant idea to exquisitely dress this wheelbarrow-like structure, specially designed to support the weight and shape of an adult appropriately and ergonomically. Curiously, most of the productions of this designer were made of wood, considering that even products like the Flag Halyard Chair replica don’t include that material in any way.

The flag line, which has an extension of more than two hundred and fifty meters, was used in a very bold way by this creator to shape the back and the seat to provide a very soft and particular cushioning.

The piece is especially loved by people who have the habit of reading or who like to enjoy their outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, or balconies in a piece that has been recognized for its style and originality.