Simple Ways To Turn Your Living Room Into A Mid-Century Paradise (I/II)

Check out how a Florence Knoll sofa and more ways can help you to create your mid-century design.

Although it is true that styles and trends change every year, it is no secret to anyone that what these changes really are are a recycling of old movements or styles. A precise example of this is how popular the mid-century style is today. This was a style that dates back to the mid-50’s and that even though we are in 2021, nostalgia for architectural designs, the details and colors make us want to implement the influences of this golden age. If you are one of those who still love this design, scroll down and see how you can turn your ordinary space into a mid-century paradise!

Place the appropriate mid-century furniture

Implement furniture that follows the lines of mid-century style. These are normally based on the following features:

  • Functionality.
  • The juxtaposition of sleek lines with organic shapes.
  • Materials like plywood, stainless steel, chromo glass, etc.

An example of an iconic piece from this style is the one and only Florence Knoll sofa. 

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