The Barcelona Table and the Market of Center Tables

With any shape, color, material, size, the Coffee Table or Center Table is always there in our living rooms, and there is hardly any design without this useful and versatile element, and the  Barcelona Table stays always with the relevance of classics. Let’s share some lines about the Coffee table and its trends in 2021.

In 2020, coffee tables keep with their endless models and designs, with some common factors:


Most of the coffee tables keep a squared or a rounded shape. They both have advantages and disadvantages. A squared table allows you to get most of the surface for serve drinks and keep your stuff. A rounded table makes it easier for people in the living to move around, in and out of the sofa. Of course, there are nongeometric tables with irregular patterns, like the Noguchi table, that are very popular; but as it happens with furniture, classic options have a longer expectancy of life and relevance.


The top of your table becomes relevant when you have to choose which model you want. The classic choices are tables entirely made of wood, or with a crystal top, as in the case of the   Barcelona Table. Do you have kids? glass tops are more recommended for a grown-up’s home. On the other hand, glass tops are very elegant and they fill your place with light giving you a sense of light through their transparencies. There are more options, like marble or even mirror tops, to create optical effects. One classic Mid Century Modern style table, like the Tulip Table, has a stainless steel body with a marble top that is very appreciated for its endurance and beauty.


Though the main use of coffee tables is very obvious, lots of designs are made to add some extra functionality. While the classic option has generally one surface, their table sets, too, designed to provide more storage spaces for everyday stuff: your phone, throws, magazines, and so on. Table sets, as most of the coffee tables are portable and detachable, so you can separate the element that you want to use. There are direct storage tables designed with several drawers or inserts. They can be useful, but you should take care not to overcharge your space and not occlude or obstruct your view. 

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