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This Black Friday, get your Barcelona Daybed with Manhattan Home Design

Black Friday is coming, and as many people do, maybe you are thinking to get something valuable for you and your home. Something, like for example, a Barcelona Daybed. 

But this year, there are some doubts about Black Friday for many people. The Covid 19 issue raises several questions. How is it going to be? how to go to a store, or how to wait for your turn to get inside ? will be there crowds in the malls as it was used to?

Maybe some of these doubts make you feel some anxiety is you are waiting for the Black Day Traditional Offers. But, when it has to do with the Barcelona Daybed, relax, because in Manhattan Home Design we got all covered for you. 

Manhattan Home design: The convenience of one online store.

That’s the great advantage of online shopping. No crowds. No long rows. No endless waiting to cancel your order. Just at one click, and from the comfort and security of your own place, you will be capable of purchasing your beloved Barcelona Daybed, and this way add to your living room that sophisticated piece that you wanted so much. The technology of the future meets the commitment with the quality of timeless pieces in Manhattan Home Design, to give you the best experience in Mid Century Modern pieces, like the Barcelona Daybed

Design elements with the Barcelona Chair: Space

At its core, Interior Design has to do with space management. More specifically, with Interior space management. In order to this task accordingly, Interior Design manipulates and plays with other elements as tools, to get the most of the space. Color, lines, shapes, and textures, are used with the goal of achieving relaxation and energy vibes, beauty, and functionality, all in a balanced way.

Interior space is related mainly with home and office spaces, but is not restricted to it. The structural elements that comes in hand in interior spaces, are basically walls, ceiling, columns, stairs. An Interior Designer must visualize the empty space, only with its structural elements and find the best allocation of resources, and if that’s the case it may propose changes to it, in coordination with the architect.

As with everything in Interior Design, balance is the key. The empty space is known as negative space, while structure and furniture are part of the positive space. In a well-distributed space, all elements coexist in harmony, and your Barcelona Chair looks great like this is the best place in the world to put it.

Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Rise of the Kitchen Island

They are more popular than ever. Unexpectedly, they are in the center of the action. Whether on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, TV, and movies. The kitchen island is the new center of gravity of the modern house. An in the current times it appears to be only growing. 

The kitchen island is a separate build-in in the kitchen area where you can set some essential utilities and appliances to make your work in the kitchen easier, without losing touch with the rest of the people in the kitchen and the apartment. In the kitchen island, you can cook and serve your plates to your guests and family, facing the living room or dining room.

This is a trend that has several decades already, but right now is gaining more momentum. In its apparition in the 1990s, it was quite a major change comparing to the closed work-oriented kitchens from the 1960s and 1970s. 

Why are the kitchen islands so trendy right now?

Living in these multimedia times, the social networks are full of celebrities that enjoying to make live segments from their homes. Whether with their guests, pals, relatives, Instagram Facebook, TikTok, and so on provide us with myriads of segments where the proud host shares a relaxed evening around the kitchen table. This has propelled the popularity of it to unexpected levels. 

One fine example of this trend was starred by Nancy Meyers, Movie Director of classic films like Someone’s gotta give. In an Instagram post, she showed her kitchen island, which it happens to be identical to another used in an iconic scene of this movie. That was an extraordinary popular post; nevertheless, the rise of the post received a second rise when Meyers declared in an interview for Vanity Fair that she has not one, but two identical islands in the same space. One kitchen island to cook, and another one to serve. 

On the other hand, other celebrities enjoy making live transmissions cooking and serving for their relatives and pals in-home, around the kitchen island, like Gok Wan, a British fashion consultant (@gokwan) that likes to held parties in its apartment, and built a unique kitchen island with a DJ Mixer console incorporated, so he keeps music and food very close an in control.

The kitchen island promotes an interesting way to prepare food, share it, and enjoy it. On the Kitchen island there is movement, fun and the dynamic participation of every people in the house. After the evening finishes, get relaxed in your Barcelona Chair and see satisfied how cool all turned out. 

To learn more about trends, classic furniture, and Interior Designers, go to Manhattan Home Design, the best place for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with classics masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair, the Eames Lounge Chair, and the Shell Chair.  

Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What are the most trendy decor items in NYC? (2/2)

As we discussed in a prior article, the Big Apple has its own trends and items preferred by one of the most cosmopolitan populations in the world.

While Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian and Coastal Living are the major trends, some items are quite eclectic and don’t necessarily match with any style, like for example with the string lights. Let’s find out 2 more items on the “hot” list of NYCs decor enthusiasts right now.


Flexible, natural, endurable but biodegradable. Rattan was at the top of the heights in the 1960s and 1970s and recently it’s been doing very well. A perfect ally in the yoga subculture, Rattan has struggled but has a steady niche in furniture. Beyond the predictable Papasan and Peacock chairs, Rattan is widely used for more different functionalities.

Kitchen Islands

While the open concept house is far from over, the kitchen island is more and more present. One factor that fueled the great popularity of the Kitchen Island is its presence in many Instagram and Facebook Live presentations, where celebrities like to spend a good time with their guests, in a relaxed space, with movement and fun. Kitchen Island promotes an interest in good food and integration with all the family/friends group. Enough reason to keep it hype for a long time.

Go to Manhattan Home Design to enjoy the beauty and functionality of Mid Century modern design pieces, like the Barcelona Chair. 

Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Color.

Color is one of the core elements of Interior Design, among with space and light. Color has a deep influence on Interior Design. Color has to do deeply with our emotions, moods, and personal preferences. With color, you can influence the mood of your guests or family. 

By definition, the palette of colors is used with different purposes according to the particular space we are working on. Generally, a bedroom is supposed to have neutral and calm colors, like white, pearl, grey, beige, and so on. In a bedroom, color must help us to find relax soon and easily. In some particular spots, an accent wall may help us to balance the room.
In a living room, you have more freedom to play with color. Nevertheless, by the dictates of style and trends, right now people tend to go mainly with neutral, soft tones as a base, and then use decor to generate color effects. This way, a white room is enhanced and balanced with colorful rugs, cushions, and furniture. Keep in mind that always balance is our main goal. 

A color is a tool used to create space effects, too. An accent wall or a ceiling painted with a strong tone will make you feel more restricted and with a very delimited space. If your room is small, you may feel kind of overwhelmed; but if your space has a high ceiling, a strong tone in the ceiling will enrich your vision.  

Color has fascinating aspects that are worthy to keep talking about.
Go to Manhattan Home Design to find the beauty of color and shapes with masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair.

The Barcelona Chair and the Black Friday 2020

Large crowds, endless rows of people, and big expectations. The great anxiety from many people for the Black Friday is something that it’s been familiar for us in the last decades. Black Friday is now a big date, and people prepare to be there with months of anticipation.  Let’s talk about Black Friday, its impact, and how it may have changed in 2020.

What is Black Friday?

What is now referred to as Black Friday, is just the following day to Thanksgiving  Day, the most important Holiday for the United States. Due to the fact that Thanksgiving takes place every fourth Thursday of October, the next day is traditionally used for many people for last-minute shopping.

Due to Thanksgiving, lots of people travel to meet their families and spent the whole weekend together, so, in the end, it becomes a four-day period for relaxation, shopping, and share with your beloved ones. Lately, the CyberMonday, the next Monday after the Black Friday, ends the month of November with strong sales and merchandising events.

The first mentions of Black Friday are compiled from the 1960s in Philadelphia, making reference to the crowded streets and the traffic jams the day after Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, Black Friday as a name wasn’t really in trend till the 2000s. Nowadays is a very widespread denomination, and the whole concept of Black Friday has been adopted by several countries around the world, like Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa.

Why Black Friday is such a Big Deal?

Nowadays, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Commerce adopted it as the official opening of the Christmas period and big discounts are offered. As time goes by, people started to present in the shops earlier than the regular schedule, and large rows and crowds were observed. As a result, shops began to open at 5 am; then to 12:00 am on Friday, and directly on Thanksgiving Day at 8:00 pm and 5:00 pm, to mitigate the potential risks of human over crowding.

There are great merchandising efforts in the prior weeks to motivate the public and the reaction of the social networks in the previous weeks and during the day itself. All kinds of products are part of Black Friday, but durable, luxury goods are preferred. Technological gadgets, furniture pieces (like the Barcelona Chair), and home appliances are part of the most demanded retailers. 

In the last decade, the exponential growth of online stores has an impact and it is a significant factor for Black Friday sales. Online stores offer to decongest public spaces, while the purchase process turns more efficient.

Will Black Friday survive in 2020?

The American public is deeply connected with the feeling of Black Friday and it hardly fades in 2020. But the truth is that it will definitely won’t be the same in 2020. Social distancing and biosecurity risks are at the highest level and there is not an easy way to make a traditional crowded Black Friday purchasing, without compromising your security. So, is not desirable, neither possible to see that large crowds at midnight of Thanksgiving. All shops will have to take measures to avoid human closeness, and that will change our experience.

Online Stores and the Barcelona Chair

The online choice will be sure one of the bigger players this year. The internet tool provides a great way to make your purchase without risk, in the security and comfort of home. Your Barcelona Chair will be waiting for you at Manhattan Home Design to provide you with the great experience of this masterwork of Mid Century Modern furniture.

What are the Most Trendy Decor Items in NYC? 1/2

The Big Apple, Capital city of the World, NYC has a very strong sense of fashion, and of course, there are particular items that are preferred by the NYC public, among classics like the Barcelona Chair Let’s see:
One ancient art of artistic knots on textiles. Macrame once was associated with old ladies’ hobbies and hippies trends, but now it has taken some attitude and growth. Many artists are capable of complex works.
Subway Tile
It’s now everywhere in NYC, and not only in houses. How many restaurants and cafes have we seen with this characteristic white, plain tile?;  a lot, for sure, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. 
String Lights
Wow. How popular is that right now? Not only in NYC but from coast to coast. String lights are used right now almost everywhere: Indoors and Outdoors, and even in bedrooms are really popular. String lights bring fun, light, and a magic moment everywhere. Will we be tired of them anytime soon?
And not only these items are preferred by NYC, classic pieces of furniture, like the Barcelona Chair, and all the Barcelona Collection stay at the top of the tops, always as classic staples. Go to Manhattan Home Design and enjoy the experience. 

Design elements with the Barcelona Chair: Texture

Texture is one of the most sophisticated elements in Interior Design. It requires some special feeling to get it all the way. 
Texture has to do primarily with the sense of touch. People like to feel different textures in their furniture softness, clean cuts, on one hand, or on the other hand rough textures, with warm shapes. It all depends on your personal taste and needs. 
As it happens with everything in Interior Design, balance is the key. A room formed by only soft – polished – clean-cut surfaces, will tend to be safe, boring. Variety in our perceptions will keep us awake and interested. 
But the texture is not only about our sense of touch. Texture has to do with a visual sense, too. A bare brick wall in the middle of a grey room makes us feel with several sensations: While we know is hard, irregular, and somehow rustic, on the other hand, it make us feel warm and with some sense of motion that we may enjoy.

And how does a Barcelona Chair feels?

The king of the leather chairs, a Barcelona Chair has a soft but textured touch. Its the feeling of real leather. Something really appreciated by leather enthusiasts. This is why is so demanded. Only real leather (Full Grain Italian leather) bring you this level of satisfaction, with all the wrinkles and variations of real leather. Exactly the same level of satisfaction you get visually. 

Go to Manhattan Home Design and get the real sensation of the Barcelona Chair and many masterworks of Mid Century Modern Style. 

Design Notes from the Barcelona Chair: The 7 Elements of Design

As we discussed in a prior article, Interior Design has its Principles. They are our guides through the process of creating a functional and beautiful space. But this process requires physical tools, bricks to be used and combined and this way creates a particular effect. Let’s discuss now the 7 elements of Interior Design.

Element Number One: Space

Interior Design must be observed mainly as the management of interior spaces. We live in spaces, where we need a comfortable space, easy to move in and out; and with several functionalities that make it suitable for us. Space can be negative or positive. By negative space, we mean empty spaces, while positive space is the occupied space. While Interior Design deals with interior spaces, the structural elements of space are walls, ceilings, columns, floor.

Element Number Two: Lines 

Lines defines objects. Vertical, horizontal and dynamic lines give us some different effects that can be used to play with. Vertical lines can be use to play with height; horizontal lines are useful to play with space and voids; and dynamic lines are used to create movement.

Element Number Three: Shapes

Lines create shapes. There are two ways to consider shapes: Open or closed; and geometrical or natural. By Open shapes, we understand the forms or shapes we can get in, like a bathtub; while a closed shape is a physical object, like a plant or a mirror. Considering the shapes geometrical or natural helps us to understand the particular effect of shapes: Rectangular, squared shapes give us a feeling of rigidness, and rounded, circled shapes make us feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Element Number Four: Light

Light is at the core of everything. Its what makes us see lines, shapes, and space in general. The management of the light is basic for a successful space. Usually, light is divided into Natural and Artificial. A good design must always get the most of the natural sources of light. The artificial sources of light are divided in Ambient light (Light for the whole space); Accent light (When you want to display or to remark a specific spot of the house); or Task light (Work, study solutions to allow you do some tasks comfortably).

Element Number Five: Color

Another core element, linked closely to light. Color is significant in many ways. Aesthetically, but psychologically too, the influence of color in interior design is always fascinating. Color is a powerful tool to support the functionality of spaces.

Element Number Six: Texture

 Another fascinating element of Interior Design, Texture affect us and influence us. Texture has two dimensions: Physically and visually, and they are both important. While a leather chair, like the Go to Manhattan Home Design to get the best advice and information about Mid Century Modern style furniture, and masterpieces of design like the Barcelona Chair, may feel soft, smooth; the texture of a marble top table gives us a soft, and hard, but cold sensation too. All these sensations are added to our perception of a room and make us feel more or less comfortable with space. 

Element Number Seven: Patterns

Pattern means the repetitive use of a single element of decor through several spots or in the same surface of a room. Patterns are one of the most useful decor tools, and can be used to link a single spot or several spaces.

Go to Manhattan Home Design to get the best advice and information about Mid Century Modern style furniture, and masterpieces of design like the Barcelona Chair

Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Principles of Interior Design

Interior Design has principles. These principles rule its practice and give us some guidance in times of trouble or tricky spaces. While there is a more or less different number of principles depending on the Designer or the School of design, is true also, that they tend to target the same objective. So let’s take one point of view, to talk about the 7 general principles of Interior Design.

Principle Number One: Balance

The main Principle in Interior Design, and almost in any human activity. An even distribution of weight that enables something to remain steady and upright. Usually, you talk about Symmetrical Balance, Asymmetrical Balance, and Radial Balance. 

Principle Number Two: Emphasize and Focus

It means to provide always a focal point to the eyes of the viewer. Through color, shapes, textures, there is always a spot with a defined purpose that catches our attention.

Principle Number three: Contrast

You create contrast in Interior Design by placing very opposite elements one next to the other. This creates a visual tension that results in creative and rich, but this is something that has to be handled with measure and balance. You can create contrast using colors, shapes, lights, and textures.

Principle Number Four: Rhythm and movement

Just like music, the repetition of one element in a pattern creates a sense of rhythm. All elements of Interior Design can be used to create this effect.

Principle Number Five: Scale and Proportion

This Principle rules about the size and weight of an object by it self, and the size and weight of one object compared to another object or the whole space we are working on. Scale applies for the particular measures of the object, while Proportion has to do with the object and the whole space (the entire room or hall).

Principle Number Six: Detail

Detail means not to forgets the little finishes that make everything holds finally together. The ends (wires, paint, among others), and the decor (Ornaments, small furniture, and personal things) are the final layers in the process of Design.

Principle Number Seven: Harmony.

The final result of the Interior Design Process. When all the principles of Interior Design are properly applied, you see a unified, beautiful, and functional space. The main purpose of an Interior Design process is to achieve a unified and harmonious space. 
As we can see, the Principles of Design are the main guidance that takes us to make good use of the resources of architecture and design. Furniture is one of these principal elements to play with, and with the proper help, we are capable to create beautiful and functional spaces. The Barcelona Chair, like the rest of the Barcelona Collection, can create great spaces with the proper handling of the elements and principles of Interior Design.

Go to Manhattan Home Design to get the best advice and information about Mid Century Modern style furniture, and masterpieces of design like the Barcelona Chair