Get in the trend of Modern Elegance with a Wishbone Chair

You can get a trendy, elegant space with few tips that always keep your living room beautiful and stylish. And a savvy piece like a Wishbone Chair, by Barcelona Designs will help you to make a difference.

What about color?

As a base of a palette of color, neutral is still on range. In spite of year after year with several designers announce the end of the use of the eternal clear grey, beige or white, reality is that these sempiternal hues continue to be a favorite for many people.

If you want to go full trendy, take a step forward and forget about neutral hues, but keeping in mind that full color choices will ask for a refreshment more sooner than later.

Nevertheless color is taking over of furniture. What is considered trendy in furniture, must have rounded shapes and colorful hues. Two seats solutions (Loveseats), are gaining ground over three seats traditional sofas or couches. Trendy rugs have geometric patterns, and are Moroccan (Beni Ouarian): Thick, high pile.

Matter of attitude

To create an accent, you can go flawless with classic design pieces: Mid Century Modern, or Scandinavian pieces, like a Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair. They bring prestige, beauty and a timeless element, in a dynamic contrast between the new and old stuff.

Don’t forget your Greens

Beyond furniture and colors, what else are we supposed to find in a trendy living room? The answer is out there: Nature. Think about plants. Especially green plants, and in medium size. Whether in a corner, hanging or graciously placed on shelves, your place and your health will benefit of feeling the presence of Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and so many others.

But the presence of Nature has to do with some other features, like light wood pieces. Wicker, Rattan, Cane, all will make it big in our living rooms, whether as center tables, side tables, pots, and of course as furniture. In a more harmoniously set up, brown and green are gaining a ground on their own.

If you want to stay   on the top of the trends, you can be part of the marvel and feel inspired by Mid Century Modern furniture, with master pieces like the Barcelona Chair and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, with Barcelona Designs.