Are you becoming what they call an “Adult”? Renew your place with a Barcelona Chair

If you are entering in your adult life, leaving your college days and the freshman years behind,  it’s time to consider to establish your self as all a grown-up. One of the definitive steps in life that take us to consider that we are in a whole new chapter in life is when we see ourselves in the need of buying furniture.

When going to college, or at the moment to moving to a new city, after getting contracted in first major work, a lot of changes coming to your life in each stage. When you buy furniture, you are assuming that you will be established for a medium – long term in one place for you or your family. So you have to think about it a while. It can’t be an impulsive thought. 

While it’s true that you will have to take some basic actions to guarantee that you get the furniture you are looking for is the right one for you, there are some decisions in your life that will reflect too that “change of skin”.

You can’t have again an empty living room. You will need to replace these paper posters of your favorite R&B star;  you will need to learn about plants, and how to maintenance them. And it’s necessary to get those weights and dumbbells out of your bedroom.

Ok, where to start? I never did these before.

First of all, you have to know what do you like the most so you can search for something with focus. Dispersion is fatal in Interior Design. Go to look for what digs you the most: Take a look at some blogs, magazines, TV shows. Some styles will catch your attention. With this, you will see a lot of related furniture.

Pretty major trends.

If you feel like you still haven’t made your mind, you can guide considering the major trends that nowadays are dominating the interior design. These trends are the most popular not without a reason. Somehow they reflect principles and values appreciated for most of the users. The most influential styles in Interior Design right now are, among others, Mid Century Modern; Coastal Living; Scandinavian; Traditional and Country.

Coastal Living expanded nationwide a couple of years ago; and its related to the elements of the coast and sea way of life: Blue colors, white sand, sailor and fishing decor, and with emphasis on natural materials.

But even in the emergency of main trends in the market of Interior Design, Mid Century Modern is still alive and in very good health. Mid Century Modern still stands for the favor of the majority of American states. In fact, there is a curious association between enthusiasts of Coastal Living and Mid Century Modern. In this association, when many people intended to label its favorite Style, they often named it “Mid Century Modern”, when they really referred to “Coastal Living”. This is due to certain alike elements that are common for both styles, like a minimalist approach. 

Today, the Scandinavian style is associated mainly to Ikea, the hugely popular Finnish furniture, but Scandi, how is it acknowledged this trend worldwide too, was born way long before and it has strong roots. As an inheritance of the pioneer movements of the beginnings of the XX Century, the Scandinavian Style fully emerged as a national answer of Danish, Norwegian, and Sweden artists and architects to the fading Romanticism. 

The Barcelona Chair, a star in every trend.

Your Barcelona Chair works very well in any of these trends, and that’s proof of how versatile is this piece of design. It’s sleeker design, and its iconic silhouette makes the Barcelona Chair light and elegant enough to fit in a coastal living fresh display, dressed of white; in a Mid Century Modern floor, as a center of an elegant and sober living room; and in one peaceful Scandinavian place, with a Barcelona Chair as an excellent accent chair.

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