A Barcelona Table & More Elements You Can Add to Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms that a house can have, they are created to receive guests; such as family and friends, having reunions, watching movies, and more activities that require a couple of persons.

Before adding anything to it you should be aware of the design and color palette you have. Today we’re going to show you what kind of elements besides the Barcelona table you can add to make your living room a relaxing and harmonious place.

Barcelona Table

What’s a living room without a table? A coffee table like the Barcelona table will serve you to hold your guest’s drinks, remote controllers, magazines, snacks, and having any classic accessorize.


A plant brings an organic look to any room, it can be used as a focal point in any empty or visually unattractive space.


A way to add art and personality to a room, paintings are a designer’s favorite choice for decorating walls. They can contain landscapes, abstract shapes and even fruits, what you should take into account when choosing it is that the colors of the painting include those of the palettes that you have chosen