Going on Safari, with your Barcelona Bench

Sometimes, people tend to be too tight about decor rules and lose sense of fun and adventure.

Decor is not about tight rules, is about balance, and that means that you can break some rules from time to time.

Usually, when you buy furniture, it is labeled according to the room where you plan to keep it. A  bedroom nightstand set is supposed to be in your bedroom and nothing else. But does it really has to be that way?

Go on safari

Go “out there” of your room, and get some pray to take home. Maybe your living room sofa will look nice with that nightstand that happens to be quietly in your bedroom.  Why don’t you give a try?

Versatility in your place

Or you can do otherwise, and find that your Barcelona Bench, elegant and useful in your living room, will fit perfectly in your bedroom at the end of your bed.
This is something that you usually expect from your Barcelona Bench: Versatility. It fits perfect in your living room and your bedroom, not to mention in your lounge space or even outdoors. 

Not many solutions of this type have that versatility while keeping beauty and elegance.

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