Barcelona Ottoman: 5 Doubts You Normally Have Before Buying It

First of all, what is an ottoman? – “An ottoman is a form of couch that usually has a head but no back, although sometimes it has neither”. They usually came in square or semicircular forms, and always follow an only rule: the wood it’s covered by a fabric lining.

BArcelona Designs
The Barcelona Ottoman is part of the Barcelona Collection

Now that we’ve defined what an ottoman is, let’s delve into the iconic model featured in this article: the Barcelona ottoman. We list some of the common doubts that everyone could have when purchasing one of these pieces. Take a look at some of them:

Is Barcelona Ottoman Comfortable?

The answer is yes! This is due to its high-quality construction; Its cushion has 18 Individual panels which are cut, welted, and tufted by hand with leather buttons from a single cowhide. If you want to know more about its construction take a look at more features of Barcelona Ottoman!

Is the Barcelona Ottoman replica worth it?

If you’re out of budget a replica is the solution for you, websites like Manhattan Home Design has pretty reliable replicas of different famous brands. If you decide to buy a replica take a look at factors like materials and finishes.

Which dimension does the Barcelona Ottoman have?

They’re small but enough to decorate any living room, office, or room. These are its dimensions:

Weight: 37lbs

Height: 17″

Width: 23″

Depth: 25″

Seat Width: 24″

Seat Height: 15.75″

Which colors of the Barcelona Ottoman exists?

It can come in different colors such as black, white, brown, and tan.

Comment below which color is your favorite!