Avoiding cliches is the best way to enjoy your Barcelona Chair (II/II)

In our past article, we made reference to the copycat Cliches in interior design trends. Now let’s talk about the practical cliches, and address the terrifying question: Is the Barcelona chair a cliche?. Let’s see.

What are Practical cliches?

We talk of practical cliches, when something that is common advice in decor is followed too tightly, at the cost of losing originality. Examples of these practical cliches are: Matching furniture sets. Sometimes we get obsessed with the search for a perfect match. Just now the trend goes a little bit on the contrary: A dining table can have a couple of chairs (mainly in the tops) with a different design. These chairs don’t have to match wit the dining room, but with some element of the living room, with color for example.

Light paint in small rooms.

Due to the high popularity of Scandinavian and Coastal Living, white tones and closer alike, are frequently abused, and you find houses of a monochromatic white stubbornness that ends being just tedious. Balance is the keyword.

Overly coordinated decor.

Don’t be afraid to break some rules. A person’s belongings have to be around from time to time. It’s the normal thing since you live your life inside your house. Don’t be afraid to leave some magazines. books, musical instruments, or work in progress in your spaces. They mark your personality.

Identical nightstands.

Two people in the same bed have two personalities, and don’t have to necessarily share the same taste for nightstands, right? Well, you can dare to try two different models of nightstands, and see how it looks.

Bedroom furniture is for the bedroom only.

Interior Design is not about rigid rules, is about balance. You can go on “safari” in your own place, and make some experimental changes, like exchange your side-tables in the living room with your nightstand. Have you ever think about it? Maybe it is worth to try.

It’s the Barcelona Chair a cliche?

As we just stated, something turns in a cliche when is used an abused in a repetitive way. The Barcelona Chair, a very popular piece of design furniture is settled in a lot of homes around the world. Some people maybe tend to use it in a repetitive way: Just aside of an Eames Lounge Chair and in front of a Noguchi center table), but, the truth is that a Barcelona Chair has a very classic and flexible style. A Barcelona Chair fits easily in a Coastal Living space, or in a Scandinavian living room.  Creativity and balance are the key factors behind decor.

Don’t be afraid to break some rules, and stay away from cliches. Go to  Manhattan Home Design and discover the Barcelona Chair, one of the trademarks of Interior Design.