5 Things The Arco Lamp Can Do For You

If you’ve never heard of the legendary Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers, or don’t really know much about it, here are five reasons why it’s probably the lamp you need:

The Arco Lamp
  1. Enhance Your Lighting Design. Maybe you’ve heard it before: lighting design is divided into several sub-layers, the most relevant of which are ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task-based lighting. The Arco floor lamp is especially useful to reinforce the latter.
  2. Enhancing Aesthetic Style. There is no doubt that the aesthetic value of your spaces will be enhanced and improved in more ways than one when you add this amazing piece that will arouse many positive comments about your aesthetic tastes.
  3. Make Your Space More Functional. You will be able to do more things better in spaces with optimal lighting, especially if they are areas of your home where you spend more time. In addition, this lamp is ideal for offices and studios.
  4. Provide you with an accessible place for your small objects. Its amazing Carrara marble base is one of the most outstanding and authentic components of this design. Some use it as a small stool, but you can even use it as a small table to place things like the remote control, keys, an ashtray, or an ornament.
  5. Make You Enjoy Mid-Century Modern More. Not for nothing is the Arco lamp one of the most emblematic and iconic pieces of this decorative style. From the first moment you have it in your home, you’ll quickly begin to understand why it’s the favorite lamp of many people, one of the most recognized Italian products, and an element that has always deserved a place of honor in your floor plan.
The Arco Floor Lamp

If these five reasons are not enough, remember that you can always give this magnificent design a chance to discover for yourself its incredible goodness.