The Togo Chair: A Design That Is Like You

Experts say that when the Togo chair (1973) by Frenchman Michel Ducaroy made its appearance on the market, many people weren’t sure they were ready to have such a model in their homes. It was irreverent, novel, curious, and definitely unlike anything they had seen before. However, time, circumstances, and the evolution of consumer tastes steadily gave it the place of honor it deserved. The piece is currently one of the most sold and sought-after products in any modern furniture catalog. There are even people who are dedicated to making handcrafted replicas of it.

The Togo Chair

If you take a closer look and try it even once, it probably won’t take you long to realize why the Ducaroy chair really was a sure winner from the start: it’s a design focused on maximum user comfort, it looks amazing from any angle, and its aesthetic style oscillates between casual and versatile. If you add it to an average modern floor plan, it will look just as amazing as if you place it in a luxury setting, it won’t clash, and in both cases it will represent a great aesthetic contribution to the area, especially considering the wide range of colors and finishes in which it’s available.

The Ducaroy Chair

This timeless modern chair deserves a place in your interior decor project. Make the most of its potential and you will easily discover why it’s another legendary element of the Mid-Century Modern style!