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The Eames Lounge Chair: a Design That Won’t Let You Down

Is the Eames Lounge Chair as extraordinary as they say? This piece became one of the most iconic pieces of the Mid-Century Modern style. People keep talking about it even more than sixty years after it was first presented to a national audience.

It was an epic piece and it still is, because it transcended the borders of space and time and became a feat of Modernism. It’s no coincidence that its creators, Charles and Ray Eames, became celebrities and indisputable representatives of that decorating style that continued to attract the attention of all types of public.

The most important knock-offs of this product, such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, have also won the acceptance of the American audience and have been recognized for their amazing fidelity to the original piece, both in concerning aesthetics such as materials.

It’s amazing how an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction can offer you practically the same user experience as the original piece when its price represents only a fraction of its cost. In a way, only an expert could differentiate a high-quality replica from an authentic piece.

You have our word of honor that despite the years and changes in interior design trends, an Eames Lounge Chair will represent an amazing purchase for you as it was in 1956.

Where Did The Flag Halyard Chair Come From?

If you don’t know much about interior design and the most famous pieces of furniture from the Mid-Century Modern style, you probably think that the Flag Halyard Chair is a recent model, that appeared maybe a few years ago, but the harsh reality is that the first time it was introduced on the market was no less than 1950.

Anyway, don’t blame yourself! It’s a timeless model that came from the imagination of the Danish Hans Wegner from an idea that was born during a summer afternoon on the beach. Probably, the sea breeze and warm atmosphere inspired him to create something innovative and ergonomic that would pique the public’s interest in the new things and inspire other creators.

A Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair represents a clear example of how such different materials can be brought together to form a product that stands out in an aesthetic and functional sense. Flag halyard, stainless steel, leather, and sheepskin masterfully combined to deliver an unforgettable piece, impossible to ignore.

Some products such as the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction by Manhattan Home Design carefully respect each of these materials to offer the same user experience envisioned by the Dane.

The comfort that a Flag Halyard Chair replica can bring you is incomparable and unmistakable, especially since it’s a chair that can beautify practically any area in which you place it and you can even use it in your favorite outdoors.

Why Does The Eames Lounge Chair Include Plywood?

Do you know the value of the plywood that’s included among the components of an Eames Lounge Chair? This type of wood is practically one of the reasons why the design received so much praise and applause for introducing a novel way of shaping wood with the use of special ovens and cutting-edge methods to generate those curved parts with gleaming finishes, perfect for shaping the seat, backrest, headrest, and ottoman in a design that astonished the world with its ergonomics and comfort.

Charles and Ray Eames innovated with this masterpiece on many levels. They worked with selected pieces of wood and also carefully chose the rest of the components to assemble a premium, amazingly elegant, and durable chair. After its introduction in 1956, people began to wish they had one of these chairs in their home or office.

The general public became demanding about high-quality furniture, and, as an alternative, pieces such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica appeared. Currently, an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction like the one from Manhattan Home Design is very faithful to the features of the original piece and its cost represents only a fraction of its price.

In addition to the wooden veneers and its attractive leather upholstery, the Eames Lounge Chair includes memory foam cushions that adjust themselves to the particular characteristics of each user’s body to offer a unique experience, worthy of lovers of legendary pieces.

The Eames Lounge Chair: Part of Your Professional Image

Never underestimate the power that furniture has over the professional image you’re projecting, especially if you are the owner and work in an office where you are constantly receiving clients, partners, or people of interest to your business.

Have you ever thought about the importance and value that an Eames Lounge Chair can add to your professional image? This is not only relevant when it comes to the growth of your company but also your corporate image. The furniture says much more than you think, and if it’s legendary pieces like the Eames Lounge Chair, more than highlighting, it’s revealing.

An Eames Lounge Chair can cost several thousand dollars but there are more affordable and very faithful alternatives, such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. This is a product that emulates with great fidelity all the features specified by Charles and Ray Eames in their original model.

Imagine, for a moment, that you invite an important executive with whom you’re going to close a vital deal for your company. You want everything to go well; the best possible. And in that process, the first thing the executive is going to see is the type of furniture you have in your office.

When you invite that person to sit in your Eames Lounge Chair reproduction, you are showing them a great sense of taste and professionalism because you’ve let them know that you chose one of the most famous and recognized chairs on the planet.

The Eames Lounge Chair: Much More Than The Public Expected

The tendency to search for the perfect reading chair is common and popular for several reasons. One of them is the existence of models that offer superior ergonomics and are, in fact, highly recognized for being technically appropriate designs for this type of activity.

Among the chairs that meet these characteristics and are within the catalog of recognized pieces, there’s no doubt that the Eames Lounge Chair has a special place for being a highly sold model for more than fifty years for similar purposes, since it’s a piece suitable for both office and indoor environments (especially living rooms and studios) and outdoors such as terraces, patios, and balconies.

The design of the Eames Lounge Chair was in development for several years before the chair went on sale. Its designers, Charles and Ray Eames, sought perfection to deliver a product that lived up to the demands of an audience that wouldn’t care so much about the price but the piece’s quality.

In other words, a chair aimed at modern high-end consumers who wanted something really new, made by professionals. The end result turned out to be so momentous that it became a reference for different uses, not only reading rooms, libraries, and studies but also common-use areas and many others.

The Arco Lamp Is Perfect For Lighting Your Living Room

The lighting of the living room is one of the key points of the decorating style in general and one of the secrets by which many environments are really efficient in a functional sense. The living room is usually one of the most intense areas of use in the whole house and, in that sense, it deserves to have balanced lighting.

The Arco lamp can play a huge role in this regard, especially in task-based lighting. With the rise of home offices, many people have installed their modest workstation in a patch of the living room, and we all know that to work you need to have decent lighting, whether it’s to work on a computer or do some manual work.

The reflector head of the Arco lamp allows you to direct the beam of light to the point where you need it most, which makes it an amazing device, taking into account that it is overhead lighting and is of immense use in most cases. A good-quality Arco lamp replica closely emulates the characteristics of the authentic piece.

The Arco lamp reproduction, with its astonishing marble base and imposing stainless steel arch up to 95 inches in height, is also an iconic Mid-Century Modern style product that will make an unforgettable difference in your living room and take it to the next level of elegance and practicality.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: The Design You Have Dreamed Of

Everyone is wondering what’s the best way to define a decorating style. Many times, the answer is simple. Other times, it’s necessary to use the imagination to apply the perfect methods, knowledge, ideas, and strategies to generate a floor plan that adequately adapts to the lifestyle and taste of the users.

However, sometimes the secret is simply in one piece: the sofa, and delving into the endless world of possibilities that modern catalogs offer can be exhausting. Therefore, choosing a Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is a satisfactory answer in many cases.

The most important difference that exists between a midcentury sofa and a classic model sometimes lies in its materials, size, but especially in the details that define its design. The well-known Mid-Century Modern style rethought in the middle of the last century the aesthetic rules of what until then was known as Modernism.

Therefore, a modern sofa is usually the vivid reflection of this trend: designs with geometric shapes, elegance based on simplicity, durable and ergonomic materials, carefully chosen to offer a user experience that’s as pleasant and functional as possible.

Both modular and sectional sofas, corner sofas, and sofa beds each represent a different option for different environments. However, the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa has such great versatility that it’s probably the design you’ve been dreaming of.

Discovering The Perfect Spot For Your Eames Lounge Chair

Designing a floor plan is a simpler process than anyone might think. In fact, it can be a lot of fun when done with all the necessary resources, when you know exactly what you want, what you don’t want, and you’re willing to take on the challenge of shaping your space according to your needs and preferences, even if you don’t have experience in the matter.

The main objective will always be to create functional environments that adapt to your lifestyle with everything you need to be efficient and at the same time aesthetically reflect your personality and what you want to communicate through colors and shapes.

Following that order of ideas, an Eames Lounge Chair can be your front row in front of the TV, your luxury armchair for your reading sessions, your lounging chair to enjoy the afternoon breeze on your balcony, and even your office chair.

It’s a design that includes an ottoman and that implies that the space it occupies is slightly larger than that of chairs in other categories. An Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design can look just as good as an original piece and function optimally.

You can place your Eames Lounge Chair reproduction in a discreet spot that doesn’t interfere with the free movement of users and, depending on the activity you’ll be doing, that’s an area with sufficient light and ventilation, with a compatible decorating style. After all, it’s a masterpiece of Mid-Century Modern style and deserves the best place to shine.

A Modern Sofa Can Break Up The Monotony of Your Environment

Monotony is like an evil that all interior designers want to escape. Choosing a modern sofa has been a trend for many years for people who are not willing to resign themselves to always living in environments with predictable and boring décors.

It’s always good to listen to the advice of professionals or even people who have more experience in interior décor to be able to achieve more satisfactory results or make interesting changes when you feel that you’re tired of always seeing the same thing in your space.

A midcentury sofa, if it has an appropriate design, colors, and materials, can be a perfect element that gives meaning and coherence to the entire environment. Leather sofas, for example, since are almost always forged with resources extracted directly from nature, represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, and are usually very resistant and durable.

A modern sectional can be a piece with a lot of presence, which provides a sufficient load of visual interest and originality, even in open-concept floor plans in which there are many elements and the space is very wide.

The best sofas have the spirit of their own that their designers gave them, and they can easily become the focal point of your décor, the life of the party, or the transforming element that you’ve been wanting to find.

Tulip Table: The Aesthetics Revolution

Some designs become legendary for the masterful way in which they manage to combine the characteristics of a natural object with the minimal technical aspects that a piece of furniture should have.

In the case of the Tulip table, its biomorphic features, the soft curved lines that define its silhouette, and its striking appearance that conveys a delicate elegance was a revolution in 1956.

Tulip tables are actually a series of pieces known by that name. They have, as a common feature, the fact that, instead of having four legs, they all have a conical column that supports the tables’ surface.

Laminated wood and plastic are some of the resources that Finn Eero Saarinen used to turn this project into a tangible reality. Over time, variations appeared such as the black Tulip table, and other models with square, rectangular, oval surfaces and different sizes to be used as a coffee table, accent table, etc.

One of the most functional aspects of this design is due to the structural solution it provides since it’s a light table that successfully eliminates the uncomfortable four legs to give more freedom and dynamism to the user. That is an advantage that even the Tulip table replica has, and it’s the reason why many users select this piece as the focal point of their spaces.