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The Arco Lamp: a Wonder to Discover In 2021

In the world of interior design, especially in the mid-century modern style, some pieces have stood out since their appearance for being considered pieces of art, and at the same time highly functional furniture or fixtures with valuable technical and aesthetic characteristics. A clear example of this type of piece is the Arco lamp reproduction. This lamp was first presented in 1962 by the Castiglioni brothers and quickly became an iconic classic modernist floor lamp due to its bold and imposing design. One of its most striking components is the sturdy marble base that supports the large aluminum arch.

Source: Barcelona Designs

The Arco lamp is a great example of the available options for any interior designer to give personality, style, and shape to an interior space. The mid-century modern style catalog has several resources that can be key to forming a layout and can even become the focal point of any space. As it’s a style that already has several decades of validity and continues to captivate the eyes and stimulate the taste of many homeowners around the world, over the years the options have expanded and models inspired by this and other iconic designs have emerged.

Source: Manhattan Home Design

Choosing the mid-century modern style as the decorative style for your space can be a very smart choice since, in general, it’s a style that’s usually liked by most people, it’s simple, highly aesthetic, based on functionality, practical and traditional. To choose it is to open up to the opportunity to transform the appearance of any interior space of the house and give it an outstanding aspect, be it the kitchen, the bathroom or any other. Placing an Arco lamp in one space is putting an unmistakable stamp of what this style represents and what it has to offer.

3 Areas Where An Arco Lamp Can Be Your Perfect Tool

The Arco lamp is an extraordinary design for several reasons. The Castiglioni brothers strove to provide the world with a design that was aesthetically and functionally astonishing, that users could successfully integrate into all types of spaces. Here are three areas of your home where this floor lamp can save your day:

  1. In your workshop. If you work in a workshop, especially if you do some kind of manual activity for which you need a focused, powerful, and stable light source that you can redirect to your liking and convenience, the Arco lamp can be a source of solutions for you, not only because it’s capable of doing all that but also because it’s one of the most beautiful artifacts you’ll ever meet.
  2. In your kitchen. The kitchen is another very special type of workshop that requires great lighting to be able to work comfortably, to achieve the most amazing results with your dishes and desserts. The Arco lamp can be your perfect assistant so that you can visualize everything correctly and nothing fails.
  3. In your reading nook. Reading is one of the most interesting and productive pleasures that anyone can have, but it’s very important to be able to do it in an area with the appropriate technical characteristics so as not to affect your eyesight and that includes optimal lighting, which can only be provided by a model like the Arco lamp.

Remember that currently some stores specialized in modern pieces such as Manhattan Home Design offer the Arco lamp replica as a faithful, affordable, and convenient alternative for all types of environments, especially modern décors in which this iconic design can shine in all its splendor.

The Arco Lamp Is Perfect For Lighting Your Living Room

The lighting of the living room is one of the key points of the decorating style in general and one of the secrets by which many environments are really efficient in a functional sense. The living room is usually one of the most intense areas of use in the whole house and, in that sense, it deserves to have balanced lighting.

The Arco lamp can play a huge role in this regard, especially in task-based lighting. With the rise of home offices, many people have installed their modest workstation in a patch of the living room, and we all know that to work you need to have decent lighting, whether it’s to work on a computer or do some manual work.

The reflector head of the Arco lamp allows you to direct the beam of light to the point where you need it most, which makes it an amazing device, taking into account that it is overhead lighting and is of immense use in most cases. A good-quality Arco lamp replica closely emulates the characteristics of the authentic piece.

The Arco lamp reproduction, with its astonishing marble base and imposing stainless steel arch up to 95 inches in height, is also an iconic Mid-Century Modern style product that will make an unforgettable difference in your living room and take it to the next level of elegance and practicality.

The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: The Design You Have Dreamed Of

Everyone is wondering what’s the best way to define a decorating style. Many times, the answer is simple. Other times, it’s necessary to use the imagination to apply the perfect methods, knowledge, ideas, and strategies to generate a floor plan that adequately adapts to the lifestyle and taste of the users.

However, sometimes the secret is simply in one piece: the sofa, and delving into the endless world of possibilities that modern catalogs offer can be exhausting. Therefore, choosing a Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is a satisfactory answer in many cases.

The most important difference that exists between a midcentury sofa and a classic model sometimes lies in its materials, size, but especially in the details that define its design. The well-known Mid-Century Modern style rethought in the middle of the last century the aesthetic rules of what until then was known as Modernism.

Therefore, a modern sofa is usually the vivid reflection of this trend: designs with geometric shapes, elegance based on simplicity, durable and ergonomic materials, carefully chosen to offer a user experience that’s as pleasant and functional as possible.

Both modular and sectional sofas, corner sofas, and sofa beds each represent a different option for different environments. However, the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa has such great versatility that it’s probably the design you’ve been dreaming of.

A Modern Sofa Can Break Up The Monotony of Your Environment

Monotony is like an evil that all interior designers want to escape. Choosing a modern sofa has been a trend for many years for people who are not willing to resign themselves to always living in environments with predictable and boring décors.

It’s always good to listen to the advice of professionals or even people who have more experience in interior décor to be able to achieve more satisfactory results or make interesting changes when you feel that you’re tired of always seeing the same thing in your space.

A midcentury sofa, if it has an appropriate design, colors, and materials, can be a perfect element that gives meaning and coherence to the entire environment. Leather sofas, for example, since are almost always forged with resources extracted directly from nature, represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, and are usually very resistant and durable.

A modern sectional can be a piece with a lot of presence, which provides a sufficient load of visual interest and originality, even in open-concept floor plans in which there are many elements and the space is very wide.

The best sofas have the spirit of their own that their designers gave them, and they can easily become the focal point of your décor, the life of the party, or the transforming element that you’ve been wanting to find.

Tulip Table: The Aesthetics Revolution

Some designs become legendary for the masterful way in which they manage to combine the characteristics of a natural object with the minimal technical aspects that a piece of furniture should have.

In the case of the Tulip table, its biomorphic features, the soft curved lines that define its silhouette, and its striking appearance that conveys a delicate elegance was a revolution in 1956.

Tulip tables are actually a series of pieces known by that name. They have, as a common feature, the fact that, instead of having four legs, they all have a conical column that supports the tables’ surface.

Laminated wood and plastic are some of the resources that Finn Eero Saarinen used to turn this project into a tangible reality. Over time, variations appeared such as the black Tulip table, and other models with square, rectangular, oval surfaces and different sizes to be used as a coffee table, accent table, etc.

One of the most functional aspects of this design is due to the structural solution it provides since it’s a light table that successfully eliminates the uncomfortable four legs to give more freedom and dynamism to the user. That is an advantage that even the Tulip table replica has, and it’s the reason why many users select this piece as the focal point of their spaces.

The Flag Halyard Chair: When Rustic and Fineness Combine

Some very popular pieces of furniture from the Mid-Century Modern style are quite a departure from the industrial piece archetype due to their unique characteristics, their delicate details, and the selection of materials with which they were forged. The Flag Halyard Chair is an example of this and, in that sense, it’s a fascinating sample.

If you strip it of its finer details, like its sheepskin cover, its leather-upholstered pillow, and swap its flag-line fabric for something more common and ordinary, you probably have a much more industrial-looking chair. This image would be greatly enhanced by its stainless steel structure, which without the rest of its components would have a very rustic flair.

Danish Hans Wegner had the brilliant idea to exquisitely dress this wheelbarrow-like structure, specially designed to support the weight and shape of an adult appropriately and ergonomically. Curiously, most of the productions of this designer were made of wood, considering that even products like the Flag Halyard Chair replica don’t include that material in any way.

The flag line, which has an extension of more than two hundred and fifty meters, was used in a very bold way by this creator to shape the back and the seat to provide a very soft and particular cushioning.

The piece is especially loved by people who have the habit of reading or who like to enjoy their outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces, or balconies in a piece that has been recognized for its style and originality.

Suffering From Allergies? The Napa Sofa May Be Perfect For You!

Did you know that cases of allergy, asthma, and rhinitis problems have become more numerous in recent years? Currently, some investigations are trying to decipher the origin of the problem. What causes it directly is unknown. However, scientists have discovered that agents such as dust, pollen, or hair have an important role in the appearance of these conditions.

It’s at that point when you should stop to think if it’s more convenient for you to have in your living room a model with leather upholstery such as the Napa sofa, with a flexible surface, waterproof, soft, and cozy, or a sofa with a fabric finish that can contain millions of mites, hundreds of grams of dust, and lint inside.

People are indeed guided by several different factors when choosing their midcentury sofa. Those factors can be very different from each other. One of the most important is style. However, the benefits of a tan leather couch can not only greatly benefit a modern environment in an aesthetic and visual sense, but can also considerably reduce the risks of suffering from these conditions.

People with acute allergies shouldn’t be around pets, to prevent hair from triggering symptoms. Also, it’s not recommended that pets with sharp claws sit on a tanned leather sofa as this type of surface is vulnerable to sharp and cutting objects.

Preserving your good health is a matter of details, and correctly choosing the modern sofa that will be part of your reality for a long time is one of these details, the importance of which you should never underestimate.

Why Your Modern Sofa Could Mark an Ultimate Difference In Your Style?

It’s amazing how a single piece of furniture can make a definite difference between a modern-looking layout and an outdated setting. And when we say “old-fashioned” we mean that style of yesteryear that placed great importance on aesthetic and ornamental details.

Few elements can make this type of difference as markedly as a modern sofa: it’s an outstanding design in a visual sense, and with high relevance in the functional sense, so it’s almost impossible to go unnoticed. In fact, in many settings, this particular piece becomes the setting’s undeniable focal point.

How one of these designs can stand out should never be underestimated, especially if it’s a model as robust as a modern sectional with high-density cushions or a modular sofa, whose seats can be rearranged according to the user’s needs and the configuration of the place.

Leather sofas, on the other hand, stand out for their amazing finishes, flexible covers, and vivid colors. Some models even have tanned leather upholstery, or available in various shades. The new techniques and industrial processes have allowed dyeing the leather in a wide range of color options.

A midcentury sofa, also, is focused on the practical and functional. Its elegance is founded on the simple. It’s almost always made up of geometrically shaped components and high-end materials, making them highly durable. The best sofas will give your environment the definitive touch of modernity.

How To Choose The Perfect Area Rug For Your Tulip Table?

If the Tulip table is already a relevant part of your layout, it’s probably time to find the perfect area rug for it. Assuming that you’ve chosen one of the models that you can use as a coffee table due to its appropriate dimensions and height since, in reality, many tables are called by that name that the great Eero Saarinen brought to the world. There’s no doubt what a difference a properly chosen area rug can make within an environment.

In the first place, it’s recommended that the area rug play an important role in the color scheme of the compartment because, many times, the rugs are the ones that help to generate a favorable chromatic contrast. For example, if your living room’s floor plan has a dark finish, an area rug of light color, pastel tones, or warm undertones can be a good way to contrast it.

It can be a rug of flat color or with prints. If you’ve placed a black Tulip table, choosing also a dark carpet doesn’t seem to be the most convenient in that case, right? On the contrary, a rug of a light shade can generate a very elegant and pleasant effect on the eye.

Remember that a Tulip table replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design is a wise, affordable, and convenient choice that you can match with your area rug. Additionally, you can choose between different types of materials to give more coherence to the place, whether you have selected MCM, Scandinavian, Boho, contemporary, Transitional, or any other decorating style. Synthetic, wool, cotton, or even recyclable rugs can work very well, depending on the case.

No matter which area rug you choose, you can rest assured that it will look great with your Tulip table and transform your surroundings into a charming modern space.