The Protractor Desk: The Upgrade Your Work Setup Needs

What does a work environment need to look highly “professional”? What does it mean to look “professional”, exactly? Although the level of efficiency, thoughtfulness, and professionalism of a company cannot be judged from the furniture used by its employees, at least these are elements that, together with the infrastructure and decorating style, account for the type of identity of the organization and its way of doing things. In this regard, some pieces of furniture such as the Protractor desk, created by the architect and designer Carlo Mollino in 1949, represent one of the most direct statements of sophistication.

Let’s put it another way: Is there a better cover letter for clients than receiving them in an office decorated and designed in an amazing style? Making a good first impression can be the first step to many important events. The desk of an average executive or employee is usually directly related to their image, since this piece is usually the focal point of any office. On the other hand, it isn’t even about “the image” alone: ​​it has to do moreover with the fact that a pleasant, appealing work environment with an amazing style can directly influence efficiency, motivation, and productive capacity of any professional.

Even if your job doesn’t involve receiving clients and dealing with people and is more of a solitary job in a small home office, you can already imagine how stimulating it must be to come to your Protractor desk every day and enjoy its spacious dimensions, its 15 mm tempered glass surface, its body made of real American walnut wood veneer that gives it durability and resistance, its stainless steel hardware and its five drawers on smooth metal glides in which you can file your documents. It’s simply a wonderful piece that many would like to work on daily.