The LC2 Chair: a Design That Remains In The Mind of the Public

If there’s one thing that masterpieces that achieve iconic status have in common, it’s that people never forget them. In the case of Le Corbusier’s LC2 Chair, the piece is not only still remembered with great affection by previous generations but has also been received with great joy by those young people hungry for style who continue to embrace modernism for its timeless character and its legendary works.

The Le Corbusier Chair

It’s no wonder that, after introducing a chair and collection unlike any other, Le Corbusier established himself as one of the undisputed great masters of modern design. As early as 1929 these designs seemed to come straight from the future, but even today they still seem very much in keeping with the fashionable aesthetic. In fact, many users think that they are designs created a short time ago, and many of them don’t even suspect that almost a hundred years have passed since their first appearance.

Le Corbusier 2 Style Chair

The luxury leather finishes, the geometric shapes that make up its cushions and its structure, the metal exoskeleton that gives support and firmness to the piece, its ergonomic features that provide an excellent user experience, and the flair of luxury and comfort that transmits have made this piece one of the best sellers, acclaimed and commented on among today’s young people. Its appearance in movies, series, video games, and even comics is not the work of chance, but rather the evidence that it continues to reign as a legendary chair of the MCM!