The LC3 Sofa: First-Level Comfort

There is no doubt that the LC3 Sofa is a piece whose standards are far above not only what used to characterize the designs of its time, but also those that one can still find in any furniture store. Le Corbusier really delivered creations that, both for what was common for people’s taste in 1929 and now, were far above average. In fact, these pieces represent one of the main reasons why the designer is recognized as a creator of furniture as well as an urban planner since they became an icon of his legacy.

LC3 Sofa

One thing that is not well known is that the Swiss creator was even concerned with studying human anatomy before developing his designs, in order to offer first-class comfort and ergonomics. This is not something every designer does, and this kind of study allowed him to achieve incredibly satisfying results. The Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa successfully unites the minimalist lines of modern furniture with classic-cut cushions that exude comfort. Just take a look at its aesthetic appearance to begin to understand its value. The way in which its tubular steel structure lifts the seat off the floor in such an original way, leaving space for the cushions to form a cozy seat, is simply exquisite.

Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa

The LC3 Sofa is a design that doesn’t need too many elements to impress: it’s a minimalist piece that makes tremendous use of space and the resources of its materials. Specialists affirm that thanks to his knowledge of the human body, the creator managed to give the seat outstanding technical characteristics that favor specific users. This modern sofa, like many other models of its time, is framed within the trends of the Bauhaus, a movement that had its heyday in the 1920s and has influenced most of the pieces that, like this one, they became an icon of the Mid-Century Modern style.