The Barcelona Bench: More Relevant Than You Imagine

One of the reasons why the pieces in the Barcelona collection were a novelty and a landmark in the history of modern design is that, by the time they were introduced to the market (1929), they were the living image of the new aesthetic trend that was gaining more and more followers, fans and enthusiasts of interior design, who were already beginning to recognize in Modernism a new way of shaping spaces.

The Barcelona Bench

Within the pieces of this collection, the chairs and sofas probably have more prominence. Still, there is another element that should never be left out: the Barcelona bench, a piece that although many think perhaps it’s not so necessary, can be more relevant of what they imagine in many layouts.

The Barcelona Bench is a sophisticated piece in which supple leather, dark wood, and chromed metal are combined to offer an enjoyable experience. The cushion with tufted surfaces makes it even more attractive and, in general terms, it’s a design capable of providing additional seats of practical use for any modern layout in which high functionality is required without sacrificing elegance, minimalism, and modernist aesthetics.

Modern Bench

One of the advantages of upholstered leather seats is that, over time, they gain an interesting patina that makes them look even more elegant. In other words, the Barcelona bench is, in addition to an iconic design, a product with an aesthetic and functional value that you can use for a long time in the living room, in the bedroom at the foot of your bed, or in any other area and take advantage of each of its aesthetic properties.