The LC3 Chair: A Modern Prodigy That Will Suit You

Have you ever wondered why Le Corbusier’s designs are so popular? The answer probably has to do with its most outstanding features. To mention an example, we can bring to the center of the stage the LC3 Chair, one of the most commented, acclaimed, and longest-standing best-selling products within mid-century modern trends. That’s saying a lot, and it is not for less: from the moment you first admire it and have the opportunity to use it, you realize that you are in the presence of an extraordinary design.

The LC3 Chair

The wonders of modernism are reflected in many ways, on many levels, within a specific design: comfort, ergonomics, materials, originality, sense of style, innovation, aesthetic value, functionality, and any other attribute that the user can identify, that makes the piece worthy of a spot in your floor plan. In fact, one would think that the LC3 Chair is a newly created design, when in fact it’s an almost century-old product, still inspiring many decades after its original launch. Many find its external tubular stainless steel structure and its dense cushions with high-density foam with polyester filling upholstered in leather something tremendously ahead of its time, and they are not mistaken: Le Corbusier really was a creator ahead of his time.

Le Corbusier 3 Style Chair

For these and other reasons, the LC3 Chair could be the perfect chair for your layout. Discover its charms and let yourself fall in love with its greatness.