Feng Shui Your Living Room With These Mid-Century Chairs | The Shell & Egg Chair Replica (II/II)

Before continuing, we recommend you read the previous blog to learn the basics of Feng Shui and why the Shell Chair replica is a good option to implement

Now that you have an understanding of why you should choose curved edges, let’s continue with our second choice of chairs that are perfect for Feng Shui; the Egg chair replica.

The Egg chair replica is an elegant and sophisticated option

The Egg Chair is a chair recognized in the furniture world for being a classic made in the mid-century times. This piece might seem familiar to you since it has debuted in different television series and even blockbuster movies due to its imposing and curved back. 

Saarineen, his designer, focused on giving the Egg silal features comfortable like a swivel stand but elegant as the material of its upholstery.

The Egg chair replica has the exact rounded edges you need to add this new philosophy to your life and surroundings, usually the rounded edges are necessary because it creates the illusion of welcoming positive energy and being open to new beginnings.

This chair can be found from its original supplier or its replica version on sites like Manhattan Home Design.

What do you think of these two rounded mid-century chair options? Comment below what was your piece!