The Egg Chair & The Womb Chair: Two Mid-Century Icons That Revolutionized The Furniture Field (I/II)

The mid-century style was a style that to this day is considered revolutionary. The designers involved in the emergence of this movement were creative and advanced minds at that time, they were capable of creating pieces such as the Egg chair which are considered timeless. These designers used innovative materials which allowed to reduce the cost of production and even maintenance. These pieces and the fundamentals of this style, such as simplicity and functionality, were of great help to standardize what we know today as interior design.

Today we will show you pieces in detail such as the Egg chair and the Womb chair, which, as we mentioned earlier, play an important role in the history of interior design. Let us begin!

The Egg Chair was designed in 1958 on behalf of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. This chair is focused on privacy and style. Made from fabric-covered fiberglass shells, the seat is padded and the sloped armrest curves elegantly to the top.

This curvature creates a kind of hug, which is the characteristic that allows you to feel isolated. Many believe that the Egg Chair was inspired by Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair, another groundbreaking design. And the Swan chair from Jacobsen comes as the original companion to the Egg Chair.

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