The Egg Chair & The Womb Chair: Two Mid-Century Icons That Revolutionized The Furniture Field (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about how the Egg chair revolutionized the furniture industry along with the Womb chair. Now it is time to describe in detail this other piece that many mention that served as inspiration to create the Egg chair. Let us begin!

You’ve probably already seen this chair added in some modern design, industry, or even a movie like Legally Blonde. In case not, it’s time you get to know about this wonder! 

The Womb chair was created with the intention of innovating lounge chairs.

In 1946, Eero Sarinenen, just after a brief meeting with Florence Knoll at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, created the Womb chair as a cenpete. Back then, Knoll told her that she needed a chair where she would simply “sit on her side or however she wanted,” tired of the uncomfortable sofas everyone had back in her day.

Saarinen began to create the main version of the piece, taking as inspiration the uterus of a modern man. He did it this way as he felt that people had not felt comfortable since they left his mother’s womb.

The Womb chair has characteristics that make it an icon in furniture. It is a versatile and timeless chair, it has elegant curves, it has an ergonomic structure and comfortable for the back, it has steel accents that sparkle a moderate shine. For this and more, the Womb chair continues to be considered in modern designs.