Feng Shui Your Living Room With These Mid-Century Chairs | The Shell & Egg Chair Replica (I/II)

Get to know how the Shell chair replica will help you to Feng Shui your room!

Feng Shui has revolutionized the interior design industry not only in its home country but in western residences. This Asian philosophy is based on the approach of integrating the individual and their environment to result in harmonious energy around them. In addition, their philosophy is often considered in many countries, including Asian and Western, a lifestyle that they start implementing in homes.

So if you clicked on the blog it is because you probably know the basics of Feng Shui and want to turn your interior design into a place where the influences of this philosophy predominate. Today we will teach you how to do it from the furniture store. Scroll down and get to know today’s star pieces, starting with the Shell chair replica.

We decided to start with the Shell chair replica since within Feng Shui straight edges or rigid angles should be avoided at all costs because they tend to create something called “poison arrows” . These arrows tend to turn points to negative energy. The Shell chair replica, on the other hand, is composed of soft, round edges, which has an open and dynamic structure that inspires a welcoming and calm vibe.

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