A Togo Sofa & More Elements You Need When Decorating A Nursery Room (II/II)

In the previous blog we mentioned the first two necessary elements in a nursery room, we also offered you a perfect sofa option for potatoes which is the Togo sofa. In this section, we will describe this sofa option in detail and we will also mention the other essentials that your room needs.

The sofa togo is undoubtedly one of the sofas with thickest cushions on the market, these are filled with polystyrene. This sofa has a certain similarity to a bean bag since it is practically at ground level. This is an advantage since there is less probability of any accident that endangers the health of the baby.

The Togo sofa comes in two presentations; fabric and leather.


You may think that a baby does not take up that much space because it is so small, but this is a beginner’s lie. Although the newborn is small, the items related to it are not. You must have space for all the pieces of clothing and care, These are based on handkerchiefs, diapers, bibs, talcum powder, among other things.

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