The LC2 Chair & More Models That Add Sleekness To Your Entryway

The entryways are part of the sections of your house that must also be decorated. These are usually left in oblivion since most of the time people focus on the kitchen and living room, but it should not be like that! Since according to how they are decorated, they will help you make a good impression with your guests.

Whether you decorate with a modern chair, mirror, cabinet, etc. Either option could make a difference! Today we have listed just a few ways to beautify your entryway with going crazy in the process. Swipe down.

The LC2 Chair

The LC2 chair or Le Corbusier chair, is designed by the only Le Corbusier, or as some like to call him; the modernist father. This is an extremely comfortable chair that has the particularity of having a delicate structure made of stainless steel, the shine and its straight lines are what make this chair desired from the beginning.

Baronet fabric dining chair

This is a chair with more classic features such as the prominent buttons on one of the cushions. Also, unlike the previous example, it comes in a fabric presentation. So if you are not a fan of leather, this could be the chair for you.