3Affordable Tips For Update Your Home| From Egg Chair Replica To DIY Projects (II/II)

In the previous blog, we mentioned why it is important to update our spaces and how an Egg chair replica can be the number one step in this process.

Now is the time to continue with our other two infallible tips to decorate your space in an affordable way. Swipe down!

This second tip is a bit related to the previous one since it can act as a complementary step, in addition, it is one of the most economical tips and one with the greatest impact on design.

Use wallpapers with eye-catching patterns

Wallpapers are an amazing and inexpensive way to give your room a 180-degree change. These elements not only look beautiful but they are also very functional since you don’t have to spend hours painting but you can stick it on your wall in a matter of minutes! Since they are currently in trend, it is possible to get thousands of designs where the flowers and the abstract patterns are the favorites.

We mention that this can complement the previous step since it can be added to one of the walls where you intend to add a cozy corner with your Egg chair replica or chair of preference.

Create your own shelves

This is one of the most implemented DIY in recent years because if you think for a second, there will always be something to hang. 

For example, this is usually very used when you want to hang plants or even family photographs.

You can also create one to store the books you want near your cozy corner.