Ophelia Bed: The Spirit of Your Modern Bedroom

If someone, spontaneously, asked you what are the keys to having a modern bedroom, which reflects the perfect balance between style and functionality, many ideas and many possible suggestions would probably arise in your mind. Nevertheless, don’t forget that, on many occasions, the presence of a piece like the Ophelia bed can make an ultimate difference in the visual effect that a modern bedroom can produce.

The power of a platform bed frame should never be underestimated, especially if it’s a model in which the details are what make a remarkable difference compared to other designs.

Always remember that a wood bed frame can look radically different from other models, only thanks to its finishes, colors, and the materials it incorporates.

Like the rest of the pieces within its category, a modern bed frame is focused mainly on functionality and practicality over aesthetics. That’s a characteristic that you’ll find not only in any other mid-century bed frame but also in the vast majority of the designs that have become iconic within this trend.

Taking into account all these statements, you can already imagine why the spirit of your room is really the bed you choose and the details that make it up will represent the decisive element that gives your bedroom a truly modern spirit.