A Leather Sofa is much more than Brown, Black or White

Nowadays, color sofas are rising in popularity. While grey appear to be still the most popular color, some colors and models, especially rounded, are increasing its sales. Most of the people tend to assume that only fabric sofas have that characteristic, but the reality is that leather sofas have lots of hues for you to enjoy them, too.

Leather colored sofas: A basic palette.

Leather sofas have a more stable palette of colors. Single basic tones and several groups have everything you need for an elegant living:

Gray. In 2020, Grey was again the most popular option among all types of sofas: fabric or leather. People love it because it allows you to play with different color options on your walls and other furniture. Popular tones for leather in gray: Charcoal Gray, Slate Gray, Light Grey

Brown series. The most popular choice in leather sofas. Brown goes well in almost any ambient and allows the leather to show its inner virtues. Popular tones in brown: Dark Brown, Warm Brown, Saddle Brown, Walnut, Chocolate.

Black. Always a classic, black is more oriented now to the corporative spaces and design enthusiasts.

White Series. A sophisticated choice goes well in contemporary livings. Popular tones in white: Cream, Vanilla. You can enjoy a very elegant Barcelona Sofa in pristine white.

Beige. Always popular with Scandi, or Coastal Living Styles. Popular tones in Beige: Caramel, Sand

Red. A bold choice has to be taken with caution, but it can bring you great rewards. Popular tones in red: Burgundy, Cherry

Other color choices in leather: Green, Yellow, Blue.

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