Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Living Room and Dining Room

Living rooms and dining rooms are two essential spaces in every home, where décor and design are really exposed, so we want them to be always in harmony with each other. How to sustain this balance? Should Living room and dining room keep inner bonds or can they be independent? Let’s take a look.

How to get the most of your living room and dining room?

To make a better home where living and dining room harmonize, keep in mind this little tips in space, color and furniture.


Nowadays, the open concept is still king in interior design, and one open kitchen takes you to a open dining room and, of course a open living room. If most of the spaces are clearly visible to one person located in any of these spots, this means that color harmony is essential to make feel good inside your own home. Some people argument that the open concept will halt in 2021 and we will somehow return to some privacy ways, but until then, is better to think of your house like one macro space with one design concept.


Dining rooms and Living rooms must have a complementary relation. Nowadays, the main trend in living room palettes is to be neutral or soft, so they give relevance to furniture.

Depending of the proportion of every space within the house, you can choose a complementary relationship or a contrast relationship between your living room and dining rooms. If both spaces are similar in space, and are visibly connected, that is your best bet. Let’s say, a white living room, and beige diner room; or clear grey living room with a clear green or turquoise dining room.

The other alternative, using a contrast relationship, works in a large living room – small dining room , and allows you to create some accent effect. A combination may be, for example, white living room – green dining room. Keep in mind that your living room may be on the chill side of temperature (blue, green, grey), and your dining room in the warm side of the spectrum (orange, yellow, beige).


You can create a connection between your spaces through furniture. Right now, to use random models of chairs in your dining rooms is well considered.  You can connect your spaces using one model of accent chair both in the living room, like for example, the Hans Wegner Shell chair. Take in consideration the height of your dining table before doing it.   

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