Millennials Are Obsessed with Mid-Century Modern Interior Design, Here is Why!

The millennial term is frequently seen and heard in a lot of places from blogs to ordinary conversations. Millennials are those persons who born at a time of declining fertility and according to Oxford Living Dictionaries, they are described as “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st centuryā€¯. These people who now have around 24 and 36 years old are the ones obsessed with mid-century style and its pieces such as the Florence Knoll sofa or the iconic Shell chair.

But why are they obsessed with this style? Perhaps due to the influence of the Mad Men Tv series along with the style of their grandparents’ houses. The truth is they are opting for including this style within their homes, offices, and even stores. However, they have created their own variation, mixing minimalist forms, eclectic pairings, and industrial overtones; this is what Alessandra Wood a Design and Ph.D. director said. 

So the reason millennials love this style so much is because of the minimalist principles they have and how versatile this style can be when it comes to accepting other influences and accents from a different style. Also, since most of these people usually live in the city, in apartments or small houses, it is necessary for the simplicity and functionality that the MCM has to offer.