Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What To Do in Small Rooms?

Small rooms are one of the most common space problems to solve in the middle of a redo or just creating your space for the first time. And this is quite logical if we consider that year after year Americans tend to live in smaller spaces, with smaller family groups. Maybe the world after Covid19 brings some changes in this trend, but this is still developing.

Meanwhile, we repeatedly find ourselves with small spaces and bigger expectations on what to do there. We probably can’t do anything to enlarge a space in real terms, but there are some tricks to make us feel comfortable and easy.

When do we have a small space?

Problems about space are not always measured in squared mts. A large hall with a low ceiling may make you feel somehow oppressed. A living room with a high ceiling and abundant squared mts may have serious space problems if it is crossed with excessive columns, or if it’s surrounded by too many doors. All these are situations that constraint our space availability.

What can we do to manage space?

Considering that we can’t just enlarge a space to our pleasure, it’s necessary to play with our perception of space. Several tools allow us to create a better visualization of our living room. Some of them have to do with color and furniture.

Using color to manage your space.

If your space needs to be enlarged all the way, and it means walls and ceiling, the best you can do is to paint all walls and ceiling with the same color and preferably in a light color. White, sand, are the best options. Thus you will feel the effect of one expansion of the whole living room, in all directions: ceiling and walls.

Maybe you have a pretty decent ceiling height, and you only need to see it a little longer. You can create a sensation of elongation by painting the long walls of your living of the same light color and leaving ceiling and short walls with a darker hue. This will create a sensation of the long hall.

Using furniture to manage your space

One frequent mistake by people buying furniture is just to let it go and buy the one they desire without thinking of the rest of the factors. You should measure your space and access ways before deciding what to bring home. Otherwise, you may end with a very heavy and large super sofa in the middle of your living room that takes all the oxygen available to breathe. It shouldn’t happen.

Oversized, “on steroids” sofas are a plague in the world of décor. They bring a poor esthetic to your place and tend to overwhelm it, one of the capital sins of décor. It’s necessary to realize that this kind of furniture must be in accord with the whole décor of the room.

Sleeker, sober furniture may suit much better in your place. It brings elegance, beauty, and a harmonized view of your living room, that allows you to enjoy better every spot and corner.

The Barcelona Collection, with its Barcelona Sofa, Barcelona Loveseat, and Barcelona Chair, is a great example of this. With its fine, high but relaxed squared leather cushion seats, and its stylish “X” Frame,  your living room not only will look better, but taller and fit.

For inspo, info, and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Sofa  or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.