Trends in Interior Design: Indoor and Outdoor

No one could predict at the begging of 2020, how this year will turn.  Nowadays, with all that just we happened to see and lived, sure that all we considered back then in January or February, must be reconsidered again.

Several sources are taking a look at how our perspectives about our own house have been altered by this pandemic, and what we considered as a trend that will be here to stay.

Indoor: The consolidation of the Home Office

Is the first and most recognizable feature of these times. Prior to Covid 19, the trend of Home Office was rising at a steady pace, but the pandemic scenarios with lockdowns and restrictions to the free circulation made the Home Office an essential space of our homes. Enough light, air circulation, proper furniture, and some privacy are some of the requirements that a good WFH spot must fulfill.

Indoor: The eagerness for Coziness

In these pandemic times, our spaces are “more ours” than ever. We spent most of the day watching our four walls, so, why just looking at bare, neutral color walls? Wallpapers, wall art, colorful décor is here to provide some complexity and deepness to our senses.

Outdoor Spaces: The perfect backyard

One of the most urgent needs generated by the lockdown times is eager for a safe, secure outdoor space. This can be really an emergency need in places with severe restrictions of movement. An ideal outdoor space requires good and endurable furniture, a thoughtful design combining furniture, plants. lightning, and outdoor ceiling.

Outdoor Spaces: The new Entry

What if all homes, from now on have a special room in the entry area, where take your street clothes off, take a shower, and dress comfortably for your stay at home? The New entry will provide this functionality to bring some relief to the need of sanitizes yourself and protect your home and the special ones that you love.

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