Get into the Daybed fever with the Barcelona Daybed

Rectangular daybeds, rounded daybeds, full-frame daybeds, storage daybeds…There is almost a Daybed for everyone! Are they really that popular? How is Barcelona Daybed doing?

What is the purpose of a normal Daybed and the Barcelona Daybed?

A daybed is made for relaxing in your own house, but outside your bedroom. You can use it for lounge hours or for that many times delayed snap. In its more classic version is a twin mattress supported by one sofa – futon frame. This design allows you to be seated, reclined, or just lay down for a while. The Barcelona Daybed can be used for comfortable reclining and reading in the same living room. The Barcelona Daybed is really versatile.

Why a Daybed is not just a bed

The Daybed is not a bed. And this is the reason why you don’t have one in your bedroom. Your bed is an intimate space. Your Daybed not necessarily. You can enjoy being reclined in your Daybed while having a relaxed chat with friends. A family room, a cocktail saloon, even one little roofed backyard is splendid for a well-designed Barcelona Daybed.

A Barcelona Daybed is even more extroverted if we can state it. The Barcelona Daybed can be used effortlessly in your living room due to its subtle elegance.