Multiple choices but only one winner: The Barcelona Daybed

The living room in 2021 is growing in comfort and options. You are spending much more time at home, working, living, and of course, relaxing. That necessary nap after several hours of heavy work or the Sunday morning reading is much more enjoyable in a furniture piece made for that purpose.

Daybed, sofa bed, divan, chaise, they are all alternatives for a moment (or a couple of hours) of relax.

But what are the differences between all of them?

A   daybed  has a twin mattress, and generally has a sofa-like frame with arms around it. A sofa bed must unfold its bed from below its main seat. A divan is a one-piece bed, with one only cushion to recline, with no arms.  By “chaise” manufacturers refer to a long, unique piece to recline that usually goes against the wall.

But what about a design piece that resumes the virtues of all the alternatives available? This is what the Barcelona Daybed means.

Made to use reclined or lied down, the Barcelona Daybed has a comfortable, leather body that ends in its characteristic rounded bolster; which makes it   “cozy” enough; but with a beautiful overall design to be exposed in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors, bringing elegance and comfort to your place. But in all cases, the Barcelona Daybed exceeds your expectations with comfort, elegance, and timeless beauty. Don’t miss it in Barcelona Design.