If you Are Thinking of an Accent chair, Think About the Barcelona Chair

What defines a good accent chair? We use what decorators and Interior Designers call “Accent Chairs” when we want to highlight a particular spot in a room, with a singular, beautiful and characteristic chair. And the Barcelona Chair is without a doubt a great accent chair.

Though, in general terms, we can’t really speak of an accent chair only, but accent furniture instead. It turns out that a chair a great way to bring something else to a room.

How do know if you need an accent chair spot?

As we mentioned, we are trying to highlight a particular spot in the room. Usually, in living rooms, we use the space combining functional needs with ornamental adds. In this game of balances, your main furniture is set to address your functional needs. So, the basic number of seats is already taken by your sofa, loveseat, and regular chair, among other options, like a bench.

Once your number of seats is been taken,  you have to check your focal points. Usually, the main focal points are the first thing to resolve in a decoration. The location of the fireplace, if there is any, is already established, unless you decide to make a renovation.  So, fireplace, TV and TV stand, and your sofa will have most of the time a very stable location. After this is settled, you can add an accent chair in a bare spot unattended. It complements your view like the cherry of the cake.

What does it take to a chair, to be a good  Accent Chair?

Your accent chair is different from your main set up. Is there to offer a seating space, of course, but its main feature is an outstanding design. A good accent chair is beautiful, garish, a little bit jazzy.  It will captivate the attention of your guests and it will lead to some funny talk.

While is different, and even contrasting with your current main furniture, your accent chair must have some properties. If you have a very fluffy sofa and seats, a bare chair, of leather of wood would create a good contrast.  You can do it otherwise, with a sleeker set of furniture, choosing an accent chair lounge style, like an Eames or a Womb Chair. 

What makes the Barcelona Chair is a great Accent Chair?

The Barcelona Chair is perfect as an “Accent Chair”. This is one single, unique chair that drives your attention in the room, and became one of the focal points. 

It has a stylish figure, an iconic “X” shape frame of stainless steel, and two comfortable leather cushions that invite you to seat and have a good chat. Either in its classic black presentation, white or other colors, the Barcelona chair catches your eye and it will bring a touch of class and elegance.

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