Why Is A Barcelona Loveseat Iconic | Interesting Features About It

Have you ever wondering where the loveseat comes from? The name can make us think in a romantic scenario, but that’s not exactly related to the origin.

Loveseats were made in the late of the late 17th century designed exclusively to women who wore huge dresses -like the picture on the left- and were really different than a modern loveseat. Why? Because they were made by only wooden and slightly larger than a normal to provide clad in acres of heavy fabric to sit down comfortably.

So after years and fashion progress, women saw a private and great place to talk with its lover in a close way. This is how the name “loveseat” surged.

Why is the Barcelona Loveseat Iconic? It’s all due to its innovative design. 

At the end of the 20th century, the main object of loveseats had been lost, thanks to this more functional and refined designs were created such as the Barcelona Loveseat.

Few features about it:

  • Manufacture: It has individually cut and sewn leather panels with full tufting on all appropriate seams.
  • Quality: High Density, Fire Resistant Urethane Foam.
  • Frame: It is ground and buffed by hand to a mirror finish.